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Flippin’ Through Previews — May 2017

Flippin’ Through Previews — May 2017

Hey, it’s Travis here starting out the Previews post!  I don’t usually get in to do that. Anyway, I’m in black, Greg is in blue, my comics are in a giant stack, I should probably read some too.

Dark Horse:

Check out the full solicits here!

There’s another Moebius book on page 44, which is a “companion volume” to the World of Edena, which Dark Horse released a while ago. I haven’t read mine yet, but it sure it purty, so I’ll be getting this sucker.

Hard Boiled HC second edition (page 45) — the first one is something I’ve never read.  Oh, wait, now I see, it’s the second edition of this, not a new book, I misread the listing online.  I was wondering why there wasn’t a bigger deal made of it!  I did get the recolored Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, so I may need this as a companion piece.

Hard Boiled is a great comic. Although Miller’s insistence that he invented the phrase “hard-boiled” is a bit ridiculous.

So good … but beware the recoloring!

Page 54 brings us The Black Beetle: Kara Böcek in hardcover.  Since this was from Dark Horse Presents, I have it, but just haven ‘t read it yet.  Surprise!

It’s pretty good, although it ends kind of abruptly. I just wish Francavilla would do more Black Beetle comics. We shall see. Dark Horse Presents got cancelled, by the way. I love how in the last issue, about half of the stories don’t finish. Well planned, Dark Horse!

Huh, I noticed that it wasn’t listed this month, but I didn’t realize it got cancelled.  Hey, I was buying it, even if I wasn’t reading it!  Wonder if they’re retooling it again or what.

Yeah, that would be nice, especially, as I noted, they have a bunch of stories that didn’t finish!

We’ve got The End League offered in a library edition hardcover on page 55.  Was this book good enough for this dee-loox treatment, do you know?

No, I didn’t read it. Considering it’s by Rick Remender, it probably has a great first issue, a fairly decent second issue, and then it gradually slides into crapitude. That’s his m.o.!

On page 57 is a trade of Mister X: The Modern Age, is this new?  I like Mister X, and this is all the Dark Horse stuff, so I may go for this, although I have some of it.  Not sure what, though.

Yeah, I don’t know. It sounds like it’s a new collection, but I assume some of it has been collected before in shorter trades. Do some research, sir!

(Whines) But I don’t WANNNAAAAAA!

Dark Horse/DC: The Mask TP is on page 58 — probably some fun stuff here, with Grifter, Lobo, and the Joker involved.  Wasn’t there a Marshal Law/Mask crossover, or am I smooshing together Marshal Law/Pinhead and Pinhead/Mask?  (GCD says there was a ML/Mask x-over, I am not crazy.  About this.)

Hey, the Joker is actually laughing! Not cool, DC, not cool at all

Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact on page 60 sounds neat.  Post-alien invasion, a young girl and a shape-shifting alien posing as her dad have to fight back to save earth.

Word to the wise, The Once and Future Queen 5 on page 61 has been cancelled.  It’s going to trade after only 2 issues, which was the way I was going to buy it anyway.

I really don’t know why Dark Horse just doesn’t do single issues, especially of mini-series, just as digital and then release a print trade. That seems logical. Maybe there’s not enough incentive for the creators? I’m still waiting for a second trade of Resurrectionists, after all … But yeah, I wasn’t waiting for this trade anyway, so no skin off my butt!

From what I saw, they weren’t even doing digital of the remaining issues of this book, which is weird.  I guess there are still costs to doing digital comics (bandwidth/server space and such) that makes it unprofitable.

But digital is the future, maaaaannnnn!!!!

More Groo is always good, and on page 62 we get a new mini entitled Play of the Gods.  I’m in!

While I haven’t read past volume 1 (what a surprise!), I thought that the first volume was fantastic, and now Colder is collected in Omnibus TP form on page 65.  Highly recommended!

Colder is excellent. Even the series that Travis didn’t read because he’s a slacker! I might even get this!

It gives me a chance to re-show this cover, which is one of the best of the past decade or so

I think I have pretty much everything from the Buffy Season 8 Omnibus TP on page 69, but it’s tempting to have it all in one book.  Hmm.


The full solicits are here!

Man, here’s a Venture Bros. line I didn’t think I’d be able to use for anything, but on page 81, because Stjepan Sejic is drawing Aquaman, we’ve got “hot Dolphin!”.

