Comics You Should Own archive!

Here’s a list of the Comics You Should Own I’ve done so far. More are always coming, and I welcome any suggestions you might have!

Alias by Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos et al.

Amazing Spider-Man #229-230 by Roger Stern and John Romita Jr.

Amazing Spider-Man #238-251 by Roger Stern, John Romita Jr., et al.

Animal Man #1-32 by Grant Morrison, Peter Milligan, Chas Truog, et al.

Aquaman #0-25 by Peter David, Martin Egeland, Jim Calafiore, et al.

Arrowsmith by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco.

Atlantis Chronicles by Peter David and Esteban Maroto.

The Authority #22-29 by Mark Millar, Tom Peyer, Dustin Nguyen, et al.

Automatic Kafka by Joe Casey and Ashley Wood.

Avengers Annual #10 by Chris Claremont and Michael Golden.

Avengers Forever by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco.

Aztek, the Ultimate Man by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, and N. Steven Harris.

Batman #452-454 by Peter Milligan and Kieron Dwyer.

Batman #515-552 by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones, et al.

Big Numbers by Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz.

Camelot 3000 by Mike W. Barr and Brian Bolland.

Challengers of the Unknown by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.

ClanDestine by Alan Davis.

The Mighty Thor #337-355, 357-369 by Walter Simonson, Sal Buscema, et al.

Thunderbolts #144-183 by Jeff Parker, Kev Walker, Declan Shalvey, et al.

Top 10 by Alan Moore, Gene Ha, and Zander Cannon.

Trillium by Jeff Lemire.

The Ultimates (volume 1) by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch.

The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá.

Uncanny X-Men #96-143 by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Dave Cockrum, et al.

Uncanny X-Men #167-175 and Wolverine #1-4 by Chris Claremont, Paul Smith, Frank Miller, et al.

Uncanny X-Men #182-200 by Chris Claremont, John Romita, Jr, et al.

Uncanny X-Men #201-227 by Chris Claremont, Marc Silvestri, et al.

Uncanny X-Men #228-280 by Chris Claremont, Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, et al.

Unknown Soldier by Joshua Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli, et al.

Wacky Raceland by Ken Pontac and Leonardo Manco.

Wasteland by Antony Johnston, Christopher Mitten, Justin Greenwood, et al.


    1. Greg Burgas

      Tom: Yeah, I’m just listing the ones I’ve done for this blog. Eventually, I’ll get around to reposting the old ones, but that’s very time-consuming, so I haven’t done it yet. I don’t even know where the old archive is, so I didn’t even bother. But I’ll repost them at some point!

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