Flippin’ Through ‘Previews’ — July 2018

I’m drunk with power!  I haven’t started a post in ages!  It’s Travis, in black, and Greg will be in blue after he actually makes this all pretty like it’s supposed to be instead of this filler text just to give me something to work with (I can’t face a blank screen!). [Travis, naturally, forgot to mention that it’s time to check out Previews #358, as that’s why we’re all here. Come on, Pelkie!]

John Cassaday is good, yo


Take a gander at the solicits here!

(Don’t say that Man-Eaters on page 45 isn’t a science fiction premise at all, where menstruating women turn into killer wildcats, don’t say it, don’t say it!)

That could never happen. Women know their place!

Joe Casey and Ian MacEwan are an interesting team on MCMLXXV on page 46. It’s about a New York taxi driver who has an enchanted tire iron (pick yours up today!) and fights monsters. Like you do.

I’ll probably get this, at least in trade, because I get pretty much all Casey stuff because Chad Nevett inadvertently bullied me into getting it (ok, not really, but I’m easily influenced).  I’m not sure if I’ve seen MacEwan on anything before.  Sounds fun, though.

Well, I’m in for Cemetery Beach, the new Warren Ellis/Jason Howard book on page 48, where a dude has to break out of a prison cell on an off-world colony filled with generations of lunatics.  It’s like my last family reunion!

Yeah, I’m in for that. More Trees would be nice, though.

I liked Trees but fell so far behind I don’t know what happened towards the end.  Don’t tell me!

Maybe a name change would help with tourism?

Marian Churchland has a new comic on page 50 called The Hchom Book. It seems to be collections of things from her blog – essays and illustrations about a goblin’s treasure hoard – and it might be neat. Churchland needs to do more comics, so I’ll have to check this out.

My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies on page 52 is a new Brubaker/Phillips collab, and sounds interesting, about a girl who romanticizes junkies and then goes to rehab to find…MURDER!

Of course I’m getting this!

That’s probably not a good place to place your hero-worship

I’m in for Analog v1 (especially if it’s actually 10 bucks) on page 53, as Duggan is pretty good and what I saw of David O’Sullivan’s art was good too.  In a post-internet world, armed couriers move sensitive secrets around the globe.  Cool premise, and I can’t resist them $10 books!

Yeah, I’ll pick this up. Sounds neat.

I was intrigued by The Dead Hand, in trade on page 54, a Cold War superhero-y thing with great looking Stephen Mooney art, so I’ll probably pick up the trade.

As will I!

Infidel is in trade on page 55, and it intrigued me by being a book about an American Muslim woman living in an apartment building haunted by ghosts that feed off of xenophobia.  I might snag this!

I’m friends with Jose Villarrubia on Facebook, so he’s been posting about this a lot. It seems fairly intriguing.

Name dropper.  😉

I drops them ’cause I cans!

Isola v1 is offered on page 56, and it’s 10 bucks, so I might get it, even though I wasn’t swayed by the preview pages I saw in Motor Crush 1.  Seemed like generic fantasy quest stuff to me, but I could be wrong.

Yeah, I have no interest in this.

Oblivion Song v1 is offered on page 58, and is about a world where hundreds of thousands of Philadelphians were lost years ago.

They probably just moved to the suburbs, driving up the prices in Bucks County so old-school residents like a certain blogger can’t live there anymore!

They probably just rioted if one of the sports teams won/lost and they didn’t know what part of town they ended up in.

I’d like to say sick burn and leave it at that, but then I’d want to get into the unfair stereotype of Philadelphia fans and that’s a rabbit hole we don’t want to enter!

We talked about Skyward before (she was born BEFORE the gravity went!), and I’ll probably be getting this 10 dollar trade on page 59 too, as I like Lee Garbett’s art and the premise, a low gravity Earth and a plot to get gravity to return, sound intriguing.

Yeah, Garbett makes this intriguing, and the price is right, but I’m still wary about it.

They keep rebooting Cyber Force and I keep being interested, this time mostly because Matt Hawkins and Bryan Hill are pretty good writers.  But the first new trade is on page 65 for 10 bucks.

Wait, I thought Descender wrapped up, but the solicit for the last trade, on page 68, makes it sound like a sequel series was set up.  What?  I liked the first trade but never got any more of it.  Someday!

Dark Horse:

You know the solicits are here!

I love Mystery Science Theater 3000, but I don’t think it will work in comics very well, like on page 104.  I’ll still get the trade, though!

I can’t even conceive of it working. I’ll have to peruse the first issue just to check it out.

Emma Vieceli is drawing Olivia Twist on page 108, but I still don’t think that will be enough for me to check it out.

I’m not sure if I’ll get the HC of Mata Hari on page 111, although I was interested, as it’s a fascinating story.  I may wait and see if there’s a trade down the road, though.

I’ll definitely wait for the softcover. It was only four issues, so 20 bucks is a bit too much. It does look pretty cool, though.

5 issues, actually.  And as I say that I realize 20 bucks is actually a good deal then.

Weird. I could have sworn it was four issues. You’re right – that’s a decent deal.

OK, War Bears on page 112 from Margaret Atwood and Ken Steacy sounds cool, as it’s a fictionalized version of Canadian comics history, and I’m a sucker for that kind of stuff.  I may get this in singles, since it’s just 3 issues, but it is 5 bucks an issue, too, so I’m torn.  We’ll see what else I get!

That does look neat.

Well, we know that guy’s a furry-lover

Gamma is back, I guess, says page 115, and it sounds vaguely familiar, a parody of certain Japanese tropes, but can I trust solicit text that spells it “monser”?  No, I cannot.  Plus, they missed blacking out a “shit” in the preview page, which always amuses me.

The latest Resident Alien trade is on page 118. These are just good, solid comics.

I get them in singles and am, not surprisingly, far far behind.  I’m hoping to get caught up soon! (he says, yet again…)

I thought I got a one shot of The Once and Future Tarzan, but here’s a whole trade on page 132.  From what I remember, it was pretty neat stuff.


It’s all the solicits you can handle!

Hey, it’s a new Wonder Woman Earth One graphic novel on page 1! I should probably read the first one, right?

It was decent.

WTF is this Sanctuary shit?  I hate when they retcon in shit like this and act like it’s always been around, and it’s almost never an improvement (see: Identity Crisis).  I mean, it’s a decent idea and something that makes sense, but to present it to us as if it’s been around for ages instead of letting us watch it get built irks me.  (page 3, Heroes in Crisis)

Isn’t it like that Avengers thing in the small town? Is DC trolling Marvel again? But yeah, this is the problem – they want to get right to the BIG MYSTERY instead of building it up so that readers are invested in the idea, because it’s not a bad one. Instant gratification yet again!

I vaguely know of this Avengers thing you speak of — wasn’t that a Geoff Johns thing?

No, the thing from last year, I think. There was a small town, it was all very mysterious, something to do with Hydra but I thought it was also supposed to be somewhere where heroes could go to rest? I don’t know, I don’t pay that much attention to Marvel these days!

Oh, yeah, I remember, that … there was a crossover, but it was over before the solicits were done coming out or something.  I can’t remember what it was called, though!

God, this Black Label shit… This Batman: Damned story on page 5 from Azzarello and Bermejo sounds so dumb, with a dead Joker and Batman and Constantine working together to solve his murder.  I am interested in the upcoming Other History of the DCU from John Ridley, though.  That might be good.

Well, you know, Geoff Johns decapitating people in his comics wasn’t “edgy” and “provocative” enough, so they had to create a whole new line for it!

