The Audition, Part 1

Going through a bunch of old stuff for last week’s column, I found this story. Thought I’d share it here. It originally saw print in a magazine called CARAVAN about fourteen years ago.

So, presented once again. From the archives, a tale of terror… the weekend when Julie met my mother.

Roy Thomas Receives the Sergio

My first Roy Thomas comic was also my first Marvel comic. I was a wee lad in third grade, a big devotee of the Batman TV show, and had thus far successfully badgered my mother into buying precisely one comic from the spinner rack at Young’s Market. Some time later, I found myself parked on a naugahyde couch awaiting my turn in the barber’s chair, when my eyes fell upon the cover of Uncanny X-Men #29. This was my introduction to both the Marvel Universe and its best writer, Roy Thomas.