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A Tale Of Two Concerts

Sometimes, first world problems can be very frustrating.

The first thing I want you to understand is that my two favouritest musical acts ever – way more than even “Weird Al”, over Was (Not Was), above Nightwish and Blind Guardian, surpassing Kate Bush or Pink Floyd, are Queen and Alice Cooper. As high as they are above the next closest (“Weird Al”), they’re actually pretty close to each other for me.

With that in mind, here’s a map of Sydney Olympic Park, 15 February, 2020, 7:00pm:

Am I being punished for something?
Google really wants to take you out of your way. The stadia aren’t as far apart as these directions indicate.

As Peter David once put it (in Supergirl?): “Not even superheroes can be in two places at once.

“… except, of course, the ones who can be in two places at once.”

I’ve decided to go to the Queen concert while wearing my Alice Cooper T-shirt.

Edit: I’ve found out the concerts were both put on by the same promoter! I mean, I could understand if it was two different promoters who just didn’t talk to each other, or were trying to sabotage each other (it’d still be stupid, but I could understand), but this is just a way to lose themselves money.

They tried to make up for it.


  1. Eric van Schaik

    Bummer man.
    Who will be the singer at the Queen concert?

    Two years ago I missed a concert because I entered the date wrong in my smart phone…:(
    Not as bad as your situation, but still…

    1. Le Messor

      It’ll be Adam Lambert, an Idol winner.

      He does a decent job with the singing, and an indecent job with the interactions. 🙂

      The smart phone thing is also a bummer. I hate when I do things like that!

    1. Jeff Nettleton

      Especially since John Deacon retired, on top of Freddie’s passing. I like Brian May and Roger Taylor; but, if it isn’t all four, it isn’t Queen. You might as well tour as Smile, Pt II or something.

      Ironically, around my neck of the woods, they have been advertising some guy “…Who sounds just like Freddie Mercury!” Then, they play tinny PA audio, that could be anything from someone playing a Queen tape, on a boom box, next to a mic, to someone doing karaoke. They bill it as the Ultimate Queen Tribute.


      1. Le Messor

        That’s terrible about that ‘tribute’; I’m sorry, Jeff.

        The half-band thing? I thought that, too, before I went to my first of the Queen + Adam Lambert concerts. It turns out there are people there like Spike Edney and Roger’s son, so it’s more Queeney than you might expect with half the band gone.
        … but I never had the sense to call it ‘Smile, Pt II’… but put it this way: they won’t exactly be playing Polar Bear, yanno?

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