See, that’s the thing, I have no problem with edgy and provocative, and keeping it confined to its own area might be better, but what really differentiates this stuff from what the DCU has been becoming over the past 15 or so years?

I guess we have just this one new Vertigo title this month (that’s not a Sandman one, that is), although more are coming.  On page 6 is Border Town, which actually sounds decent, about Mexican folklore beasts at the border.  There are more new Vertigo books coming, but I’m not seeing the next Sandman or Preacher or Fables, so I hope DC isn’t going to cry when they don’t get that.

Yeah, that does sound okay, but I can’t wait until they take something as complicated as illegal immigration and simplify it to absurdity!

Cool cover, though

Bendis was all pent up with creator owned stuff, I guess, as he’s unleashing a shitload of stuff here.  Cover on page 7 actually sounds pretty cool, where the CIA (or someone) is recruiting comics creators as spies when they go around to cons and stuff.  Supposedly it’s true-ish!

Yeah, “true.” I’ll bet. Still, sounds neat.

Literally they are resurrecting The Dreaming on page 10. I thought we were just joking last time.  I like Bilquis Evely’s art, so there’s that going for this book, but this is still…meh. I doubt House of Whispers on page 11 is going to do anything either.  It’s the next Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child, sounds like!

Of course they’re bringing it back! Don’t forget that Spurrier is usually quite a good writer, so there’s that. House of Whispers, however, does sound dumb.

OK, I’m confused, is it United States VS. Murder, Inc., or is it United States OF Murder, Inc.?  Both titles are on page 12, but I guess the latter was the original series title and the former is the new title?  I guess?

That seems to be true. It’s evolved, man!

Scooby Doo Team Up 42 on page 47 has monkeys in it.  Monkeys of all flavors!

Who’s the World War I German ape? Grodd? Ultra-Humanite?

I…I don’t know!  It’s familiar to me but I can’t remember the character!

He’s pretty stylish, whoever he is!

The whole point of Seven Soldiers is that they don’t actually team up together, like they apparently do in Sideways 8 on page 48!!!  (and I guess you were right about these New Age books listing artists first, I see the pattern now!)

I won’t be getting it, because it’s pricey for me, but Absolute Daytripper on page 61 is undoubtedly worth it.  It’s a great GN about life and its meaning.

I was intrigued by Batman: White Knight, offered in trade on page 67, since it’s Sean Murphy, but the notion of an uncensored Harley/Joker sex scene is…why?  There is no god….

According to CBR (yes, I still read CBR occasionally!), this will be censored as well. Murphy posted the uncensored page on his blog, and there’s really nothing to get worked up about. Both people are pre-crazy, so you can’t even tell who they are – they’re just random naked people, and they’re not having sex, they’re post-coital, so they’re just lounging around. And it’s just boobs. But yeah, this version, despite being part of the “Black Label,” will still be for teens and up, and as we know, teens never look at boobs at all.

Boobs.  Wait, what were we talking about?

I love Riley Rossmo’s art, and the idea of a loony action version of Citizen Kane made me definitely want Deathbed, offered in trade on page 69 (nice).

Yeah, I’ll pick that up.

I’ll have to email my pal from my former job to tell him about this He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Omnibus on page 73, collecting all of the more recent He-Man comics from DC as well as the original Superman crossover.  Although at 150 bucks, maybe I should leave him in the dark, because he’s got a family to feed 😉

OK, it’s pricey and I probably won’t get it, but I am intrigued that Sting is actually doing an intro for the John Constantine Hellblazer 30th Anniversary HC.  Plus, there’s a timeline of John’s life in the book, too!

That’s so weird. I mean, Sting can’t know anything about Constantine, can he? What’s he going to write? “Well, some weird bearded dude thought I’d look good as a mangy magician, so they drew me. Enjoy the book!” That’s not much of an intro.

Yeah, that’s why it’s intriguing.  But I thought Bissette and Totleben stuck him in the background of a page and then Beardy made him into Constantine?

Bendis gives us a Jinxworld Sampler on page 79, 3 #1s for a buck, and I can’t pass that up.  Even though it’s Scarlet, Powers, and United States of Murder, Inc. HA!  And on the same page is a new edition of Powers book one, which puts it in the elite category of books published by Marvel, DC, and Image.  Hm, actually, are there any other comics published by those 3 in particular?  I know Elfquest was Marvel, DC, DH, and Warp; Groo has been Marvel, Image, DH; and there are other comics published by several different companies, but I’m not sure if there are any others that have been the big 2 and Image.  That’s kind of neat.

I always feel like I should get into Powers, but it just doesn’t do anything for me. Oh well.

In case you’re like me and don’t actually own the first trade of Sandman, Preludes and Nocturnes is offered in a 30th anniversary edition trade on page 80, with all sorts of new intros.  On page 81, the third Sandman Omnibus, with the post-series stuff included is offered, and man that’s tempting!

Oh my glory!  Page 84 gives us something completely and totally awesome!  Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil deluxe edition HC is offered, collecting the 24 chapter serial from the Golden Age Captain Marvel comics.  Wow!  That is awesome.  I don’t think I’ve read this ever, but I have read other Big Red Cheese stuff, and it’s delightful, so I think I will be getting this.

Ooh, Swamp Thing Bronze Age TP 1 is offered on page 87, with the first story and the first 13 issues of the original series.  Sweet.


Solicits ahoy!

Star Trek vs. Transformers on page 147 crosses the animated series over, and it looks like it might be a fun trade down the road.

Oh my, Batman/the Maxx starts on page 154, which sounds like it will be fun.  I thought I saw it’s a 5 issue mini, and it’s co-written by Layman, which is cool, although it’d be cool if William Messner-Loebs had been invited to play.  But man, that looks cool!

That does look neat.

Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive 1 is a new Dick Tracy series from Mike Allred and Rich Tommaso, so I will be getting the trade of this.  Wasn’t there another Dick Tracy series that was offered or going to be offered recently?  Maybe from Archie or Dynamite?  Oh, well, this one should be great.

Beats me. This will, I believe, be the first Dick Tracy comic I’ve ever read. Huzzah!

Yeah, I just saw a tweet where Kyle Baker was supposed to be doing the art (and it looked amazing, natch!), but the company didn’t own the license.

Why would they even entertain a series if they didn’t own the license? Weird. Anyway, I’m not the biggest fan of Kyle Baker, so I’m perfectly happy that he didn’t get a chance to do it!

I need me a cool bright yellow trenchcoat

J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Cavallaro, who did a pretty good comic together some years ago, team up again for Impossible Inc. on page 171. It’s about a teenager doing weird things throughout the universe. In other words, something DeMatteis will kill at, because he’s a weirdo.

I was definitely in for Punks Not Dead, in trade on page 176, because it combines punk and ghosts and powers and it’s like it’s right in my wheelhouse.  Wait, David Barnett is the writer?  I thought…someone else was.

The final issue hasn’t come out yet, so I haven’t read this, so I can’t comment. But it looks pretty good!

I’m considering Bubba Ho-Tep and the Cosmic Blood-Suckers in trade on page 177, because I did dig the movie, but it’s unclear how much Joe R. Lansdale had to do with this.  I’ll probably just wait and get it far down the road….

Man, I need to read From Hell finally, I’ve had the HC for ages now.  Where it is currently, I don’t know, but still.  Anyway, on page 178, the Master Edition is offered, where 2 chapters of the story will be colored and remastered each issue.  I’ll wait for the collected Master Edition, though.  No need to rush!  Also, there’s a neat interview with Eddie Campbell on pages 254-256.

