MCU Fan Theory – a Long-Awaited Arrival

(The following short piece contains spoilers on Avengers: Endgame.)

This isn’t a theory so much as a ‘wouldn’t it be cool if?’, a brief thought of my own.

Five years ago, half the people in the universe vanished.

Oh, snap!Now, five years later, they’ve all returned from the dead as mysteriously as they left.

But what if some of them came back a little… wrong. Some of them are a little off.

Somewhere in Africa, a man came back still covered in maggots; a woman came back on the wings of the storm. In Japan, a guy returns covered in fire, as if all the ghosts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki cover him. Farther from home, in Illinois, a girl comes back as a ghost, able to walk through walls. A Canadian military man goes berserk and starts attacking everybody with his new claws.

And in Westchester, NY, a man loses his hair right at the time he starts to read minds. He tries to get them all together and teach them; but of course there others; mainly, the Holocaust survivor who now commands metals… These blips, these ghosts, these… mutants, as it were, fight it out in the streets, scaring those who’d never died.

I think it could work as a basis, and as a reason for the fear of mutants in the MCU.

But it’s just an idle notion. I doubt it’ll happen.


  1. jccalhoun

    I think they could do that. I would seem similar to the New Universe white event or how DC uses the metagene being “activated” to explain some powers.

    They could also say mutants have been around all along but it wasn’t until the snap that Charles Xavier decided to seek them out and train them. Or the reason mutants haven’t been seen in the MCU is the Sentinel program has been hunting them down and killing them.

    I’m also curious as to how they could fit the Fantastic Four into the MCU. It doesn’t seem right to have them just form now. Maybe they could have been around in the 60s and got caught in the Quantum Realm for a few decades or something.

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