Travis Made a Meme!

travis meme sean spicer venture bros Travis here, making a meme based off something in the news last week.  Be gentle, it’s my first meme. I swear this is what I thought of when I saw Sean Spicer looking at the upside down flag pin before he fixed it. And that scenario seems to be more likely, in my mind, what he was thinking, rather than any “secret SOS”.  (Oh lord, I just saw his little bracelet….)  For those of you confused, check out the season opener of season 3 of the Venture Bros. And click that linky and you’ll send some scratch our way, for more high quality meme-ing in the future!

Feel free to share this meme on the facebook and the twitters that the kids all like, and I plan on being back with a real post over the weekend.


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