It’s soooooo good! I’m kind of curious about the coloring, but it seems like just a gimmick to get people who have already read it to get it again. The original feels right in black and white, although the freakiest page in the book might work better in color, but that’s just one page, man! (And no, I’m not going to say which page it is. If you’ve read it, you know, and if you haven’t, I don’t want to spoil it!)

The Abyss Artisan Edition (page 182) is probably pretty keen. Uncolored Kaluta art, and it’s a good story, too, so while it’s 40 dollars for 80 pages, it might be worth a look.


Read the solicits here!

Wolverine’s back! Yay! (page 2)

Page 8 has a collection of some of the Chris Eliopoulos Franklin Richards strips, which are pretty good, but without knowing for sure what all is in there, I’m wary of ordering this.

Why? Because you already own some? Because that’s the only reason not to get this, as these comics are awesome. Plus, the contents are listed in the printed catalog. PRINT WILL NEVER DIE, YO!

Yeah, but it’s “contains material from”, which means it’s not the full amount of stuff from each book.  It’s a sampler/best of rather than a complete collection, and I do have some but not all of these books.  So that’s my main issue.  Because yes, it is awesome stuff.

How is the tagline on Asgardians of the Galaxy on page 12 not “Guard your Ass!”?

Yeah, it’s a missed opportunity for sure.

I like alternate versions of characters and I like Aaron Kuder so I am tempted by Edge of Spidergeddon 4, where Kuder is doing a story of a version of Spidey where he’s Norman Osborn.  But I’ll probably wait for the library to get this (page 16).

Venom 6 on page 37 should have a Matt Wagner cover, since Grendel is in it!  Oh.  Wait.

Well, there are plenty of True Believers comics on pages 43-45 for the 20th anniversary of Marvel Knights, even though it seems more like it’s celebrating the Netflix Marvel books…

OK, this is a retcon that doesn’t sound totally stupid.  It stretches credulity, sure, but it’s not completely dumb.  Journey Into Mystery: The Birth of Krakoa one shot on page 48 has Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos somehow involved in the birth of said island.  Not implausible, so I’m cautiously interested.  Probably not enough to get it, but still.

I dig the cover with the somewhat subtle skull

Well, it’s still a secret in here, but apparently the classified X book on page 72 is Mr. & Mrs. X, starring the now-married Rogue and Gambit and written by our pal Kelly.  Um…spoilers?

Yeah, they knew this was coming out after the wedding issue, so there was no reason to keep it a secret in the print version, at least. So dumb. I emailed Kelly and chided her for getting me to read Gambit comics, as I ordered the trade of the mini-series she did. If that’s good, I might have to get this in trade, damn it!

I too ordered that trade!  Given that they knew there was going to be an X-wedding, you’d think they could have had the title but keep the contents secret!

I must point out that the solicit text for Multiple Man 4 on page 78 is wonderful: “When you saw many footprints, that was Jamie Madrox… When you saw only one set of footprints, that was still Jamie, but he was carrying the entire Marvel Universe to safety!”  HA!

Ooh, here comes Conan to Marvel again, with the Omnibus of the original comics offered on page 90.  I do want to see early BWS art, but I’m wary of what coloring their using for this.

I am all over this, if the coloring looks like it does on the preview page. It appears they did a good job, unless that’s just a reprint of the original and not the new coloring. I’ve been wanting to read these for years, and it’s really the only reason I’m glad Marvel got the rights back, as Dark Horse did such a good job with the character.

I loves me any future heroes, so the Guardians of the Galaxy Omnibus on page 92 is appealing to me.

Although I said it was too kiddie art (over and over, you’ll remember), I do think the Marvel Super Hero Adventures collection on page 97 sounds neat, with kid-aimed comics.  Plus, it’s a bargain price with 5 issues for 10 bucks!

I might snag the Marvel Knights Black Widow complete collection on page 103, as I dig all the creators.  I saw an issue of one of these series on a newsstand when it was first out, and it…probably shouldn’t have been there.  On page 104 is the Marvel Knights 15 issue series collected, which has art by Eduardo Barreto, so it must look good at least!

All of those Black Widow series are good, so this is a good collection to get. And I might get that “Defenders of the Streets” trade, because who doesn’t love Chuck Dixon in “tough-guy” mode?

Man, the single issues were, like, 5 bucks each, so I’m glad I waited for Marvel Rising in trade, on page 111.  It teams up Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel, and it collects 5 issues for 10 bucks, so I’ll probably snag this, since I like the characters.  Wasn’t Ramon Bachs the artist on Lapham’s brutal Detective run?  Interesting that he can do both.

Yes, he was. Artists are talented!

Well, I do know that artists are talented and I meant more that it’s interesting that he did a brutal run like that and then this, which is bound to be more of a lighter tone.  I hope some kids that get this new thing look for some of his old work, is what I’m saying!

I like Choose Your Own Adventure stuff, so I am interested in seeing the You Are Deadpool trade on page 116.

Ewing is a pretty good writer, so I’ll probably get this.

Damn ’90s having its pull on me, I’m tempted by Mutant X: The Complete Collection v1 on page 125.  NOOOOO!

I am TOTALLY into this, man!

I might get the Cyclops and Phoenix collection on page 127. It’s Lobdell on one and Milligan on the other, and it has Gene Ha and John Paul Leon on art. I remember looking at it when it came out, but for some reason I never bought it. I’ll have to think about it!

I may have some of the issues of this and obviously it must look great, but it’s not something I feel I must have.

Speaking of the ’90s, the Darkhold series is collected on page 128.  I don’t know how good most of the series was, but the B&W story from Midnight Sons Unlimited 1 with art by Joe Quesada is very creepy.  Also on page 129 is a collection of Avengers/Doctor Strange: Rise of the Darkhold, which is early stories of the book.  I assume there is a TV show or movie using this as a key plot point?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. used it, but a year ago. Maybe it’s in the new Doctor Strange movie? Anyway, lots of good artists on these two pages, so I might get both of them!

Page 134 has a new printing of the complete collection of the original Exiles book, while the new version is collected on page 124.  I do like alternate realities!

A couple cool Epic Collections, including Avengers West Coast on page 135, undoubtedly because of the new series, and on page 136, whoa momma, it’s the first Doctor Strange stuff!  Looks like it’s the complete Ditko run, so since I’ve never gotten that before, I’m going to have to pick this up!


Jeff Parker is writing James Bond Origin on page 192. As dumb as origin stories are for characters who don’t need origin stories, Parker is a fine writer, so I’m tempted to get this in trade.

Yeah, I’m vaguely interested, so I might snag it down the line in trade, but I’m not needing it, y’know.

Charmed: Magic School Manga on page 200 does not look in the least “manga” to me, at least not enough different from US style comics to advertise it as such.  Ugh.

Yeah, that’s weird. Jonathan Lau really doesn’t draw in a manga style, so why hire him if that’s what you want? And if you want him to draw in his own style, why call it manga?


Mais oui! Zee solicits are here!

What’s the deal with post-apocalyptic books having “West” in the title?  There’s this new Low Road West on page 218, and there’s East of West and Kingsway West, iirc.  Weird!

This one looks pretty keen, though.

Flee from the floating elk skull!

Perhaps there wouldn’t be a problem in Pandora’s Legacy on page 226 if the grandparents informed the children where the jar is that they’ve guarded for generations, and made it clear that it is not to be broken….

