It’s our third anniversary here at the Atomic Junk Shop!

Hey, check it out! We’re into Year Four here at the blog, as we launched on 1 October 2016. Let’s thank all the people who make it possible!

I don’t think I have to go over the circumstances that led to this blog being founded, because most people know the story, but once we decided to put together our own blog, things went pretty well, and I think we’ve had a good time here for three years. We have a nice community, which is what was lost when a certain other blog that some of us wrote for got absorbed into a giant conglomerate, and while I think all of us who write here wish we were a little bigger, I think we’re all pretty happy with the discourse you can find here. The Golden Age of Comics Blogging has passed, but we like to think that we keep part of the fires burning here in our corner of the internet!

Of course, we can’t do anything without our nifty writers, all of whom bring something interesting to the table. I’m not sure what that is when it comes to my stuff, but maybe you can find something you like there! Greg Hatcher continues to write cool stuff about pop culture, plus he’s been doing some amazing things in real life with one of his former students, because he and his wife are wonderful human beings. Jim MacQuarrie, our co-founder, always has keen insight in his posts, which is why they’re fascinating to read. John Trumbull really deserves a cameo on Law & Order: SVU, so we’ll see if that’s coming down the line! Travis Pelkie is having a nice time in the real world, so he’s been slacking here, but good for him! Al Kennedy’s infrequent podcasts are still essential listening, and not only for the superb Scottish accents. Our first of two resident Australians (Atomic Junk Shop: where you get not one, but two Ozzie perspectives!), Mik Bennett, thinks way too much about dragons, while our other resident Australian, Matt, needs to start posting about old Doctor Who again! Edo Bosnar writes some fascinating stuff about pop culture, and as he’s Croatian, he has an interesting view of it. Our continuing resident Dr. Mabuse expert, Fraser, also writes cool stuff about the way DC and Marvel handle comics in their universes, which is neat. We also have our very infrequent contributors and guest writers: Spencer Keane, Toni Adams, Pol Rua, Sarah Beach, Watson, and Patrick. If you missed anything they wrote, check them out!

We’d like to thank everyone for reading over the last year and, of course, the prior ones, and if you feel like saying hello, feel free, especially if you’re a long-time reader but tend to lurk instead of commenting. That’s cool too, but it’s always nice to hear from everyone! Here’s to another year of rambling on far too long, digging into weird-o corners of popular culture, and discussing minutiae that would drive normal people batty. Who wants to be normal anyway, right? Thanks for reading, everyone!

(Yes, I backdated this to 1 October. I’ve been really busy this week, and I guess so have everyone else, because they wouldn’t have let such a momentous anniversary go by without commenting on it, would they? I mean, recognizing this date is really important!!!!)


  1. Many thanks to all of you. As Greg points out, Julie and I have had Real Life things going on that have interfered with my columns being as frequent as I would like them to be. The nice thing is that as a co-founder I don’t have a boss to yell at me for missing a week, but the downside is that I have discovered I feel just as guilty. I do have a column in the works talking about what has been going on because I think it’s relevant to our fan community and also the world of the arts in general, but I need permission from some of the folks involved first.

    Greg neglects to point out, because he is far more modest than he should be, that it is his superhuman production capacity that keeps us going a lot of the time when one or another of us is sidelined. He is an indomitable workhorse and it’s always entertaining and readable stuff, even when he’s writing reviews of things like Game of Thrones that people like me don’t give a shit about. We don’t tell him this enough but we are hugely, hugely grateful for this.

    Something people forget about Greg B., while I’m extolling his virtues, is that he is also a really good dad. He blogs about life with his special-needs daughter Mia here and you all should check it out.

  2. Terrible-D

    Congratulations on the Anniversary gentlemen (and occasional ladies). I would also like to say thank you. I was never an active participant in the old place, but was very upset to hear of it’s buy-out and overhaul. It had become my favorite site to visit (mostly due to the csbg blog). So, I was glad some familiar names had gotten together and started up the junk shop.
    Thank you again, for all the entertainment and information you provide us.

    1. Greg Burgas

      Terrible-D: We’re happy that you’re reading here. I’m still a bit bummed out about CSBG, but such is life, and we’re glad we’re able to continue its spirit without any interference. If I want to write 20,000 words about Game of Thrones, then damn it, that’s what I’m going to do! 🙂

  3. There’s a lot of that real-life stuff going around. I think I have five or six posts in draft mode waiting for me to finish them or add images or otherwise push them out, but between work, other obligations, home projects, and coaching, there’s never time. Sigh. I hope to get more productive again soon.

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