Well, I mean, she looks more angry than hot, but sure.

I wanted to use the line, sir!  Plus, even if this particular image isn’t hot, I’m sure Sejic will have her looking hot elsewhere!

‘Grrrr! I refused to be defined by my looks! Damn you, Travis!’

So Catwoman is in both Batgirl and Batgirl and the Birds of Prey (pages 82-83)? Will anyone mention this in the story? Like Barbara says, “Hey, you were just helping me when I was alone, and now you’re back to help our team? What’s up with that?”

Welp, I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but Priest has had me intrigued by Deathstroke, for chrissakes!  And issue 21 has a Ryan Sook Justice League 1 homage cover, which is pretty cool on page 89.

I didn’t love the first trade, although it wasn’t bad, but this “new direction” sounds, I’m sorry, dumb. Yeah, the cover is pretty cool, but man, it sounds d-u-m.

I suppose I meant the direction Deathstroke has been taking in past months more than this particular story, because yeah, I admit it sounds dumb.

I will always love homages to that cover

BATMAN 66 MEETS THE LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #1!!! — I may have become overexcited when I heard about this.  Batman ’66, LOSH, the Allreds….it’s looking like Christmas in July!  I may even get this in singles!  (Oh crap, I didn’t realize it was just a one shot!  Hell yeah then!) (page 111)

Yawn. Wake me when the Legion is no longer involved. Ha! I’ll probably check this out, because why not?

Oh no you di-int!

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #28 — the Scooby gang…and Jonah Hex.  Holy crap! (page 120)

What’s annoying about Batman: Arkham – Clayface on page 129 is that there have been, what, four Clayfaces? I mean, the fourth is not really a Batman villain, but the first three are, so is this going to collect stories about all three of them? Come on, DC, what’s the scoop here?

Scoop of mud.  And clay.  HAHA!  I so funny!

On page 129 we get the first 12 issues in a collection of the Batgirl: Stephanie Brown title that Bryan Q. Miller wrote.  I have a certain amount of this series, so I probably don’t need this book, but it was a pretty good run.

I might get this, because I started buying this after these issues.

Also on 129 is the second volume collecting the Batman: Shadow of the Bat series from the early ’90s.  This one does have the Tally Man issues with Vince Giarrano art, and that was neat, as I recall.

It also has the final Breyfogle issue in the series. It’s too bad he didn’t stay on the book. Of course, it’s too bad DC didn’t figure out a way to keep him drawing Batman forever. FOREVER!!!!

“The next movement of the “Knightfall” saga is collected for the first time in its entirety!”  HAHAHAHA, they said “movement”!  So fitting for Batman: Knightfall, the second omnibus of which is on page 130.

On page 131 we have Wonder Girl: Adventures of a Teen Titan TP, which is probably fun, but several different versions, it seems.  Our old pal Buttler would probably go for this!

Also on 131 is Deadman by Kelley Jones: The Complete Collection TP.  Sweet, never read these, so this might be worth it (although I do have most of the Action Weekly issues).

I think I own all the Action Comics issues (I’ll have to check), but if you don’t own this, it’s pretty darned cool. Jones was born to draw certain characters, and Deadman is one of them. I think this was the first time I saw his art, and it blew me away. Extremely creepy. The stories aren’t bad, either.


On page 132 is Grayson: The Superspy Omnibus HC.  More than I’d spend, but this was a pretty good series.  Also, dat ass (not that you can see it on the cover shown here).

Yeah, that’s a bit pricey. Man, DC!

Also on 132 is the third volume of the Jim Aparo Legends of the Dark Knight collection.  This includes The Untold Legend of the Batman, which is fantastic, and this also has a lot of Brave and the Bold issues.  Hmm, I may consider this further….

I’m totally getting this. Can’t wait!

There was a great artistic lineup for the Harley’s Little Black Book miniseries, and I was interested, but at 30 bucks for a hardcover on page 133, I’ll be waiting for the trade.

Hmm, tempted by the Simon and Kirby Newsboy Legion HC 2 on page 136 (and volume 1 reoffered on page 144).  Tempted!

I probably should get the Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard-Travelin’ Heroz (page 136) and the All Star Section 8 (page 144) collections, huh?

Yes, yes you should.