Or, you know, put the jar inside a plastic container so it wouldn’t break when dropped!

Wrap it in some bubble wrap…

Coda gets a 10 dollar trade for the first 4 issues on page 236, and it sounded like a good fantasy book where a dude is trying to save his wife’s soul in a world where most magic was wiped out.  Issue 5 is on the same page!

Brian Wood’s RoboCop: Citizen’s Arrest is in trade on page 239. Outsourcing law enforcement? Sure, why not?

It could never happen! (he says, knowing it has already happened!)

Back of the book?  Already, or about time?

Aardvark-Vanaheim‘s latest Cerebus in Hell? one shot on page 258 is Crisis on Infinite Cerebi, with a fun homage parody cover.

Abstract Studios has the first trade of the new Strangers in Paradise series on page 258.  The first issue was pretty good, per the FCBD reprint.

Aftershock has a couple of trades on pages 276 and 277.  Monstro Mechanica is about da Vinci’s robots and his apprentice that has to battle him, while Cold War is about cryogenically frozen people awakened in the future and forced to fight in a war.  Neat stuff.

Yeah, but those people on the cover of Monstro Mechanica are not dressed remotely like people did in the Renaissance. What’s up with that?

“Sirs, I can buy the premise of your comic book that da Vinci built battling robots, but not dressing them as people in the Renaissance did is a bridge too far!”  heh.  Maybe with the robot stuff, clothing styles changed more quickly than in the real world?

It really bothers me!

New publisher Ahoy Comics debuts on page 278, with two neat books with main stories by Tom Peyer.  High Heaven is about a terrible heaven, while The Wrong Earth is about a grim and gritty hero switching places with his Silver Age counterpart.  Both have text stories by GMozz as well, and Frank Cammuso, of Misadventures of Salem Hyde and Max Hamm Fairy Tale Detective, is involved too.  I’m getting both, because it’s packed with talent and they’re semi-local to me, I think!  (hmm, wonder if they’re hiring….)

Peyer can be really, really funny when he’s not being ridiculously lazy (so I’ve heard), so these might be fun.

Apparently Albatross Funnybooks is doing Spookhouse annually now, as it’s a 4 issue weekly thing on page 282.  Steve Mannion does art on some.  I got a few of the first run but haven’t read them yet, of course!

I got one issue, and despite Mannion’s art, it wasn’t very good overall. So sad!


Amigo has good stuff as usual on page 290, with Phantasmagoria 1 as the highlight.  I believe this was supposed to be a book from IDW a year or two ago.  Now it’s 5 issues, not four!

I’m glad that’s finally coming out, because I was worried it would never see the light of day!

Antarctic Press has Mobster Graveyard on page 292, a 5 issue series about the supernatural conspiracy that Al Capone is involved in.  It’s got art by Doc Unknown‘s Ryan Cody, which is why it interests me at all.

Archie 1941 sounds interesting, bringing the reality of the times to the Riverdale crew.  The first of 5 issues start on page 295, but I’ll wait for the trade.

Also from Archie is the trade of the new version of Cosmo on page 298.  I got the collection of the original stuff but haven’t read it yet (what?!), but these are good creators so I’ll probably pick this up.

I assume that Arcana has the complete Of Bitter Souls on page 299, because it’s not like there’s too much to collect. This was a Norm Breyfogle comic from the middle of last decade, and it wasn’t bad. The art is terrific, of course, but the story – about a minister who collects a team to fight New Orleans’s weird monsters – is pretty cool, too.

It does sound neat.  I figured you’d point this one out!

Dammit, Avatar finally started shipping the $5.99 discounted trades from whenever it was they had a fire sale before, and now they have another sale!  I didn’t get all of the books that I ordered just yet, but did get a number of them.  This is a great deal, and I’ll be picking up the Moore and Ennis stuff for sure on pages 304-310, as well as Mercury Heat.  There is also Lady Death stuff from Boundless on 320-321 for cheap.

On page 314, Black Mask has a trade of Breathless, about a woman who discovers a cure for asthma and the pharmaceutical company willing to kill for it! Oh, and there are monsters. Of course. Sounds keen.

It did sound fun, so I’m probably in for this.

Well, that won’t be effective …

On page 316, the description of Bloomsbury‘s The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt main character as “the most prominent woman philosopher of the twentieth century” illustrates the banality of solicit texts….

There’s more Die Kitty Die! on page 325 from Chapterhouse. This series is so dumb but so much fun!

The FCBD issue, which is being reprinted as the zero issue of this new Heaven and Hell series, was filled with spoilers of the last mini, which serves me right for not getting around to reading it before then!  But yes, it is fun!

It’s probably hellish wearing that tight leather!

ComicMix has Phantom of Fear City (page 327), which is by Steve Englehart. I assume it’s older, but who knows. It’s about a cursed Dutch pirate, because who doesn’t love cursed Dutch pirates?

On the next page, they also have Soulsearchers and Company by Peter David and Amanda Conner (and others). Weird detectives and shit. Peter David is awesome, so I’ll have to pick this up.

I believe these books, as well as the Deadbeats omni on page 327, were all Claypool Comics, and what I’ve read of Deadbeats and particularly Soulsearchers… was pretty good stuff.  Not sure if I’ll actually pick them up, but they are cool enough.

New publisher Dead Reckoning has a few books on military history and such on pages 328 and 330, so our pal Jeff might like these.  Trench Dogs seems most interesting, as it seems to be an anthropomorphized story of WWI.

It seems to be under Disney/Hyperion, but I’m not sure, but Thoreau at Walden is on page 331, and it’s an adaptation by John Porcellino of King Cat Comics, so it should be good.

If you’re rolling in dough and like ’80s and ’90s indie comics, you may want Drawn & Quarterly‘s Dirty Plotte: The Complete Julie Doucet Box Set on page 333.  I’d be interested but I don’t have that much spare cash!

There’s a new Supernatural Law book on page 343 from Exhibit A Press. If you haven’t read any Supernatural Law, you really should. It’s a hilarious comic.

It is great stuff.

Fantagraphics has Mort Cinder from Hector German Oesterheld and Alberto Breccia about a man who comes back from the dead each time he’s killed, and apparently he’s just prone to getting killed, I guess?  It’s on page 344.

I will probably get it. Oesterheld wrote The Eternaut, which was pretty terrific.

With that name, he’s going to have problems

Grand Central Publishing on page 353 has RX: A graphic memoir, about a woman with bipolar disorder who works for Pfizer then quits in the middle of a manic phase and gets forcibly hospitalized.  It sounds interesting.

I have to highlight Hermes Press‘s Art and Humor of Johnny Hart on page 356, since he’s a local celebrity.  We have B.C. related stuff all over my area!

Last Gasp has a new printing of the first volume of Barefoot Gen, the harrowing first hand account of the Hiroshima bombing, on page 363, in time for the 45th anniversary of the book.

Lion Forge (solicits here!) has a fascinating sounding book on page 366, Upgrade Soul, about a process to rejuvenate people that ends up cloning a couple into a disfigured but superior version of themselves, and how they cope with that.   I’m intrigued.

In between pages 368 and 369 is an ad for the Rolled & Told magazine, which it says has a free zero issue available, so even though I have no interest in this gaming stuff, I do have an interest in free stuff, so I will ask my retailer about this!

Lion Forge also has Fraternity, a horror comic set in an Indiana town during the Civil War. There’s a monster and a feral kid, and things go poorly. Sounds keen.

