Oh Yeah, I Should Probably Be Posting Something Sometimes, Huh?

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  I know, I know.  And it’s not like I have a good excuse for not posting regularly, I’m just mostly lazy.

I mean, there’s also fear, when you’re looking at the blank screen, and all the stuff that you thought was interesting in your head to discuss about the latest bit of pop culture you’ve ingested goes away, and you think, “damn, everything I have to say about anything is stupid as hell!”

Blank Screen Posting
This is sort of what I face. Except there’s like, other stuff, that is copyrighted and stuff, so I’m not putting that on.

So that holds you back.  Then you get out of the habit of typey-type about stuff and posting it, and it becomes easier and easier to STAY out of the habit.  Then you keep berating yourself internally for not coming up with something, and the self-pressure gets to you.  Ok, it gets to ME.

I recently had some time off from work (intending, as I have pretty much every year since 2011 when I actually did get to go, to attend the Boston Comic Con again, but cash flow kept it from happening), and intended to get a lot of stuff done.  Sort stuff, organize it, start a plan of reading and writing about stuff and getting through all the comics and newspapers and books I keep amassing.  Yeah!

No.  I managed to get a certain portion of stuff moved into a better position and sort of sorted, but overall, I just have so much stuff and so little space to organize it in.  So that begins a snowball effect, where continuing to see that nothing’s happening makes me think, “well, why bother to get anything done?”

But because I love writing about stuff and I have this forum to do it, I have resolved to get my ass back in gear and start posting regularly again.  I can do it, I know.  It’s a matter of starting to organize and get things typed.  Heck, even just typing this, whether or not I actually post it, is helpful.

So let’s see if I can celebrate our first anniversary here at the Atomic Junk Shop, get back into gear and start posting stuff regularly again!



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