Page 137 has two neat ones, with Super Powers by Baltazar and Franco collected, and Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Omnibus HC, with lots of cool Bernie Wrightson art.  Ooh!

I own the first Swamp Thing series in a nice hardcover, but this has the relaunched Marty Pasko run, which I’ve never read, so I might have to get this. 100 bucks is a bit dear, so I’ll have to think about it, but it’s still pretty keen.

Well, remember, the Pasko run had sales in the toilet, which is why a certain Beardy-face got to take over.  Mind you, that doesn’t mean they weren’t good stories, but from the wrap up issue 20 that Moore did before “The Anatomy Lesson”, I don’t think they looked particularly interesting, from what I recall.

Well, the Wildstorm Celebration of 25 Years HC on page 138 is probably where that Ellis/Hitch Authority story is supposed to appear first, THEN collected in the Absolute edition?  This is a bit too pricey at 30 bucks, but I can probably wait to get it cheap down the road.  Will they talk about how they fucked over Alan Moore by selling Wildstorm to DC and therefore the ABC stuff to DC?

Yeah, I’ll probably skip this. I’m sure there’s a chapter entitled “How to Fuck Over Alan Moore: A Primer.” That would be cool.

OK, I would definitely buy that.

American Way: Those Above and Those Below 1 of 6 is offered on page 140, so I see why they reprinted the original series.  I’ll probably wait for the trade of this, as I did like the original, what I read of it.

The Lost Boys trade is on page 143. I’m not getting this, but I thought I’d point it out because the movie was on a little bit ago and I called my daughter over to check out shirtless saxophone player. She said he was “fabulous,” but also that he was oily and needed a shower. Wisdom from the children!

I like that she calls ANYONE “fabulous”, actually!

“Fabulous” is one of her favorite words.

For the love of fuck, they say on page 148 that the Death of Superman epic “grabbed headlines in 1993”.  Except for the fact that it came out in 1992.  Hence the figures coming out now, THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE STORY!!!

Hey, the people at DC can’t do math, man! They’re too busy making sure the spelling and grammar in their books is stellar … oh, wait, never mind.



Where are the solicits? Here!

OOOH!  TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo crossover on page 154!  Instant buy for me!  Stan Sakai is so good, and super nice!

Very cool, the complete Saucer Country is collected in trade on page 170.  This is good stuff, and quite a deal at 14 issues for 30 bucks!

On page 172, we get Dread Gods #1, which is from Ron Marz, Tom Raney, and Bart Sears. Gods in a fantasy world discover they’re actually monsters in a post-apocalyptic world. Sounds perfectly cromulent, although I will wait until the trade comes out to decide if I should get this. Marz seems to do better on his creator-owned stuff, and I’m while I’m not sure how Raney and Sears will split the art, I like both of them, so the book should look neat.

Hmm, I guess I didn’t read the solicit very closely, because I didn’t pick up on that stuff.  Sounds more interesting than I thought, but I too will trade wait.

That seems a bit cumbersome, but the extra arm probably helps when he needs some … you know … alone time …

Comic Book History of Comics: Birth of a Medium is collected on page 174 in color.  I better get this this time, huh?  I assume the new pages that were variant covers will be included as well.  I have to find Action Philosophers, too!

Time and Vine 1 on page 175 is a new one from Thom Zahler, who’s quite good.  Neat, drink wine and time travel to the year it was bottled. This should be interesting.  I just don’t get variant covers by the same artist, though.  Just have a cover for the next issue!

Yeah, I like Zahler’s work. Of course, I’m waiting for a trade of this!

The Night Owl Society mini is offered on page 176.  Yipes, this was just a 3 issue series, and it’s an 18 dollar trade.  Guess I should have gone for the singles if I was interested enough!

I saw the first (I think?) issue of this in the store the other day, and it looked fine. But the issue didn’t seem to be bigger than normal, so yeah, 18 bucks for 3 issues is cray-cray. Damn it, IDW!

Sh*t My President Says: The Illustrated Tweets of Donald J. Trump is by Too Much Coffee Man‘s Shannon Wheeler and on page 178.  Wheeler takes on low hanging fruit as he illustrates tweets of Donald Trump’s.  Too easy!  But probably fun.

