Celebrating the Unpopular Arts

Flippin’ through ‘Previews’ – March 2020

If there’s one thing we need in comics, it’s Batman wielding a scythe. Luckily, Previews #378 brings that to us this month! Whoo-hoo!!!!!!

As per usual, I’m in blue, and Travis is in black. Let’s see if we can get this done in a timely fashion!

HA!  My bad.

Well, it’s not like I’m super-fast, either!

The spiky shoulders are a nice touch, too


All the solicits are here!

On page 38, we find Pulp, the latest from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, in which a pulp writer in the 1930s gets involved in what appears to be a real pulp-noir kind of plot. It could be that it’s all happening in his head, but probably not. I’m very interested in this, but it does sound a bit like The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril. We shall see.

So the old guy in the preview is the writer, but was also a cowboy years ago?  Five cents a word was probably a pretty good rate back then!

Speaking of which, on page 46 we get That Texas Blood, which sounds neat – it’s about an old Texas sheriff who solves mysteries. I don’t think I know writer Chris Condon (it sounds familiar, but I’m not placing the name), but I wonder how artist Jacob Phillips got the gig. I mean, it certainly couldn’t be because of who his father is, could it …?

Hey, now, nepotism is the IN thing here in 2020!  I don’t think Condon is either the dead dude who invented a 3D camera lens or the guitarist for Billy Ray Cyrus, so I’m stumped as well.  It looks pretty good, though.

That certainly doesn’t look pleasant

On page 52 we have A Man Among Ye, about female pirates.  It might be fun.  I believe the writer Stephanie Phillips is going to be at Ithacon this year (in the next coming weeks), so maybe I’ll see a preview of this.  (OK, I won’t, because Ithacon got cancelled because of the damn Coronavirus!)

Last of the Independents gets reprinted on page 60. I’m not sure why this particular comic, but good for Matt Fraction and Kieron Dwyer! I’ve never read this, so I’ll have to pick this up.

Looks like it was originally out from AiT/Planet Lar, so I assume they just got the rights to print this back?  I haven’t read this either, but it looks and sounds neat, so I’ll probably check this out.

I should ask Larry what the deal is, because I just assumed they would always have the rights. But maybe I’m wrong!

There’s a complete collection of Royal City on page 62 – $45 for 14 issues, which isn’t bad. The first arc of this series was superb, and then it was just good, and I still don’t believe that Lemire ended it where he wanted to (despite his protestations to the contrary). So it didn’t end as well as I would have liked, but it’s still a good comic.

I enjoyed the first arc, so I’ll probably snag this down the road.

I am intrigued by the concept of SFSX (Safe Sex), which sounds a bit like Invisibles, but I like the description of “a diverse group of artists” standing in for “we couldn’t keep an artist for more than an issue or so”.  I kid, probably, but 10 bucks for 7 issues (page 63) is a really good deal.  Which means I’ll see that the price is increased after I put in my order for it.

I saw this Complete Witchblade HC on page 64 as a project on Kickstarter, and was puzzled.  Why?  Anyway, Warren Ellis took pretty much any assignment he could get in the ‘90s, didn’t he?

He’s the “Michael Caine in the 1970s” of 1990s comics!

Page 69 has a bunch of self-contained OGNs and so forth, and I forgot about a number of these comics getting published by Image.  I may have to snag something here.

Dark Horse:

You know the solicits are here!

Norse Mythology on page 88 might be keen. It’s Gaiman and P. Craig Russell, and I guess Mignola and Ordway (although the only sample they show is Russell)? Gaiman wrote this book a while ago, and now they’re adapting it. Good for them! Looks great, of course, so I might get it eventually.

Yeah, I might read the collection down the road, whenever I get around to reading the novel.  I almost think that’s Mignola inking the third page of the preview?  I won’t swear to it, though.

I assume Noir (page 96) is out of print, which is why Dark Horse is bringing it back. This is a terrific collection of crime comics from about a decade ago, and Dark Horse is reprinting it in a bigger format, which is nice. All the stories are pretty good-to-great, but the final one is an amazing gut punch, one that I still won’t spoil even after all these years!

Was this the one that opened with a Stray Bullets story?  Because I’m not seeing Lapham listed at all, so maybe it was a different collection that I saw.

You’re going to make me dig it out, aren’t you? I’m pretty sure there was a Stray Bullets story, but maybe not. Or maybe because now that’s with Image they can’t reprint it. Hmmm … I’ll have to dig the damned thing out, damn it! … … … Ok, I checked, and yes, there’s a Stray Bullets story in the original. So Dark Horse either forgot to list him or they can’t reprint it because it’s an Image book.

Thank you for checking!  I don’t know why they couldn’t reprint that because it’s Image, since the preview page has a Criminal story!

Yeah, that’s true. Just weird, then.

Pau is a Spanish creator I’ve never heard of, but the GN Baboon! on page 97 sounds neat, where a baboon that was raised by a leopard (wait, what?) tries to rejoin his troop and has to prove himself as a fighter.

Well, that’s just awkward.  On page 98 is The Matriarchs, about a society of immortal women who feed off the living and their vital forces, but they are at a prison in the guise of researchers about male violence when a riot breaks out.  Oops.

