Sam Glanzman in Hospice Care

Sam Glanzman Forever

We here at the Atomic Junk Shop got the sad news that Sam Glanzman has entered hospice care.  Drew Ford, who’s done so much to bring Mr. Glanzman’s work back into print, notified those of us who had pledged to the Voyage to the Deep Kickstarter that we’d discussed here several months ago.


Here’s the news from the Kickstarter update, as told by Drew Ford:


I am writing to let you all know that our comic book and WWII hero, Sam Glanzman, has entered the first stages of Hospice. He had a fall that resulted in surgery, and his body just isn’t bouncing back. As soon as I found out what was happening, I went to see him and his wife Sue. The situation does not look good, and his wife Sue asked me if I could please put all my other projects on hold, to help her put together a Sam Glanzman tribute book entitled SAM GLANZMAN FOREVER!, that he can still enjoy while he is alive. So that is what I have done. The VOYAGE book is close to being done. But right now, I will be taking a short break from VOYAGE, to focus on this tribute project for Sam and his wife. I have begun collecting tributes for Sam from comic book pros and fans alike. If you love and appreciate Sam, and would like to send in a tribute (writing and/or art), please send it to my Gmail (, with the subject line: SAM GLANZMAN TRIBUTE – LAST NAME, FIRST NAME. Also, we have launched a GoFundMe campaign, to produce the tribute book, and help Sam and Sue out with a little extra funds in their time of need.


If you have any tributes to contribute, I suggest you contact Drew, and check out that GoFundMe campaign that is raising funds both to create and print the tribute book and to help with the Glanzman’s expenses at this time.


Our best wishes to Mr. Glanzman.


  1. Jeff Nettleton

    Aw, damn…………………………………..

    I’ve been a fan of Sam’s since I was a kid and saw his work at Charlton (Lonely War of Capt. Willy Schultz and Hercules) and DC (USS Stevens, Haunted Tank). His A Sailor’s Stories is a tremendous piece of biographical comics work. More than that, he was a fellow Navy veteran and I first read A Sailor’s Story while I was going through my NROTC training. He told it like it was and it wasn’t much different than my experiences, apart from his being in combat. At 92, this isn’t unexpected; but, it still knocks the wind out of my sails.

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