Like some of our commenters, I’m a bit sick of Trump jokes. Believe me, the dude deserves it, but making fun of him will only entrench his followers more, and the fact that he’s actually trying to dismantle the country makes me think that we shouldn’t make fun of him, we should do everything in our power to make sure he accomplishes nothing and goes away as soon as possible.

Who doesn’t love jungle girls?  Well, people who dislike the colonialist undercurrents to a lot of the stories, I suppose.  But there’s a hardcover collection on page 180 called Jungle Girls from Yoe Books.

Yeah, I’m getting this. I’ve been trying to get as much Matt Baker as I can, so even if he only drew one story in this, it will be worth it!

Speaking of olde-tyme stuff, The Art of the Pulps on page 182 sounds kind of interesting. I’m not a huge fan of art books, but I might pony up for this one.

She seems awfully … excited to see that … rocket

A Story of Men is offered on page 182.  It’s about time, dammit!  Actually, this sounds interesting, with a band reuniting years later to figure out why they fell apart.

Alain Dodier’s Jerome K. Jerome Bloche series on page 183 sounds neat. Dodier is a good artist, and I loves me some detective fiction, so I might have to pick this one up.

Two good ones on page 184.  The first is Hap and Leonard: Savage Season.  Ooh, very cool.  Joe R. Lansdale’s Hap and Leonard books and stories are very good, so this should be nice as he’s done comics work before (although I’m not sure how involved he is with the adaptation).  It’s sort of southern noir, I suppose, where the two characters get into scrapes and have to solve things with violence, sometimes.  Good stuff.  The second is Sax Rohmer’s Dope.  Cool, the Fu Manchu creator, Trina Robbins, drugs and celebrity death — how can you miss?  I think this was first serialized in Eclipse Magazine back in the ’80s, and now It’s Alive is finally bringing it back into print.  I’m there, I think!  How crazy is it that Trina Robbins was the first female artist on Wonder Woman, when she didn’t do WW until the mid-80s?!?

Lansdale probably isn’t involved too much with the adaptation, but I suppose he could be (his name is only there because he wrote the original books). The television show is pretty good – I haven’t watched season 2 yet, but the first one was decent, and I wonder how closely this tracks to the show rather than the book.

So much drama!

Let it be noted that Jem and the Holograms: The Misfits mini is collected on page 186.  I haven’t read it yet, but I assume it’s great.  It sounds like it has a lot of the feels!

I read the first two issues, and issue #2 is tremendous. The first one was good, but the second was brilliant. For what that’s worth.

Page 189 has Walt Disney’s Christmas Classics in HC.  Sounds neat, different Disney movie characters in “save Christmas” plots.  The Disney artists were good, so this should be interesting.


It’s all the solicits you can stand!

On page 194, we’ve got Moonstruck 1.  Hey, that Cher movie is finally getting adapted to comics!  YES!  No, wait, this is about a werewolf barista.  Actually, that’s probably better.  I’m at least in for the trade!

Sacred Creatures on page 196 has supernatural conspiracies done by Pablo Raimondi and Klaus effin’ Janson!  Kewl!  I’m in, maybe even in singles for this one!  I love Janson.

Yes, but do you love Janson the writer? AH HA, Pelkie!!!!! Anyway, I like Raimondi, so I’ll have to think about the trade when this shows up.

Damn, you got me!

I need to get me a chair like that

Well, with Generation Gone 1 on page 198, Ales Kot is back.  Do I like his stuff enough to give this a chance?  Probably just in trade, if that!

Yeah, I’ve cooled a bit on Kot, and I wasn’t even that big a fan to begin with. But yeah, I’ll think about the trade.

BLOODSTRIKE #1 on page 201 — OK, my unholy love of early Image is not enough to include this.  Remastered?  Emphasis on the “turd”!  HAHAHAHA that is a read out loud joke for you!

Speaking of which, Youngblood #1 came out this past week. Man, that looked terrible. I mean, I’m sure the story is nothing special, but the art was lousy. Do we really need these comics in our lives? Come on, Liefeld, at least you used to create crappy characters at an almost Kirby-like rate! Stop revisiting the past and just crank out some new crappy characters!

With By Chance or Providence on page 202, all I need to read is that this collects Becky Cloonan art and story.  I’m in.

I got this a few years ago, and it’s terrific. So there!

Cool stuff!