That young lady really needs medical attention

I wish I knew what was collected in Blacksad: The Collected Stories on page 99, because some of it’s never been published before, but I wonder how much. I’ll probably get it anyway, even if I already have some of it, because these are keen crime comics and Juanjo Guarnido’s art is staggering.

Luckily, I have none of it, so I can just buy this and not worry!

On page 106 is Bankshot, a trade of an Alex de Campi/ChrisCross story about a dude who has enhanced abilities and is taking vengeance on people.  I’m not sure who he’s taking vengeance on or why, but I may get this.  I don’t remember if this was one where the original 5 issues didn’t get printed or not.

I’m considering the Harrow County Omnibus TP on page 110, as it is volume 1 of 2 and is 30 bucks for 16 issues.  I don’t know yet though.

I was waiting for the trade of The Butcher of Paris, and there it is on page 111. A serial killer in Nazi-occupied Paris, drawn by Dean Kotz? Sounds good!

This does sound interesting, and is written by Stephanie Phillips of that female pirate comic referenced above.  Maybe I’ll pick up the singles from her!  (Or not …)

I haven’t read the first volume of What’s Michael? yet, but I’m glad that volume 2 is available on page 116.

Hmm, I’ve heard of Hellsing, and now there’s a deluxe HC on page 117 with the first 4 volumes.  Who could Alucard possibly be?  I’m considering both that question and if I should get this.  Maybe.


Oh, good, here are the solicits!

Goddammit, they’ve dragged me in.  I’m going to be getting Generation One on pages 4-5, and getting the other issues, even though I don’t like the idea of Wonder Woman as first DC superhero, but maybe DC can make it work.  I wonder how much DiDio’s influence was on this and how much it will be changed with him gone.  Why do I have to love their characters so much but not necessarily like what they do to them?!?!

Come on, man, resist!!!!

But it’s fascinating with the DiDio stuff!

Paul Dini and Ty Templeton are doing Batman: The Adventures Continue (page 7), which appears to be the “animated” version back in print. Good for them! Templeton is terrific, and Dini is a pretty good writer, so this might be fun.

Ty the Guy is one of my absolute favorites (he never updates his blog, though!), and I saw that he was designing “new” figures based on the animated series look, so it must be for this.  I’m in!  It’s only 6 issues and it’s digital first, I see, so I’ll probably wait for the trade.

I like the subtle ‘halo’ around Batman

I’m considering the Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Special on page 9, particularly that cool ‘50s cover.  But no story by GMozz?  What about an Alan Moore story, since his stuff has now influenced the GL lore so much?  (Oh, wait, I guess the 80 Years HC on page 77 reprints those Moore stories.)

I’m not going to say what’s on page 17, just suffice to say that the solicit seems to spoil a DC event.  Cool!

Did the end of the event already come out, though? I saw that, too, and wondered why DC would do that.

That’s true, the finale may have come out.

I might get the Man-Bat 1 facsimile from page 63, since it’s Ditko art, and I don’t have this.

So, I guess they like doing these facsimile editions, as well as the Dollar Comics, but they must want some in between thing, and here it is with the DC Classics on page 65, reprinting the first issue of the Batman Adventures.  $1.99 for a reprint comic versus a buck on the low end and $3.99 for the facsimiles.

I like how the cover for Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore volume 2 (resolicited on page 67) is from Mark Millar’s run. Well done, DC!

It’s a lovely Totleben cover, and I see it was for the last issue of that run of Swamp Thing, but that is funny.  Great stuff in this volume, though.

Batman Adventures: Batgirl — A League of Her Own on page 69 collects a bunch of stories of the animated style, and it’s probably worth the 10 bucks.

Ooh, I think the two 6 issue minis in this book have been out of print, so that makes the Legends of the Dark Knight: Matt Wagner HC on page 70 even tastier.  Those are the Monster Men and Mad Monk minis, and there are also other good stories here.  I think the LDK story with Two-Face was notably creepy.  I’ll consider this.

They’re all good stories. The only one I don’t have is the recent Batman #54, so I’ll skip this collection, but if you don’t have this stuff, it’s worth it. No Batman/Grendel collection, DC and Dark Horse? What the hell?

Ooh, that’s right, they need to reprint that stuff!

Batman: Arkham Asylum comes out in a new edition on page 71, yet another resolicited DC book.  What a surprise that they fired DiDio with all the chaos just in the solicits!

Speaking of wtf soliciting, why are there two Flash trades solicited here on page 75, where one comes out the first week of June, and the next one comes out two weeks later?  How was that not scheduled better?

The New DC: There’s No Stopping Our Solicits Now!

I think it is more important to the DCU than they are saying here, and Wally is my Flash, so I’m tempted to get Flash Forward on page 76.

There’s that word again: “important.” Come on, man, none of this is important! Get this because you like Scott Lobdell and – choke – Brett Booth, not because it’s “important”! You know better, sir!

Dammit man, I know, but I’m such a sucker!

I’m tempted by The Legion of Super-Heroes: Five Years Later Omnibus on page 80, but it’s $150, and while I often try to give the Legion a go, not for that price. Still, that’s a nice hunk of comics if you’re a Legion fan.

I probably have most if not all of this, though.  They really need to indicate which Legion series is being reprinted here, because they did a number of series over the years!

