What I Like About You: Alpha Flight

When I started out reading, I used to say my favourite series was Alpha Flight. As time went by, that changed to John Byrne’s Alpha Flight when I began to realise that only those first 28 issues (plus appearances in Uncanny) really had the magic for me. So, what makes that series in particular so ‘me’ish?

John Byrne’s STAR TREK Shout-Outs!

Last week, I talked about STAR TREK: NEW VISIONS, the photomontage comics series of Star Trek adventures that John Byrne is doing for IDW.

But before John Byrne got a regular gig telling STAR TREK stories, he was just like the rest of us – A STAR TREK fan who’d occasionally make reference to it in his everyday life. It just so happened that Byrne’s everyday life was as a popular writer/artist of comic books. So I thought it’d be fun to see how many ST references I could pick out of Byrne’s classic comic book work.