After being less than thrilled with God Hates Astronauts, I should be more cautious, but the premise, and the fact that Ryan Browne isn’t writing this enticed me enough to try the trade of Curse Words v1 on page 203.  Plus, it’s 10 bucks for 5 issues, and you can hardly go wrong with that, huh?  Also, talking koala.

Yeah, I like Browne’s art quite a bit, so I might jump in on this, because as long as Browne isn’t writing it, it might be good!

There is a collection of The Darkness crossovers with Batman and Superman on page 204, but why do I want this?  What is wrong with me?  I didn’t even know there was a crossover with Superman, so I must see it now.

I was intrigued by God Country, which is collected on page 205, as it sounded fun and the kids seem to like it, so I may give this a try.  A self contained story?  Perhaps!

There’s a deluxe HC of Low on page 207.  Did you read any of this?  Was it any good?  Were Heroes or Lodger better (HAHAHA a Bowie joke!)?

No, I didn’t read it. As you might recall, I’m very wary of Remender these days. A guy at the comic store said that it had a very good first issue (not surprising with Remender), a not great second and third issue, but it recovered in the fourth issue to make him interested again. I haven’t seen him in a while, so I don’t know if he kept up with it, but there you have it.

I didn’t particularly like Black Science, but I did think Deadly Class was pretty good, at least, if we’re talking Remender.

Head’s up for Tom, as pages 208 and 209 has Mage on it!  The Hero Denied 0 is a teaser issue intro to the new series, and The Hero Discovered collects the early stuff, I believe.  Now Tom can just be disappointed that Miracleman isn’t coming out!

I own The Hero Discovered, but I wasn’t too thrilled by it. I might have to get this new version and follow through on getting the rest just to see how I feel about it.

On page 210 we get a special HC of The Other Side.  Ooh, this is the debut Jason Aaron mini, with great Cameron Stewart art (a redundant adjective, I know!), in HC for the first (?) time.  I got the trade of this from Will Dennis, I believe, the editor that recognized how good Aaron could be.  Neat that yet another former Vertigo book has gone to Image.  This is a really interesting look at both sides of the war.

It was okay. Great art, okay story.

I still have to read volume one of Horizon, but v2 is offered on page 222.  I know you liked the first issues, has it kept up the quality?

I’ve only read issues #7 and 8, but yeah, those were good issues. I’ll get around to reading the rest of the arc eventually!

Well, Shutter concludes with issue 30 on page 233.  I liked the first trade but didn’t get anything further for some reason, perhaps I’ll catch up when the last trade is offered.

Well, I didn’t like the first arc, so I didn’t keep buying it. I reached the end of the first arc and asked, “What is this book about?” That’s never good. So we have opposite opinions about this. Let the invective fly!

Hmm, actually, now that you mention it, undoubtedly that was in the back of my mind when I didn’t order further volumes, because if you quizzed me, I couldn’t tell you what the first arc was about.  I think it looked purty, though.

And Sons of the Devil ends with issue 14 on page 234.  A guy named Travis is involved with Satanists.  Um…no comment.


Go here for the full solicits!

So Astonishing X-Men on page 24 sounds like, if I were going to read an X-book, the X-book I would read, mainly because both Psylocke and Rogue are in it (if Dazzler joined them, I’d be all over this). But it cracks me up – the solicit tries very hard not to give away the bad guy, yet down at the bottom of the page, the Dale Keown “villain variant” shows … the Shadow King. Really, Marvel? I mean, I don’t care about spoilers very much, and the Shadow King is one of my favorite X-villains, but it’s pretty hilarious when you’re obviously trying to hide the identity of the villain in the solicitation text but give it away on the same page. Well done, Marvel!

On the other hand, their variant covers have been less than good at connecting the variant to the comic book it’s on, so it’s just as possible that it’s a swerve.  However, everything else I’ve read points to Shadow King anyway.

Hey, our pal Kelly Thompson is co-writing the fifth issue of America on page 61.  I was already thinking of getting the trade of this, so I’ll consider it more when it gets solicited.

In the latest issue of Hawkeye, Kate thinks about America, so I guess Kelly was stealthily setting this up!

She am smart.

This will probably get cancelled soon, but don’t blame Kelly!