I guess I have to get the Kyle Baker Plastic Man collection on page 82, mainly so people will shut up about how I’ve never read it because I don’t like Kyle Baker. I’ve seen chunks of this, though, and it doesn’t look like something I’d hate, so I’ll check it out. It’s 70 dollars, but it’s 20 issues, so that’s not bad.

Shirtless fighting!  It’s pretty good stuff, but I doubt it will convert you into being a Baker fan.  You heathen.

Yes, I get it – I’m a Philistine

Supergirl: Being Super is now a DC GN for Young Adults on page 84, “with all-new color”, which seems to imply to me, based on the other YA GNs in this line that I’ve read that the art is partly B&W with spot colors.  This was a pretty good series, but it implies to me that by putting this book in this line, they’re not considering it in the main continuity.

I’m not even going to address the last two words you just used.

Continuity does still matter, man!  There were enough weird things about this series that it doesn’t “fit” with DC continuity.

On page 85 are two box sets of the newer DC GNs for kids and young adults.  I haven’t read any of the kids ones, but the three young adult ones are all pretty good.


Note the solicits here!

I don’t know how it could work, but My Little Pony/Transformers might be weird fun.  Plus, the subtitle is Friendship in Disguise, which amuses me.  The 4 weekly issues are on page 126-127.

Nick Bradshaw is drawing John Layman’s Bermuda on page 144, so that should be neat. It’s a story of a girl who lives on an island in the Bermuda Triangle, so Bradshaw will get to draw all sorts of cool stuff. He’s another dude who obviously can’t handle a monthly book, but why wouldn’t Marvel or DC pay him to do 50-page specials twice a year?

Because that would be cool and smart and make sense!  I might get this in singles!

Dang, Nick Bradshaw

Rich Douek and Alex Cormack, who did the cool horror story Road of Bones together, re-team for Sea of Sorrows, which is about a treasure hunt in the aftermath of World War I and the deep-sea horrors one might encounter. Sounds groovy, so I’ll get the trade!

Hopefully they’ll reoffer Road of Bones when the trade of Sea of Sorrows gets offered, so I can get both, because the fool that I am skipped RoB before!

Chained to the Grave on page 147 sounds like a fun … mystical western?  An outlaw comes back from the dead chained to his own headstone and has to do right by the family he left behind.  It’s 5 issues, so the trade will probably be about the same price as the singles.

I mean … buy a hacksaw, my brother!

I don’t know the Micronauts enough, but I like looking at that Michael Golden art on pages 152-153 and seeing how he influenced Todd McFarlane and the rest of the early Image dudes.

Do I have enough money to get both Martini Editions of the Darwyn Cooke Parker books?  Probably not, but page 154 has them.  His stuff on this is so good!  I’m so glad I got to meet him!

There’s a new version of Fishtown on page 157, so if you’ve never read it, here’s your chance. It a story of a terrible crime in Philadelphia and the teens that are affected by it. I haven’t read it in years, but I remember it being pretty terrific, and I might even pick up this version, as it has some nifty extras.

I met Kevin Colden several years ago at a con and he was really cool, so I’ve tried to find his stuff whenever I can, but I have missed this one.  Not missing it again!

Has Godzilla: The Half-Century War not been available in trade before now on page 158? I mean, it’s superb – it’s James Stokoe drawing Godzilla, for crying out loud! – and it came out a while ago, and this collection has annotations, so maybe it’s a new printing, but the solicit doesn’t say anything about a new printing. Anyway, if you don’t have this yet, it’s JAMES STOKOE DRAWING MOTHERFUCKING GODZILLA!!!!!! Pick it up!

I think it must have been collected?  I think I have a Treasury size edition, but I can’t recall if that was the entire series or not.  But yes, it’s fucking awesome.  I want this one but I will probably wait for a bit.

I want to point out the GI Joe Snake Eyes Origin on page 160, that reprints the original Marvel issues 26 and 27, in case anyone is interested.  That series is actually quite good.


Belly up to the bar for all the solicits!

Wait, Paul Grist is writing a Marvel comic (page 18)? Wait, what? Paul Grist? Good for him, I guess. Very weird.

Again, because he wrote a 3 issue mini called Daily Bugle for them a little over 20 years ago.  It was in B&W too!

Go get that sweet, sweet Marvel money, Paul Grist!

I doubt if I’ll get this, but Giant-Size X-Men: Tribute to Wein and Cockrum on page 34 is a neat idea: Marvel gets artists to re-draw one page each from the seminal classic. Are they just going to re-draw it exactly as is? I imagine so, even though doing a new layout might be neat, too. Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll get this, because I don’t love all the artists, but I’ll definitely take a look at it when it comes out.

I suspect some artists will play with the layout, so this might be neat.

Ooh, I’m looking forward to The Marvels from Busiek and Yildiray Cinar on page 58.  Of course there are going to be several covers that I want, so I’m probably going to wait for the trade on this, even though I’d like to get it in singles.  Marvel definitely did well in getting Busiek and Ross to celebrate Marvels!

I’m shocked at how smart they’ve been about this. All of this shit that they’ve been doing looks great.

Moon Knight’s first appearance was a 2-parter, wasn’t it, so getting the facsimile edition of Werewolf By Night 32 on page 82 would be a fool’s game, wouldn’t it?