It does sound cool, and I’ll think about this book on page 370.

The Iron Giant would like to have a word …

The first trade of Encounter on page 381 collects a fun looking comic about an alien landing on Earth, and it’s by Art Baltazar, Franco, and Chris Giarrusso, whom I’ve said before went to the same local college that I did!

Liveright has on page 382 a single volume version of Beardy’s Jerusalem novel, as well as offering the HC and 3 volume SC again.  I probably should get this!

Ooh, on page 384 NBM has the first of 4 volumes of The Silent Invasion, a book about ’50s UFO conspiracies and government shenanigans.  It was a comic in the ’80s from Renegade, and it’s good stuff.  I’m excited that the fourth volume is all new stuff!  I may wait on this volume, as I have the stuff, but it is good.

Also from NBM on this page are a few collected sets, like Breaking the 10, Dungeon Twilight, and the awesome Boneyard, which is such a good series.

My sister got me some of the mini comics that were done of Our Valued Customers, and now the complete book is offered on page 385 from publisher Our Valued Comics.  It was amusing enough stuff, based on real things said in comic shops.

Yeah, this is funny. I’ll have to pick it up.

The final volume of Wet Moon by the great Sophie Campbell is out in mid-November, which might give me enough time to read the rest of the series before then!  But it’s out from Oni and offered on page 391!

On page 405, Salazar Entertainment has Pariah, Missouri, which is a fine comic. I got the first hardcover volume a few years ago at a con and enjoyed it (I’m pretty sure Hatcher digs it, too), but I lost track of it over the years. I’m glad it’s in one nice package now, because I get to read the rest of it. It’s a fun horror-western set just before the Civil War. Cool stuff.

Cool, I think I remember Hatcher talking about it too.  Damn you, Gregs, for persuading me to spend more money!

Don’t poke the bear!

Scout Comics has the Smoketown trade on page 406, and I’m a bit worried. Not about the comic – it’s a pretty gripping story of a bunch of characters tangentially connected who start getting involved in unsavory things – but about the fact that I haven’t gotten the final issue yet. I don’t know if it’s out, but if it is, my comics shop didn’t get it. I’ll have to investigate. Anyway, the trade should be pretty good, depending on how it ends.

I can’t tell you on that one, but I will probably get this, because 20 bucks for 8 issues is a damn good deal, even beyond the fact that the book sounds really good.

I don’t get what this Stabbity Ever After book on page 406 really is, as it’s an alternate reality version of Stabbity Bunny, but I haven’t gotten the trade of that yet to know how different this might be.  I may get it anyway, though, because, y’know, Stabbity Bunny!

Titan has Batman: The Killing Joke: The Novel on page 428.  …Why?

On page 440, Vault Comics collects Wasted Space, about a prophet whose prophecy destroyed much of the galaxy, and how he’s roped into trying to save the universe from another prophet now.  Sounded fun, so I may get it.

I saw that, and it did sound fun, so I’ll probably pick it up.

WW Norton has Peter Kuper’s Kafkaesque on page 441, which is another version of his adaptations of Kafka stories.  What I’ve read of this stuff is great, like “Give It Up!”.

Even though I’m wary of giving Tokyopop any money, I am swayed by this collection of I Luv Halloween on page 458, since I love Giff and Benjamin Roman is pretty good too.

Is 20th Century Boys a manga you’ve read?  It’s offered in a perfect edition from Viz on page 465, anyway.

Yeah, it’s quite good. It meanders a little bit, but overall, it’s good.

OK, Seven Seas Entertainment has, on page 485, Versailles of the Dead, and zombies in revolutionary France is not the weirdest element of the story, it’s the part about Marie Antoinette’s brother surviving a zombie attack and pretending to be her and take her place on the throne.  Sure, why not?

Hey, look at that! We can actually get this done in a timely manner when we put our minds to it! Thanks for reading, everyone, and we hope you have fun delving into Previews!


  1. tomfitz1

    “Women know their place!” – They sure do – in The Handmaid’s Tale. Gawd, what a depressingly bleak series. Women does have it bad. 🙁

    Wait for the Trees tv series, then I’m sure that you’ll caught up. Although you do have a point … Why has Ellis/Howard stopped producing Trees if there’s going to be a tv series?

  2. Louis Bright-Raven

    I turned in my catalog order at midnight Tuesday and I honestly don’t even remember what I ordered. This is how indifferent I’ve become with the market as of late.

    Let’s see if I can figure out what I decided on…


    I didn’t order MCMLXXV #1 because honestly, it’s a recycling of the female cabbie character from Matt Wagner’s original MAGE series, just making her the central power character instead of a supporting role. Yawn.

    I went ahead and ordered ANALOG V.1 TP, OBLIVION SONG V.1 TP and SKYWARD V. 1 TP. If I don’t like them, I’ll just donate them to the local library.

    Speaking of MAGE, getting the HERO DENIED #12 (of 15).

    PROXIMA CENTAURI, STELLAR and THE WEATHERMAN have been okay so far, so I’m still getting those.


    SEEDS #2 and SHE COULD FLY #3, (page 110), I ordered.

    I considered WAR BEARS (page 112), but passed.

    BLACK HAMMER AGE OF DOOM and QUANTUM AGE (Page 116), yes, but I’m also kinda thinking by years’ end I will be done with all of this Lemire if he keeps being an egomaniacal greedy git and flooding the market with spinoff product.

    B.P.R.D.: THE DEVIL YOU KNOW I will read through #12 (this month solicits #10 on page 123) and then I am done for good with the series and with the Hellboy / Mignolaverse, I think. Like with Lemire, there’s just too many titles nowadays, and they’ve become hit and miss over the years. I likely should have cut this stuff out two years ago, because that’s how far behind I am on reading it and I have almost no interest in catching up, I think once I finally cut ties, I’ll be able to burn through it all and put it away.

    BEASTS OF BURDEN : WISE DOGS & ELDRITCH MEN #2 (page 126), yes.

    I get RESIDENT ALIEN in singles, because the sales are so low that trade waiting is not a good idea.


    Getting THE DREAMING #1 and HOUSE OF WHISPERS #1, that’s all.

    All that Bendis shit is reprints and stuff that was supposed to be continued via Marvel’s ICON line ages ago, but Marvel kinda bailed on him because guess what? Nobody actually gives a fuck about Brian Bendis unless he’s writing the top tier characters. (And many people don’t give a fuck when he’s writing those characters, either!)


    I didn’t preorder it, but maybe I will pick up IMPOSSIBLE, INC. #1 (page 171) when it comes out.

    Marvel, as usual, doesn’t exist as far as I’m concerned.

    Dynamite didn’t have anything (seldom does).

    BOOM didn’t grab me this month, either.

    ACTION LAB has MIDNIGHT TIGER: STRONGER #2 (page 259) which fulfills my “Spider-Man” / “Black Panther” type book interest. Just wish it (and the rest of the Actionverse) could sell better so they could be on a regular schedule.

    AHOY Comics – I wish them well, but neither of these two titles really grabbed me. I will have to wait until next month’s solicits to see if I like their other two titles better (they are mentioned on page 279 – CAPTAIN GINGER and EDGAR ALLAN POE’S SNIFTER OF TERROR).

    ALTERNA Comics I will be getting EDEN #2 possibly and finishing up ZERO JUMPER with #4 (This series has been ‘meh’, but for $1.50 an issue I’m not complaining).

