Celebrating the Unpopular Arts

August 1968: Beyond the Big Two.

My Silver Age reread focuses primarily on the Big Two. That’s 90 percent of what I have on hand and what’s available to me, with exceptions such as Magnus, Robot Fighter and Brain Boy. Last year, however, I took a look at what was on the stands from Charlton, Harvey, Gold Key etc. in 1966; now I’ll do the same for books cover-dated August, 1968.

Archie, of course, is thriving, including the Mad knockoff Archie’s Madhouse.In 1968, DC started up its horror anthologies again. Charlton’s been on that for some times.

(Although I didn’t attempt to track down cover credits, that Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves is clearly Aparo’s work)/

So, of course, was Warren.

Romance comics were represented too.You want science fiction adventure heroes? Can do!There’s no shortage of kid stuff from Harvey.

And also Disney, natch.Westerns and war comics still sell.
And so, it seems, do car comics (which were also a thing in my 1966 post).And the TV tie-ins so common back then, even for shows that don’t scream “Put out a comic book based on this, STAT!”DC’s turn will come soon.


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