But you’re a fool, so it’s right up your alley!


Since the movie is coming up, they’ve got the omnibus of The Eternals on page 118.  It slightly tempts me, but what I know of the characters doesn’t excite me all that much.

It’s a cool plot line with Doctor Strange getting his hands healed and being able to do surgeries again, and Kev Walker is a good artist, so I would like to read the Surgeon Supreme trade on page 126.

Yeah, I’ll probably get it.

Our pal Kelly is on Deadpool, which means that I’m getting the trade of her first arc that’s on page 127.  I love that she found a way to work Elsa Bloodstone in!  And on page 130 is her latest Captain Marvel arc, where Carol Danvers has to fight the Avengers to the death.  Uh-oh.

Punisher: Soviet collects the latest Garth Ennis arc, with Jacen Burrows on art, on page 144.  I’m guessing it will be violent.

That’s the kind of trenchant insight the people come here to read!

Spider-Ham is jumping through time with Spider-Man on page 145, so I might grab that.

Someone at Marvel reads my work, because Marvel has finally gotten around the collecting the first part of D.G. Chichester’s Daredevil run – the part that ends with issue #300 – in a Daredevil Epic Collection on page 150. But not only that, but they go all the way back to issue #283, which is when Ann Nocenti was still writing the book but nevertheless begins Daredevil’s road back to New York after Nocenti took him to Hell for a while? Is that what she did? Anyway, Nocenti’s stuff is good, and Chichester – who took over with issue #291? #292? something like that – is great, as this is probably the best Daredevil story between “Born Again” and the Bendis stuff. It’s so weird that immediately after issue #300, Chichester’s work went directly into the toilet. It was so, soooooo bad. Very weird, but this is great!

Yeah, from what I remember, that 4 parter that ends with issue 300 is pretty good stuff.

Two Conan Epic Collections on page 151 worth noting.  The Conan Chronicles volume 5 features the Road of Kings series as well as the first arc of the Brian Wood run.  Seems like they could have reworked these so that all of the Wood stuff was together in one volume, though.  And the original Marvel stuff is collected in an Epic Collection, with the first 13 issues of the series collected here (with another story), featuring a lot of that sweet sweet BWS art.  Anyone know if this is the recolored Dark Horse version or if Marvel re-re-colored it?

It’s probably whatever they did for the Omnibus, as this is just the softcover version of that, and those colors are terrific. So there you go.

Oh good, I hadn’t heard if those were good colors.  Glad to hear!


Gaze upon the solicits here!

There’s this whole Sacred Six series (starring … 4 women?) on page 168, and because of that, they’re doing a replica of the original Vampirella magazine #30, the first Pantha appearance.  Yes, I’m suckered into buying this!  But hey, it’s got a full color Corben story!

And I don’t know if those Jim Lee homage covers are that bad or if I just can’t recognize them or if the originals are just that bland and generic, but they’re even worse than the McFarlane ones from a month or two ago.

Um, which page is that? Are you talking about the JAE Lee homage on page 171?

No, that’s a virgin cover.  The list of all of them are on page 167, and they’re listed in the regular listings.

Oh, yeah, I see now. Yeah, those aren’t very good. Juan Gedeon is a pretty good artist, too, but those aren’t very good.

At least with this one, we know what he’s referencing!

Boom! Studios:

Let’s dig the solicits here!

Did they already offer the first trade of Something is Killing the Children?  Anyway, they’re offering it on page 204, so maybe I’ll get it this time.

Indeed they did, as I have already read it! It’s quite good, so maybe you should check it out!

Matts Kindt and Smith’s Folklords gets a trade on page 213. It’s about a kid who grows up in a world of magic but has visions of our world, so he goes on a quest to find it. Sounds fun.

I was interested, so I might get it.

On page 216, there’s a Bill and Ted Archive, which collects all of Evan Dorkin’s old comics on the subject. I’ll probably have to pick this up, because Dorkin is always fun (plus, he participated in one of my “Name that Artist” post where he himself was the artist, so that’s neat).

Oooh, was that at the old place?  Do you have a wayback machine link?  This is fun stuff, but I should point out it was out in HC a few years back.  There’s also a box set on the same page of the three series that Boom did.  I only read Save the Universe, but it was actually pretty good.

I do not have the Wayback Machine link, because I can’t find it. It’s frustrating that way sometimes. He drew illustrations for a Gen X parody book back in ’93 or ’94, and I showed those. Good times!

I’m sure it’s … excellent

Let’s head to the back of the book!

On page 232 we have Aardvark-Vanaheim‘s latest.  Vark Wars: Walt’s Empire Strikes Back is the latest Cerebus in Hell? one shot, while we’re offered a new new version of the second volume of Cerebus, Church and State.  There are election related bookplates being offered, and I think I’ll just go for the I vote for Cerebus one,  although I must say that the hair on the Red State one is pretty good.  The jokes are stale, though.

Abrams Comicarts has a couple of interesting ones.  Fire On the Water on page 233 is about a tragedy in the midwest at the turn of the century (19th to 20th or 20th to 21st?), with art by longtime Harvey Pekar collaborator Gary Dumm.  On the next page is A Gift for a Ghost, about an untalented punk band (redundant?) and a parallel dimension, done by Borja Gonzalez, who is making his GN debut.  It sounds interesting to me.

