Four years of the Atomic Junk Shop means we get to chant ‘Four More Years!’

Yes, it’s the anniversary of the Atomic Junk Shop, as we launched on 1 October 2016. What halcyon days those were!

We’ve had a fun time here at the blog for the past four years, probably more fun than the United States has had in that very same time. It’s always good to have a place to read and chat about stuff that you love, and we hope that we can provide that for everyone who happens to check us out. I know that I’m glad we have a civil comments section, because it’s pretty keen to see people discussing pop culture, because we can always learn about more of it we desperately need to consume! We know you guys have busy lives, so we appreciate any and all the time you spend with us.

As always, our writers make the site what it is (I’ll leave it to you to decide if that’s a good thing or not!). Let’s give them their due, shall we? You can read my stuff, of course, but let’s move on from that. We have co-founder Jim MacQuarrie, who always writes thought-provoking stuff. Greg Hatcher is working through real-world issues right now, which means he’s posting a bit less, but his columns about his real-world stuff are brilliant and rage-inducing (not focused at him, of course, but at the assholes who allow bad shit to happen). Over in Eastern Europe, Edo Bosnar writes neat things from a slightly different perspective than most of us. Fraser Sherman continues to dig around in the weird corners of pop culture, while Mik Bennett is always interesting, as he often looks at things through a Christian lens. Travis Pelkie claims he’s going to post more, but I suspect he’s too busy grooming his marvelous beard to do so. We have other writers, too, and they’re quite good even if they don’t post that often. John Trumbull is always worth reading, and Al Kennedy’s podcasts are always fun. Matt, Spencer, Toni, Pol, Sarah, Watson, and Patrick have all contributed good stuff to the blog. And, of course, all our commenters contribute, too, because they’re awesome.

If you’ve been reading for a while but not commenting or if you just found us, we’d love to hear from you. We don’t mind if you’re a lurker, but we’re all swell people here, so say hi! We hope you’ve enjoyed the past four years of the Atomic Junk Shop, and we hope to bring you interesting stuff for many years to come. Thanks again for reading!


  1. It’s worth noting that Mr. Burgas has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting as far as keeping new content coming here is concerned, and we don’t express our appreciation for that as much as we should. But we really do appreciate it. Especially since he has lots of Real Life stuff to manage too.

  2. Bunk77

    Longtime lurker here (from back in the CSBG days). Just want to say congrats and that I’m glad you guys continue to do this. Love to read all of your stuff – it’s definitely a nice respite from our increasingly exhausting world!

    1. Der

      yep, I was a long time lurker in CSBG, eventualy posted a couple of comments there, when you guys moved here I stopped checking CSBG and now decided to start commenting here too.

      Thanks for all the content guys, I hope AJS lasts a long time

  3. Peter

    Congrats on the anniversary and thanks for remaining a cool little corner of the internet! I think all of the personality that comes through in each contributor’s writing makes this site stand out amongst all of the comics-related blogs out there, and you bring diverse non-comics pop culture interests to the table, too. Best wishes to all the contributors, commenters, and lurkers around here – hope “real life” is treating you well or at least tolerably.

  4. Swario

    Mostly a lurker, occasional commenter.

    I love this site and you’re probably not aware of it (see above). I followed you guys at Comics Should Be Good blog on the CBR site. I enjoyed your stuff then and I still enjoy it now.

    Four more years indeed. Thanks for the good times talking about stuff you like, some of which is good and some is bad, but you (and me and many other readers I’m sure) love anyway.

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