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‘Immortal’: Keenspot Goes ’90s, A Comics Review

Immortal is a new comic from Keenspot Entertainment that takes place in 1997, the year I graduated high school.  So it should be right up my alley, right?

I read the first two issues of Immortal, which I ordered mostly because I like the artist, Owen Gieni.  It’s written by Rob Potchak, colors are by Studio Makma, letters by Mike Rosenzweig, and editing by Chris Crosby.

Immortal Cover 1
I think her swords may have accidentally cut off the bottom part of her shirt.

There is a race of Immortals, I guess, not unlike Highlander, and they’re fighting a war for…reasons?  It’s a bit reminiscent to me of the ’90s Ultraverse comic Mantra, if you remember that one.  Except no gender swap (spelled out) here — there is talk of being reborn in bodies, so presumably some gender swaps happen.

Elisa Landis is the redhead with the swords on the cover, and she’s working at a library when a dude named Gil, who keeps hulking out and has a origin not unlike Barry Allen’s, smashes the place up.  Elisa’s friend Tagger (the dude on issue 2’s cover) shows up and helps her subdue Gil, and they contact Ardy Vanstarr, an alien looking dude who does detective work by looking stuff up online on pre-Google search engines, for information, which is mildly amusing.

Immortal Cover 2
He not just looks like a douche….

The bad guy is Rashim Lyght (yeah…), and he wants…something.

I’m not really sure, a couple days later, what the point of the story is.

The pop culture references are dropped like turds, especially in the first issue, and some of the transitions are weird — they start out issue two in a car chasing Gil, then they go home, then go back out on a motorcycle to chase him.  Huh?

The art is strange, because I thought Gieni was better than this.  Maybe he’s trying for a ’90s indie self-published title look to the art, but maybe not.  There’s also a slap that Elisa gives Tagger that looks weird because he holds the opposite cheek from what she would have hit.

Immortal is a merely ok comic, and I’ll take a look at another issue or two, but overall, I was disappointed in this, given that I like what I’ve seen of Gieni.

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  1. Le Messor

    I assume that’s Gil on the cover to #1. 🙂
    Sounds like it basically is Highlander with some superheroics mixed in? You wonder why they’re fighting – I guess it’s for some kind of Prize, then, when there’s only one left.

    “He not just looks like a douche…”
    What? He just looks like a guy to me.

    they start out issue two in a car chasing Gil, then they go home, then go back out on a motorcycle to chase him.
    My guess from that description is that the artist / writer had trouble deciding how to arrange the pages.

    “The pop culture references are dropped like turds,”
    Like that episode of Star Trek where they shoot the Klingon, which makes Take On Me start playing?
    … I may have dreamed that.
    Okay, I definitely dreamed that.

  2. Um, yeah, I guess that is supposed to be Gil’s hands.

    The Highlander stuff is more set up for the milieu, the immortal stuff (so far) doesn’t seem to be more than “these people are immortal, and right now they’re fighting this hulk-like dude”.

    Yeah, I guess he’s more douche-y looking in the book, and definitely acts more. Stop analyzing my throwaway lines! 😉

    I think that would be a cool (ahem) take on Take On Me, to have a fan video version where the guy flickers because of a transporter malfunction, or something.

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