Sick burn, bro. Anyway, I was going to mention that first one, but daaaaaammmmmnnnnn, that’s a vague solicit. Come on, people, sell it!

There’s a LOT going on on that cover

Action Lab has the trade of Supermom on page 238. A superhero is pregnant, and the father is the supervillain who’s trying to take over the world. Sounds awkward!

It sounded really good, too, so I’ve been waiting for this trade!

Also on the same page is Cold Blood Samurai in trade, about a samurai salamander.  I think this has been offered before.  Ah, yes, I think there are several trades reoffered for women’s month with female creators.  They just did a Jupiter Jet Kickstarter for volume 2, and the first one is there on page 239.  And Guncats is on page 240, about rookie bounty hunters in space, and I think that sounded good when I saw it before.

Adam Wallenta Entertainment is putting out a HC of Punk Taco, which is apparently a self-published thing.  It sounds like a nice thing to get kids into comics and being nice and stuff, and it’s on page 240.

Jeremy Baum is a weird dude, but his art is beautiful, and he has a new collection of surreal stuff on page 240 from AdHouse Books called NMIK. It’s 22 dollars for only 102 pages, but it’s sure to be haunting, gorgeous, and perhaps completely incomprehensible. I’m thinking about it!

I’ve heard the name but I’m not familiar with his stuff.

AfterShock has the latest by Zac Thompson, Lonely Receiver, on page 242. It’s about a woman whose AI wife breaks up with her. Well, that sucks. It … does not sound like a comedy.

It sounds fascinating, actually, and the art by Jen Hickman looks fantastic.  I’ll try to remember to get the trade!

On page 244, Brandon Thomas and Lee Ferguson, who several years ago created Miranda Mercury (an excellent comic), reunite for Sympathy for No Devils, which is about the last man on an Earth that’s been taken over by demons and other monsters. He’s trying to solve a murder in this weird world. Sounds neat.

It does.  I need to seek out Miranda Mercury, too.  I thought I encountered some of it before but I’m not sure.

Not even one? Come on, man!

Was A Walk Through Hell 9 issues long?  The Ennis/Sudzuka comic that sounds like Ennis’s take on Neonomicon to me is offered on page 250 complete in HC.  For $40 for 9 issues, that’s not a bad deal.

It was 12 issues. I think? You’re going to make me check again, aren’t you, damn it! It wasn’t nine issues, I’ll tell you that much – it was either 10 or 12.

Then it’s an even better deal!

Ahoy has another fun bunch of comics.  Penultiman is a great name, and was the winner of the Steel Cage reader’s vote one shot from last year.  From what I recall, this was not my choice, but I’ll be getting the singles as usual.  The trade of Dragonfly and Dragonflyman is also here on page 254, which I of course haven’t read yet.

I’m getting that trade as well.

Our pals at Amigo have a new Nancy in Hell one shot, The Hell’s Door (huh?) on page 260, and apparently this also includes the fourth issue of the Long Road miniseries, which apparently wasn’t printed before now.

Over on page 263 the good folks at Antarctic Press are celebrating their 35th anniversary, with Ninja High School and Ben Dunn returning in two issues.  There’s the new issue, #177, both in color and in B&W at half the price (cool!), and a reprint of the first issue, in both color and B&W, but in the same issue!

Archie should have reprinted the Married Life stuff and reoffered it here alongside the 10th Anniversary trade on page 267.

That’s true. Oh well.

AWA/Upshot has some interesting stuff coming.  Old Haunts is about mob dudes being apparently literally haunted by their pasts, and the creative team looks good.  The Upshot Now preview books, like on page 279, have been coming to comic shops and my pal Scott gave me the zero and first three issues, so I’ll have to look them over.

Behemoth, which just bought Amigo, makes its debut in Previews with two comics on page 281. The Osiris Path is about space archaeologists fighting black magic cults, like you do, and Prom of the Dead is exactly what it sounds like: a zombie outbreak at a prom. The latter is written by Dave Dwonch, who’s a pretty righteous dude, so I’ll probably check it out. I’ll wait for the trade of the former.

These did sound good, and I didn’t hear that about Amigo.  Hopefully they’ll help Amigo with their shipping issues.  I think these were dudes that were with Action Lab before?  It looks like they’re using the same font!

Everyone loves obelisks!

Blue Juice is putting out a new Accelerators arc starting on page 282.  I’m behind on this but the first arc was a quite good time travel story.

Book Palace has Illustrators magazine special #9 on the same page, which features crime comics like Criminal, Jordi Bernet, and the old Crime Does Not Pay comic.  A bit spendy but it’s probably cool.

There’s some stuff from Black Mask on pages 284-285. The Forevers is by Curt Pires, so it will be a bit weird, about five immortal friends, one of whom starts killing the others. Wait, how? Anyway, there’s that. X’ed is a sci-fi thriller about people who are injected into your mind to kill the demons that haunt you. Okay, but wouldn’t whiskey do that just as well? Loud gets a softcover, and having just read the hardcover, this is worth a look, especially for 10 bucks. It doesn’t have a lot of words (because it takes place in a loud nightclub, get it?), but it’s pretty keen and the art is very intricate, so you pay attention even without so many words. And Twelve Reasons to Die, with a story by RZA and Ghostface Killah, has a very generic solicit description, but the artists are pretty damned cool.