    ARCHIE – I’d never seen or heard of the 1950s version of COSMO. Here I’d thought it was something entirely new. Huh. *shrugs* I got the singles of this version, and it’s okay. I think I’ve had my fill of it, though.

    CARTOON BOOKS I had thought about RASL BOOK 2 Color edition (Page 324) by Jeff Smith. I didn’t preorder. I may have to check with my LCS to see if I ordered Book 1, if I did I’ll have to order Book 2 and 3.

    CINEBOOK still has VALERIAN THE COMPLETE COLLECTION going. Not sure how many volumes there will be. I have volumes 1-3 and this solicits Vol. 6. I actually kind of liked the movie better than the comic, but the comic is good.

    COMICMIX’s PHANTOM OF FEAR CITY was originally released in 1993 by Claypool Comics. So this is a 25th anniversary collection. Same with the DEADBEATS and SOULSEARCHERS & CO. collections as well, as Greg alluded to. All three books are shared universe / locale of Mystic Grove AKA Fear City. I had them, I sold them, don’t really need them back in my collection.

    I agree with your mentions from LION FORGE, but I’m not getting them. Only one I’m picking up from that company right now is Gene Ha’s MAE Vol. 2 #4. (page 380) I think that’s it for me.

    Some additional side notes:

    I wouldn’t worry about the SMOKETOWN TPB, Greg. Final issue #8 hasn’t come out yet (not listed for sale even at their online store). It’s probably just slightly delayed due to the hectic summer convention schedule and Scout CEO Brendan Deneen getting hired by an outside party (no idea if or how that’s possibly affecting their scheduling, but that just happened a month ago).

    I would also recommend Oscar Martin’s SOLO: THE SURVIVORS OF CHAOS from TITAN Comics (page 422) as you guys didn’t mention it.

    1. I actually read the original Cosmo trade in between when I finished my part and now, and the original is pretty good stuff. Cute enough, definitely of its time, since it’s from the late ’50s, and weirdly enough, it almost seems like it was an intentional miniseries! I liked it. The first issue of the new version was included as well (along with some more recent Archie stories that had the character), but it was much less charming. Decent enough, but the new version trade will be on my chopping block earlier than later when I finalize my list here.

  3. Eric van Schaik

    It looks like a slow month again for me.
    Maybe getting the Dit Kitty Die HC’s.
    Still waiting for a Francavilla Spirit TPB.
    Does anyone know when to expecht that one?

    Greg: can we read about your european trip?

    1. Greg Burgas

      Eric: Yeah, I’m waiting for that, too. Dynamite seems to be ridiculously slow in getting trades out, but I’m not sure what the hold-up with this is. It’ll turn up!

      You should friend me on Facebook, where I posted a bunch of pictures! 🙂 I’m going to try to get a monthly review post together in July, so I’ll write a bit about my vacation then. It’ll be a while, but it’ll get done!

  4. Andrew Collins

    That preview of the MST3K comic doesn’t exactly sell it very well, but as I’m a huge MSTie, it will be purchased anyway. That said, from what I’ve read, the comic is going to feature Jonah and the Bots riffing on some public domain comics. THAT I am interested in, and I am anxious to see what that’s going to look like, as well as what comics they pick…

    Once And Future Tarzan- this confused me at first too because I have that same one-shot. According to Dark Horse’s website, it’s the same one-shot plus “over 40 pages of new material.” While that sounds intriguing, I’m quick to notice that there’s no mention of the new material being “new comics.” Then again, even Tom Yeates’ sketch work is pretty amazing so if that’s all it is, I’ll probably double dip…

    Something else Dark Horse is doing that has me super excited is the apparent resurrection of their Creepy and Eerie Archives! Back in early 2017, word got out that they wouldn’t be releasing anymore. Some sort of deal must have been worked out, because the next two volumes of both reprint series have recently been solicited, with Creepy 27 in this Previews. They only need to do about 5 more volumes of each to complete the reprints.

    Scooby-Doo Team-Up- for shame on both of you for not recognizing Pryemaul! He’s the leader of the Primate Platoon, who first appeared in DC’s old Weird War Tales title back in 1980 or so. Brian Azzarello dusted him off as part of Doctor 13’s team in that excellent “Morality & Architecture” story he did with Cliff Chiang a few years back. Thanks to this Scooby issue, Azzarello’s story is now the second most unexpected usage of a German speaking ape in recent comics…

    Dynamite announced a Dick Tracy series a few months back, only to pull the solicit. I was never clear on what happened either, but if I understood correctly, the license holder for Dick Tracy accidentally licensed the character out twice, with IDW getting the deal done first so they had the rights to do the series and Dynamite didn’t. I think that’s how it went anyway. Ashamed Allred isn’t doing the artwork as this would be right up his alley, but story and covers are enough to intrigue me.

    I’m under the impression on the Conan omnibus that that is the coloring they are going to be using. Something more akin to the original comics, without the attempt at layering or adding more depth that Dark Horse did with their reprints. I am definitely double dipping on this omnibus as I like this coloring better, plus it will include some things like the original covers and letter columns that Dark Horse didn’t include in their “Chronicles Of…” series. They started putting the covers in the later volumes (albeit with all of the Marvel logos removed) but the first several collections just skipped the covers altogether. I am anxious to see if Marvel also reprints the several issues Dark Horse skipped because they guest starred Red Sonja…

    The Comic Mix reprints of the Claypool material count as my biggest surprise in this catalog. Soulsearchers And Company was a favorite of mine for a long time. It lasted 80+ issues, all written or co-written by PAD. Amanda Conner drew the first 7 or so issues, and did the covers for every issue of the series. Later issues were drawn by old vets like Jim Mooney, Dave Cockrum, and Joe Staton, who turned in some of the best work of their careers, IMO. Soulsearchers let PAD run wild with his pun humor, but was a fun, lighthearted read all around. I’m still annoyed that the only reason it was cancelled was because of Diamond and not because Claypool wanted to stop publishing.

    Of the other two books, I never got around to reading Phantom (which was a 12-issue series set in the same shared universe as the other books), and Deadbeats is…well…wordy. Very, very wordy. As in, it makes Chris Claremont look somewhat minimalist. I read Deadbeats for the first 40 or so issues (it too lasted 80+) and each issue would take forever to read. It was Richard Howell’s baby after he left Marvel and DC and is a decent, but soap opera-y, vampire saga. More Dark Shadows than Twilight or Anne Rice.

    None of the volumes are listed as a volume 1, and I haven’t been able to find a listing of what issues they reprint, so I don’t know if there will be anymore after this. I would support a full reprint of Soulsearchers And Company…

    Yeesh, I’m “double dipping” on a lot this month…

  5. Jeff Nettleton

    Monster Society of Evil is a darn fun story and holds up pretty well, for Golden Age material. This thing was supposed to come out around 10 years ago and got shelved for some reason. I used to have the limited edition, slipcased volume of it that someone got permission to do. It was limited to something like a few hundred or a thousand copies and was beautiful. I even had a relatively low number (I let it go…..sigh….). There are a few unfortunate stereotypes in it (Nippo).

    Bond was Naval Intelligence, not the SOE; so, this origin is probably gonna have to violate that. You really didn’t need much of a background, the way Fleming wrote it. Really, Bond was about the current mission, not the past, in most of the novels and stories.

    Mort Cinder is great stuff, as is anything by Hector Oesterheld (not to mention Breccia). I wish someone would do a translation of Ernie Pike, his series inspired by WW2 journalist Ernie pyle. I have digital copies, in Spanish; but, would like to read it in English.

