Saturday Night Live Season 43 Premiere

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live season 43 premiered.  Let’s take a look at some of the sketches.

The opening sketch of season 43 was, of course, about Trump.  I think I’ve lost my taste for these.  We get it, Trump’s horrible, and none of the jokes felt particularly fresh or stinging.  I’m not even really a fan of the imitations, either.  As much as I like Kate McKinnon, it feels like her Jeff Sessions is too far removed from reality.  And while I do find Alec Baldwin as Trump to be pretty good, I’m a little chagrined about it after reading about Darrell Hammond.

So not off to a good start, season 43!

After that, I don’t know what aired when.  It looks like they used Ryan Gosling fairly well, but man, he cracks up more than Jimmy Fallon.

The monologue went on for too long for how lame the joke was, but it was saved by Gosling’s pronunciation of “N’awlins”.  Also, Emma Stone pretty (um, spoiler!).

The sketch about a trio of brothers who renovate homes for a cable show was amusing, because Gosling went weird.  Really weird.

Henrietta and the Fugitive is an absurd bit with Gosling as an on-the-run criminal who woos a chicken in a barn he’s hiding out in.  It’s saved by the awkwardness of a chicken trying to remove a gun from a man’s pants and not entirely succeeding.

Weekend Update had some sharp commentary, especially from Michael Che, which may have saved the premiere of season 43.  McKinnon as Angela Merkel is a bit tired, but gave us this meme-able bit:

SNL 43 Merkel

Also, I just found out that this guy:

SNL 43 Colin Jost
This guy….

Is dating ScarJo.  Which I think proves there is no god.  Right?

Anyway… back to 43.

The commercial for Levi’s Wokes is pretty damn funny.  A commercial for jeans that fit every body because they fit no body.  Actually hard-hitting commentary because with very little changed, this could be an actual commercial of a “woke” company, and an actual product for the “label-free” generation.  God help us all.

There were some other decent bits in the premiere of season 43 of SNL, but I’ll conclude with Another Close Encounter.  It’s going back to this same well yet again, of the three people abducted by aliens or other beings, and Kate McKinnon going weird.  McKinnon nosing Ryan Gosling’s ass is hilarious, so it’s acceptable to dip back into that well.  Also, Ryan Gosling loves that hat.

So feel free to take a look at any or all of these sketches, and enjoy.  Hopefully we get another Sectional Couches in season 43, but if not, there are still some enjoyable bits here.


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