I think all of these, including The Dregs, about a city where the homeless get cannibalized, have been offered before, but I don’t know if any of them came out.  They all sound good, and I’ll have to read Loud soon.

The Dregs is excellent, by the way. And I know Loud came out in hardcover, because it’s on the desk next to me right now!!!!!

I should have been clearer in knowing that Loud came out, because I too have the HC!  I wonder how truthful it was that the HC sold out, even before it hit stands.  The one story I saw said it might have been (not restricted but the word they use when not everyone is going to get a copy), so I was wondering if it might not show up at my shop, but it was there.

Buno Books has Warm Blood on page 291, with art by Outer Darkness’s Afu Chan, and it’s about a girl who has a very difficult first year of high school.  To say the least.

Caliber has another Stefano Cardoselli comic, Sunshine Doom 1971, on page 292. It’s about a Vietnam vet who was experimented on and a priest who believes he’s a knight of the apocalypse sent to Earth to mete out justice and their meeting in a fast food restaurant in 1971. Cardoselli is kind of an acquired taste, but his comics are bonkers, and this sounds very much like it will be too.

I’m intrigued!

Oh, it will be wacky!

Also on page 292, we find On Ajayi Crowther Street from Cassava Republic Press. It sounds like a groovy soap opera kind of thing about people – specifically a reverend and his family – who live on a street in Lagos. Sounds interesting.

Same page again for Cave Pictures Publishing collecting The Blessed Machine, about future humanity living underground and a boy thinking the earth’s surface is livable again.  Jesse Hamm is pretty good from what I’ve seen.

I’m probably going to snag Voting is Your Superpower from Clover Press, because ‘Murica!  It’s on page 294.

Conundrum Press has Topp: Promoter Gary Topp Brought Us the World on page 297, a new David Collier GN about a dude in the ‘80s that brought all sorts of cool acts to Toronto.

Darby Pop has Necromancer Bill on the same page, about a schlub who can raise the dead.  Might be fun.

Dead Reckoning has a Garth Ennis war book on page 298 called The Stringbags, which is about the biplanes the British used during World War II for some reason. It’s drawn by PJ Holden, which is a good thing, and of course it’s an Ennis war book, so it will probably be quite excellent.

I’m wondering if this is brand new or something from War Stories or Battlegrounds?

Beats me. It’s a good question, though.

From what little I was looking around, it sounded like this is new, and was originally going to be done for a Naval Press of some sort, so maybe this is semi-official biographical stuff, or maybe since it’s no longer through that publisher, Ennis was a little too real, so they didn’t want that in the official record (he says, cynically).

Page 308 is loaded with stuff, like Fantoons having the GN of the … band? Ninja Sex Party; First Comics reoffered Love Town, about a noir supernatural world; and First Second having the 25th anniversary of Howard Cruse’s Stuck Rubber Baby.  Good stuff.

Graphic Universe has Lizard in a Zoot Suit, about a 5 foot tall lizard in LA in the 1940s, a member of an underground species who needs help from some kids, and it’s on page 315.

The Hero Initiative reprints Stan’s Soapbox on page 321, to help other older creators.

It’s Alive has the next issue of Airboy, and while I haven’t read 51 yet, I was sucked in by that Steranko cover!  Also there’s Dose, about a post-superhero society.  Those are on 327, while on 328 is Holler, about a ‘90s band of teen friends.

Streamliner: Bye-Bye Lisa Dora from Magnetic Press on page 329 sounds fun. It actually sounds a lot like The Road Warrior, but there’s nothing really wrong with that!

Might be fun.

Nothing sexier than chicks with guns!

Page 332 has Stargazer from Mad Cave Studios, about a group of young friends who went through … something, one of whom believes it was alien abduction, and now that this guy comes back into the group’s lives, they decide to figure out what happened.  There’s also RV9, about a former assassin on the run from the group that trained her. And she’s going to fight back.

Joe Sacco has Paying the Land on page 333 from Metropolitan Books, which is about the struggles of the Dene tribe against the incursions of white people, represented by mining companies. Oh dear. Sacco is kind of a propagandist, but he’s also very good, so this will probably be keen.

The same page has Microcosm Publishing with The Courage Party: Helping Our Children Understand and Survive Sexual Assaualt, which is written by Joyce Brabner, probably best known as Harvey Pekar’s widow (this is even branded an American Splendor Family Comic, which is mind blowing if you’ve read some of his stuff), but who has been someone working for bettering humanity for years.  Hopefully this is something that can be a good and useful tool to help out kids in these horrible situations.

Also on the same page is the third volume of The Silent Invasion, which continues the original storyline, and which is something I don’t believe I have.  But I’ll probably be getting this!

I’m not sure why the Brontës are suddenly the hot writers, but there’s yet another comic about them, The Brontës: Infernal Agenda on page 334 from Northwest Press. It wonders what would happen if the siblings found a door to another dimension. Sure, why not? Rick Geary draws it, so you know it will look good!