  6. Simon

    Single up all lines!

    > G: “Travis, naturally, forgot to mention that it’s time to check out Previews #358”

    Man, give the kid a break: he’s two weeks early and has even used “July” instead of “September” in the title, doesn’t that count for something?

    > T: “menstruating women turn into killer wildcats”

    Wasn’t that some Russ Meyer flick?

    > G: “MCMLXXV”

    Does Casey know people today can’t read Greek numerals? …What.

    > T: “Cemetery Beach”

    Did Ellis just read Philip K. Dick’s CLANS OF THE ALPHANE MOON?

    > G: “More Trees would be nice, though.”

    Yes, and aren’t two volumes of TREES way enough to interest a TV exec, so Ellis doesn’t need to do more now? Isn’t that why he’s starting this new IP portfolio item, as well as FINALITY online?

    Aren’t those overpriced pamphlets just to fund another unfinished and optionable Ellis property (to join FELL, DESOLATION JONES, IGNITION CITY, DOKTOR SLEEPLESS, ANNA MERCURY, TREES, and INJECTION), like a Kickstarter of sorts?

    > “DC”

    “Where Old Creators Go to Die!”™

    > T: “[DAYTRIPPER is] a great GN about life and its meaning”

    There’s only one or two such great GN per decade, and another emerged last year:

    A young adult gets a split personality and his colder self takes over, leaving the original get the body (and consciousness) every other day… then only every 3 days, once a month, a year… His wife/family/friends hate the new self and work out a formula predicting his re-appearances. For the rest of their life they wait for such days so as to always give him the best one-day reunion, and he sees them get old as the whole 21st century unfolds in fast motion for him…

    Will Timothé Le Boucher’s DAYS THAT DISAPPEAR be picked up by Lion Forge or Humanoids?

    > G: “I always feel like I should get into Powers”

    Won’t Nietzsche be disappointed in you?

    The first arcs were nice as Bendis aped TOP 10 at street level and promised, “Nothing but cops and DEAD superheroes”. Then he also aped VOICE OF THE FIRE, gave superpowers to all his characters, and fell off the Earth. Whatever happened to him?

    > G: “[coloring FROM HELL] seems like just a gimmick”

    Double-dipping, and maybe more?

    The last half-century has seen a massive loss of mental equipment for things such as silent movies (hence the inane 1980s reissue of METROPOLIS with a disco soundtrack), or B&W movies (hence colorizations), or B&W comics (hence even CORTO MALTESE having a color edition).

    So such version may amount to a “large type edition” for the mentally myopic or the art-blind?

    > “Marvel”

    “Where Young Creators Go to Die!”™


    Vinyl will never die. [Feh, bakelite discs had such a warmer sound.]

    > T: “the new Strangers in Paradise [XXV]”

    Was the FCBD #1 more than plot-based nonsense? Is this just a crossover of SiP and ECHO and RACHEL RISING? Is Terry Moore stooping to the low, low level of a Matt Hawkins, or is he trying to fund a SiP COLOR EDITION?

    > T: “[Avatar] have another sale!”

    They do? (Everything is the usual $17 or $20 on the order form and digital Previews.)

    Anyway, a SMALL KILLING is a jewel of a grower. ROVER RED CHARLIE is very good. CALIBAN is from Crass Ennis in “option my dumb ALIEN for teens” mode: a waste of money even at $6, and a waste of time you may not really have?

    > T: “The Three Escapes of Hannah Arendt”

    Will such hagiography discuss her massive and uncredited plunderings, such as from THE DESTRUCTION OF THE EUROPEAN JEWS?

    “Raul Hilberg, the first historian to document the banality of Nazi evil, nursed a lifelong grudge against the woman who borrowed from and popularized his work, Hannah Arendt.” (+)

    > G: “who doesn’t love cursed Dutch pirates?”

    Flying birds?

    > T: “Thoreau at Walden”

    Hang on, and didja know it’s a reprint from 2008?

    > T: “Mort Cinder from Hector German Oesterheld”

    Hang on, and that’s Héctor Germán to you, gringo!

    > T: “Upgrade Soul”

    Hang on, and isn’t a new Daniels the GN of the month?

    > T: “The Silent Invasion”

    Hang on, and didja note this collects your first two books?

    > T: “Wet Moon”

    Hang on, and didja know it’s better to start with Vol. 3?

    > T: “20th Century Boys”

    Like Urasawa’s MONSTER (riffing on THE FUGITIVE), it’s a serial on paper (riffing on King’s IT), padded twice too long, found in most libraries, and unlikely to be reread for a decade or ten. (On the same theme, you may prefer better and tighter GNs such as Fialkov’s THE BUNKER or Labelle’s THE SUICIDE OF THE GODDESS?)


  7. Simon

    And if it’s a mousetrap, especially one overpriced for libraries, why not read it there?

    — BECOMING ANDY WARHOL by Bertozzi & Hargan (p. 258, ALLEGEDLY $19)

    “Comics are easy to read. Warhol would like that.”

    * (3 large pages) https://www.comixology.com/Becoming-Andy-Warhol/digital-comic/421310
    * (5 small pages) https://www.abramsbooks.com/product/becoming-andy-warhol_9781419718755/

    “When it came to attempting to answer rather pompous questions from the media, why not simply respond with enigmatic non-answers? This approach, Geldzahler advises Warhol, will make him a star.”

    * (review w/ 3 samples) https://comicsgrinder.com/2016/10/11/review-becoming-andy-warhol/
    * (capsule) https://www.publishersweekly.com/978-1-4197-1875-5
    * (interview w/ 6 pages) https://www.newsarama.com/31491-inside-andy-warhol-s-early-years.html

    — TALES FROM THE INNER CITY by Shaun Tan (p. 299, ALLEGEDLY $25)

    THE ARRIVAL was a brilliant GN, and this book “that combines short stories and poetry with surrealist art” seems only text or splashes for ages 12+?

    * (12 splashes) https://bnccatalist.ca/viewtitle.aspx?ean=9780735265202
    * (5 splashes) https://3x3mag.com/annual14/t/tan-shaun-21392

    — THOREAU AT WALDEN by John Porcellino (p. 331, ALLEGEDLY $13)

    “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

    * (1 page) http://threemeninatub.blogspot.com/2010/01/thoreau-at-walden.html

    “Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. I drink at it; but while I drink I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is. Its thin current slides away, but eternity remains. I would drink deeper; fish in the sky, whose bottom is pebbly with stars.”

    * (review w/ samples) https://ekostories.com/2013/02/02/thoreau-walden-comic/
    * (review w/ samples) http://madinkbeard.com/archives/thoreau-at-walden-by-john-porcellino
    * (review w/ samples) https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/books/a4741/walden-thoreau-graphic-novel-blog/

    (Nice and light for ages 12+, 90 story pages in B&W with spot beige, plus 5 pages of annots and 15 of filler. Allegedly reprinted in FC, maybe thanks to mousetrap magic?)

    — MORT CINDER by Oesterheld & Breccia (p. 344, ALLEGEDLY $30)

    London, 1960s. “ ‘Skeleton’ was a sort of roaming antique dealer. He went to places where someone had just died to buy the departed’s stuff; it’s curious how people can be in a hurry to kill the dead!”

