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Another Timeless Plea….

I’m thrilled we got another season of NBC’s Timeless. It is easily Julie’s and my favorite show right now, and certainly the best SF on television at the moment; yes, even ahead of The Expanse. Check out this clip teasing the first season…

And this one for the now-airing second season…

For someone like me, who grew up on stuff like Time Tunnel and Time Patrol and The Door Into Summer and even Star Trek’s City on the Edge of Forever, it’s almost as if Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan looked into my brain and said, “Let’s do something Hatcher will love.” It is impossible to overstate how much Julie and I have come to adore this show, and my Young Authors students have as well. Last week’s episode, “Mrs. Sherlock Holmes,” was especially delightful for us because of reasons regular readers will no doubt be able to figure out on their own.

But it’s still on the bubble so I’m giving this space to Timeless co-creator Eric Kripke and his crew this week.

The episode airing tomorrow to which he refers is “The Day Reagan Was Shot” and it looks like tremendous fun. But then I think they all are. Here’s the teaser clip….

Please, please, check it out and pass the word. If you are one of those that still miss Firefly and Nowhere Man and The Middleman and all the other shows that should have gone longer, I know you feel our pain. Let’s not have Timeless on the list with the other brilliant-but-canceled shows. It deserves to keep going.

Back next week with something cool.


  1. Terrible-D

    Because of your plea last year I decided to check this show out. It now stands as one of the few shows I look forward to, each week. I’ve already dropped DC’s Legends, Supergirl, and Gotham. Arrow, Flash, Archer, Shield, and even The Walking Dead don’t seem as interesting to me as they once did. I hope that enough people tune in to Timeless to keep it on the air (at least for a few more seasons).

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