Hey, I’m taking a book back to the library that I didn’t get a chance to read that has them as detectives, so there’s that.  This does seem like it will be awesome since Rick Geary is so good.

I’m not sure why they’re (re)printing Achewood in this way, but Oni has The Great Outdoor Fight on page 336, a 56 page comic.  I’ll probably get this because I always like the bits of this I see but I never remember to delve deeper into it, but it seems like it should be in larger collections?  Is this just sort of a best-of teaser book?

Papercutz gives us an Asterix Omnibus on page 349, as it’s the character’s 60th anniversary. It’s newly translated, and I might have to pick it up (both the softcover and hardcover are very affordable). I’ve loved Asterix since I was a kid, as the comic was big in Germany in the 1970s, but I don’t know where my old copies are (and I didn’t have very many, so it’s not too big a deal). So this is on my list.

It was one of the “acceptable” comics in school for years, because they used it in my French classes.  It’s funny stuff, but I’m a bit wary of how they phrase it as being translated into “American English”, and I wonder if it will lose any of the punny names.  Probably not!  Don’t forget that volume 2 is right there on page 350, as well!

Same page has Paper Movies, which I think is different from Palmiotti and Conner’s PaperFilms (more on that from me soon, I hope), but Black Jackets is a take on Suicide Squad by Steven Grant, from what it sounds like, and Scorched Earth is about an Earth still fighting back against the aliens that are trying to destroy it, but the weird thing to me is that it’s co-written by Meat Cake’s Dame Darcy.  Huh?!

Pegasus Books has an interesting one on page 351 with Black Cotton Star, a GN positing that Betsy Ross’s “housemaid” Angela Brown adds a black cotton star under one of the white ones on the first American flag.  In the midst of WWII, a soldier gets word that this was done, and goes on a mission to find that flag.

It sounds all right, but I hope there’s a better reason for them to go and find it beyond “because it exists.” We shall see.

Pixel + Ink has Black Sand Beach on the same page, by Richard Fairgray, who does the delightful Blastosaurus.  I guess I’ll be picking this up!

PS Artbooks is offering a couple more SC collections of old time stuff here on page 352, with Planet Comics and Strange Mysteries.  I’ll probably snag both!

There are a couple of neat ones on 356 from Random House Graphic, with Stepping Stones volume 1 by Lucy Knisley, about a girl from the city who has to move to the country when her mom decides to blend families with her new boyfriend, and Suncatcher by Jose Pimienta, about a girl who discovers her grandfather’s soul is trapped inside his guitar, and someone has to play his perfect song to free him, and she becomes obsessed with freeing him.

Well, of course he is

Rebellion/2000AD has Smash Comics Special 2020 on page 358, which features short stories with British superheroes done by creators such as Rob Williams and John McCrea, Tom Raney, and Simon Furman, among others. Sounds fun.

I’m interested in Source Point Press‘s offering of The Final Bloody War of Colton Myers on page 364, about a dude who fought in the Civil War having to rescue his niece by winning a fight to the death battle with a lot of bad people.  Sounds intriguing.

Don’t forget that the solicit mentions a “Japanese mystic trading in slaves.” You know, like they do.

Titan has a new printing of Breathtaker by Mark Wheatley and Marc Hempel on page 369. It’s been years since I read this, but I remember liking it quite a bit. Maybe I’ll see what my copy looks like and pick this up. It’s kind of dirty pool, though, to release a new “prequel” one-shot on the same page. Oh well – I’ll probably get that, too.

I’ll probably get the prequel but not the new version, although the remastered stuff will sway me.  Although if you’re going to do all that, why not put the prequel as part of the new book?  Grr.  As I recall, it was interesting, and I like the creators, so I probably should dig out my old copy too.

Tripwire is a great magazine, and it’s back on page 375 with stories about the 80th anniversaries of various DC characters, a look at the history of horror comics, and some cool interviews. I only have a few issues because they were financial trouble even when I first heard of them, years ago, but each issue is crammed with cool stuff.

Several years back their 21st anniversary magazine was supposed to come out, but I never saw it.  I’ll probably order this, though, but not hold my breath waiting for it.

I’m pretty sure I own that copy, but I’m not sure where. As you saw recently, my garage is a bit of a mess. But I thought it came out. Maybe I’m thinking of a different issue.

Back Issue #121 (from TwoMorrows on page 376) is a Conan issue, plus a bunch of barbarian knock-offs, so that should be keen. I’m so far behind on reading my Back Issues, but I can’t resist when they do such cool stuff!

Sounds fun, and I’m wondering if there will be any Cerebus content, because you know how I roll.  Same page has Alter Ego 165 with a spotlight on Martin Goodman, which is probably going to be fun.

On page 385, Black Stars Above from Vault gets a trade. It’s about a fur trapper in 1887 who flees into the wilderness carrying a package that something sinister in the forest wants. I love the word “sinister.” It comes from the Latin meaning “left,” because left-handedness was so evil the word for it became associated with evil things. That’s some serious shade thrown at southpaws, yo.

I’m trying to think of lefties I know, and how evil they are, but I’m coming up blank.  This did sound cool, so I might snag it.  On the previous page is the first issue of Heavy, about a dude in a sort of purgatory who has to work off his wait by policing the multiverse.  Sounds fun, and Max Bemis is pretty good from what I’ve read.