    * (4 pages) M, O, R, T

    “What he brought looked like an amulet, ugly and hostile, so strange I felt outraged. […] And that thing left a mark in my hand! The dust of old things don’t put me off. It’s part and parcel of that dead life granted by time. But that mark was no dust…”

    * (review w/ 5 samples) from D’Israeli
    * (review w/ 3 samples) Yoda-translated from Historieteca
    * (review w/ 6 samples) Yoda-translated from 13 Millones de Naves

    Mort is for “Immortal”, a pulpy horror strip in 5-page installments: an 80-page adventure, a 5-pager, and eight 15-page stories, drawn by a master of chiaroscuro and negative space not unlike an expressionist Wrightson?

    (Prolly off 2016’s remastered edition, sans its extras.)

    — CECIL AND JORDAN IN NEW YORK by Gabrielle Bell (p. 433, ALLEGEDLY $20)

    An interestingly weird a(r/u)tist with stories not unlike early Munro or Carver?

    * (8-page excerpt) http://www.vulture.com/2009/04/cecil_and_jordan_comic/slideshow/
    * (3 pages) http://uncivilizedbooks.com/cecil-jordan-in-new-york/

    * (review w/ 3 pages) http://highlowcomics.blogspot.com/2009/04/unspoken-cecil-and-jordan-in-new-york.html
    * (review) https://www.bookforum.com/review/3997

    The marketing path to Step Three isn’t boring either: How do you turn a $20 HC into a $20 SC? (1) Pad it with 30 pages of graphic detritus, (2) pretend the half-B&W book is “FC” with a mousetrap, (3) profit!

  8. Simon

    And if it’s unlikely to widely ship to the DM, why not try from a bookstore?

    — THE SILENT INVASION standalone VOL. 1 by Larry Hancock & Michael Cherkas (p. 384, $17 @ NBM)

    For fans of Dean Motter and Darwyn Cooke?

    * (4-page excerpt) https://www.nbmpub.com/comicslit/cherkas/silent1pre1h.html

    “On the run from unnamed enemies, our hero and the alien Gloria Amber stop at a motel. At the bedroom door, in a shared thought balloon, they both exclaim, ‘Whew… twin beds.’ ” (PW)

    * (Bk 1, review w/ 1 page) http://theslingsandarrows.com/the-silent-invasion-book-one-secret-affairs/
    * (Bk 1, review) http://www.comicsreview.co.uk/nowreadthis/2016/02/03/silent-invasion-book-one-secret-affairs/
    * (Bk 2, review w/ 1 page) http://theslingsandarrows.com/the-silent-invasion-book-two-red-shadows/

    (Or fans of Clerc, Chaland, early Franquin, Jijé…)

    — WIRE MOTHERS by Jim Ottaviani & Dylan Meconis (p. 350, $13 @ GT Labs)

    Harry Harlow “could see what isolation was doing to the monkeys’ ability to learn, and he made the logical leap to wondering just how not being touched and held would affect babies and children as well.”

    * (5-page excerpt) http://www.gt-labs.com/wiremothers.html
    * (3 pages) https://www.comixology.com/Wire-Mothers-Harry-Harlow-the-Science-of-Love/digital-comic/30386

    “When Harry started his work, the word ‘love’ basically didn’t exist in science. […] The closest we get in the science literature is affection. And even that’s barely used. Everybody talks about ‘proximity’ instead.”

    * (review) http://www.bookslut.com/fiction/2007_05_011061.php
    * (capsule) https://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-9788037-1-1
    * (journal review) http://www.english.ufl.edu/imagetext/archives/v4_3/hoffman/
    * (medical review) https://www.graphicmedicine.org/comic-reviews/wire-mothers-harry-harlow-the-science-of-love-by-jim-ottaviani-dylan-meconis/

    Graphic science history, back in print!

    — KABUL DISCO standalone BOOK 2 by Nicolas Wild (p. 358, $20 @ Humanoids)

    “Riddle me that, darlings: What can you find in any Afghan home?”
    “An AK-47?”
    “Why, no! Something even kids use?”
    “An AK-47!”
    “Good grief! […] A matchbox. Our messages will be there.”

    * (8 pages) http://www.humanoids.com/digital/play/971

    From a silly ad war on drugs to the bloody Kabul riots!

    — UPGRADE SOUL by Ezra Claytan Daniels (p. 366, $20 @ Lion Forge)

    “Hank and Molly are faced with clones of themselves who are severely disfigured, but intellectually and physically far superior. The story is thematically about which counterpart better represents the identity of the individual; the one that looks and sounds like the person, or the one that’s, by every non-aesthetic metric, a perfect idealization of that person.”

    * (samples) http://www.radiatorcomics.com/shop/graphic-novels/upgrade-soul-vol-1/
    * (samples) http://www.radiatorcomics.com/shop/graphic-novels/upgrade-soul-vol-2/
    * (samples) http://www.radiatorcomics.com/shop/graphic-novels/upgrade-soul-vol-3/
    * (trailer, blurbs) http://www.ezracdaniels.com/upgradesoul/

    “Daniels’ greatest achievement in Upgrade Soul is how he maintains a Lynchian creepiness throughout the book, but weaves into it all a very moving and interesting examination of the nature of aging, disability, self worth, race, and beauty. Henry and Manuella are portrayed as multi-dimensional persons with immense potential for evil as well as good rather than as mere monsters with hearts of gold.”

    * (review) https://doomrocket.com/upgrade-soul-ogn-review/
    * (capsule) https://graphicpolicy.com/2017/02/25/review-upgrade-soul-the-complete-collection/
    * (teacher review) http://thinkspace.csu.edu.au/hbailie/2016/08/28/upgrade-soul/
    * (reader capsules) https://www.netgalley.com/book/140307/reviews
    * (NSFB: interview w/ samples) http://www.cbr.com/ezra-claytan-daniels-upgrade-soul-interview/

    Spec-fi ala REALIVE and THE FLY, or FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON and COCOON, Greg? Collecting the 2012–2017 digital comic from the author of THE CHANGERS!

    — WET MOON final VOL. 7 by Sophie Campbell (p. 391, $20 @ Oni)

    After six years of eclipse, now with some muted colors?

    * (4 pages) https://bnccatalist.ca/viewtitle.aspx?ean=9781620105450

    (Should we expect a FC re-reissue of the first six volumes?)

    — TRANSDIMENSIONAL [#1 OF 4] by Michael Gordon & Henrique Pereira (p. 429, $4 @ TPub)

    A “4-issue sci-fi/horror miniseries” of overpriced 24-pagers that may be cool if collected?

    * (samples) https://tpub.co.uk/transdimensional/

    (Why do you need to parse the cover to find out it’s not a one-shot?)

    — THE TRAVELLER [#1 OF ?] by Neil Gibson & Tasos Anastasiades (p. 429, $4 @ TPub)

    An overpriced one-shot that should be cool as part of a Gibson collection?

    * (samples) https://tpub.co.uk/the-traveller/

    (If that’s actually a one-shot?)

    1. Greg Burgas

      Dan: Thanks for the nice words. That’s what I wanted to do when I first started looking at Previews, mainly because it was a bit harder back then to get the catalog, but it’s been over a decade, and it’s nice that we can still help people!

    2. BB

      I agree, Dan! These posts always end up opening my eyes to something I otherwise would not have picked up. Thanks to Greg and Travis!

      Oh, and Simon! Your tastes and comments are an awesome add to these posts!

      1. Greg Burgas

        BB: Thanks to you, too. We enjoy going through Previews with a fine-toothed comb! We dig Simon, too! (Well, I do. I won’t speak for Travis, but he likes leaving long comments, too, so he should dig Simon!)

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