Bemis is okay, but “wait,” sir? I thought you meant “weight,” but I think you meant “debt.” You’re strange.

Nothing sexier than dudes with guns!

Ooh, a complete work by Osamu Tezuka on page 398 (and also page 430) from Digital Manga, Wonder3, about 3 aliens seeing if Earth is ready to be part of a Galactic Control group.  If not, well, that’s the end of us.  Oops.  They disguise themselves as animals, and Tezuka sure didn’t have a Disney influence …

Kodansha has Clover in a HC Collector’s Edition, by CLAMP, so it’s probably good, but it doesn’t really get into what the story is about (page 402).

I didn’t see much interesting on the toy side this month, except maybe the Bill and Ted toys on page M52 that I have to tell my pal about.  Otherwise, everyone stay safe with this coronavirus stuff!

Have a nice day, everyone. I’ve been having some trouble loading images, which is one reason why this is so late (I’m not even sure we’re out of the woods yet, despite loading all these images). But we hope you enjoy checking out Previews, and stay safe, like Travis said!


  1. Work off his wait in purgatory (re: Heavy), which makes sense in this context!

    And it’s quite possible that Tripwire 21st anniversary mag came out, but it just didn’t get to my shop!

    With everything closed, I just might get more things posted here in the next month. I’m sure you’re all saying, hasn’t the world suffered enough?!

  2. Call Me Carlos the Dwarf

    Punisher: Soviet is very violent…but it’s also a secret War Story – there’s a lot of framed stories from the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

    Really looking forward to Stringbags, as well!

    Oh, and A Walk Through Hell was 12 issues – not sure how well it stuck the landing, but it was really interesting, creepy, and atmospheric throughout!

  3. Eric van Schaik

    After some slow months a few interesting stuff.
    Manifest Destiny TPB, East of West TPB, Supermom TPB, Dragonfly and Dragonflyman TPB and… finally the Parker Last Call Martini Edition.

    I could use some good news after the speech of our prime minister (the first one since 1973 during the oil crisis in The Netherlands).

    1. Greg Burgas

      JoeW: I reviewed one of Cardoselli’s comics here (he didn’t write it, but he did draw it), and I’ll have another one posted in a few weeks. He has a few more coming out in the coming months, so I’ll probably review those, too.

  4. John King

    Legion of Superheroes:Five Years later is the 1989 series by Keith Giffen and the Bierbaums – apparently this is issues 1-39, annuals 1-3, the Timber wolf mini series and adventures of Superman 478 + pages from Who’s who
    (volume 2 should probably be the rest of the era up to the zero hour reboot)

    on Smash – some of the series were not my era (and the ones that were, were reprints)
    Mytek the mighty – a giant robot gorrilla controlled by a mad scientist
    the Steel Claw was a man with a metal hand who could use electricity to turn the rest of his body invisible.
    The house of Dolman – a crime fighter who used samll android “dolls”
    Spider – a mysterious master criminal who eventually got bored with crime and became a crimefighter instead (he felt it was a challenge more worthy of his abilities). This series was a childhood favourite of mine (through reprints – the first story was published 4 days before I was born) – many of the stories written by Jerry Siegel

    I’m hoping the new Spider story is in the tradition of the original and not like the dark reinvention from a 2000 AD special

    1. I was wildly unimpressed with Albion but it did lead to several reprint volumes, such as The Spider, that I happily picked up. Strangely enough I never encountered him as a kid in the UK. Loved Steel Claw, Dolman and Mytek.
      Now there’s quite a lot of reprint material available, which makes me very happy.

        1. I had a lot of history, but that worked against the books. A ton of neat characters I have a lot of fondness for but who do the Moores decide should be at the center? Two generic working-class 20somethings. Even though it turns out they were More Than They Seemed, they were boring.

  5. Jeff Nettleton

    Pulp; yeah, sounds very Chinatown Death Cloud Peril. 5 cents a word was a better rate than many pulp publishers, with penny a word often the going price. Renegade Press, back in 1986, had the series Wordsmith, about a pulp writer, which was really good. Writer Clay Washburn works on his projects and deals with life, plus illustrations of his characters. it covered quite a few of the main pulp genres. Script from Dave Darrigo and art by RG Taylor. Renegade did 12 issues and Caliber had a further 9 and two trade collections.

    The serial killer in nazi occupied Paris sounds like the movie Night of the Generals, with Omar Sharif and Peter O’Toole. There is also a novel, Child 44, by Tom Rob Smith, that features a hunt for a serial killer in the Soviet Union, under Stalin. Main character Leo Demidov is an MGB agent (precursor to the KGB), hunting for the killer. Loosely based on the actual Soviet killer Andrei Chikatilo, who was convicted of 52 murders, though his occurred between 1978 and 1990 (Brezhnev to Gorbachev).

    Paul Grist could have worked for Marvel before, had they not been stupid and rejected his Union Jack proposal, which he turned into the excellent Jack Staff.

    Wait, AWA/Upshot? So, what, are these comic books adventures of Da Crusher and Da’ Bruiser, Verne Gagne and Baron Von Raschke? ………No one under the age of 50 and outside the Midwest will probably get that joke.

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