Really, they’re soliciting X-Men Gold and Blue trades as “specially priced” when they’re 16 bucks for 6 issues?  That’s not that much of a special price, Marvel!  (pages 104-105)

Well, considering they’d be 24 dollars to buy in singles, it certainly is. But the trades of these if they weren’t “specially priced” would probably by 20 bucks, so while it’s nice, it’s not too big a deal. Of course, they’re probably crap anyway, so why pay anything?

I don’t know if this Man-Thing by RL Stine v1 on page 109 is going to be any good, but I was waiting for the trade.  It could be ok, so I’ll consider it.  And if this is v1, is more coming?

I assume you’re looking on-line, because the print version doesn’t have “volume 1” anywhere near it, so I assume this is a standalone book.

(Checks book.  Facepalms.  D’ohs as well.  Why didn’t I read it before I typed this?)

Another “specially priced volume” with The Unstoppable Wasp v1 on page 114.  I’m interested in this for the Elsa Charretier art.  Sounded sort of interesting anyway, so it’s a maybe.

Yeah, I’m getting this solely for the art.

I was interested in this Bullseye: The Colombian Connection mini because Ed Brisson wrote it.  So I may look at this trade on page 116.

Two interesting Punisher volumes on pages 122-123 (I know, right?).  The crossover with Doctor Strange, Magic Bullets sounded like it’s so goofy it might work.  And the Deadpool vs Punisher trade has Fred Van Lente and Pere Perez, so it could be fun.

I don’t like the fact that a four-issue series (“Magic Bullets”) has three different pencilers, but I might give that a look.

I looked at Alan Davis’s beautiful art in Guardians of the Galaxy: Mother Entropy this week, so even though I have very little interest in the characters, a story written by Jim Starlin and drawn by Davis (the trade is on page 125), piques my interest.

Why are Jim Starlin and Alan Davis toiling away on something like this?

I heard good things about this Sif: Journey Into Mystery run, but I think I have some of this, so I probably don’t need the trade on page 131.  I’ll have to see what’s going on with those and see how it was.

It’s really, really good. Just read it, doofus!

Let’s take a look at the back of the book!

Action Lab has a couple interesting ones on page 258.  Amerikarate TP 1 sounded goofy and fun, so that’s a maybe.  And our pal Nick Marino’s Cougar and Cub (with Rosie Knight and Daniel Arruda Massa, of course) is collected in a trade, which is nice since they didn’t put it all out in single issues.  I’ll be getting this, since I liked the first issue (and thanks to Nick for sending that to me!)

I’ll probably get Cougar and Cub, mainly based on what you wrote about it. Sounds fun.

I…I influenced you?  I feel so good now!

Adaptive Books gives us the Hype GN on page 263, where Palmiotti and Gray give us a comic about a military super soldier whose powers only work 45 minutes a day.  Sounds like it could be interesting.

Aftershock gives us Unholy Grail by Cullen Bunn and Mirko Colak on page 264.  They did Conan together, right?  Anyway, sounds like an interesting dark take on the King Arthur mythos, which should be fun.

No, Colak wasn’t (isn’t?) the artist for Bunn’s Conan. You’re right, though – this sounds pretty keen.

Huh.  I see they did work together on a story for a Sinestro Annual, and both did Conan, but not at the same time.  So I’m not totally crazy.

That dude looks unhappy

Ah, the second issues of the first batch of $1.50 books from Alterna are offered on page 272.  The first issues are coming out this week, and I should be posting about them soon.

K. Thor Jensen is an interesting creator, so I’ll probably get Cloud Stories on page 272 from Alternative Comics. I don’t know what Jensen has been doing for ten years, but I’m glad he’s back!

On page 274, we have Invisible Hands collected in trade from American Gothic Press. It’s apparently about scientists that try to decipher the plans of an evil corporation (natch) by draining sci-fi stories from a dude’s head.  Makes sense!

I never understand creators who don’t understand why people like them. On page 276, American Mythology has The Land That Time Forgot: Terror from the Earth’s Core, which might be fine and might not be fine. Whatever. It’s written but not drawn by Mike Wolfer, which is ridiculous. Wolfer is a mediocre writer but a really good artist, so why would he write something without drawing it? I get that it takes less time to write something and he can make some money, but I don’t get artists who begin to write and then decide they’re not going to draw anymore. Come on, people! If Wolfer were writing and drawing this, I might think about getting this. But I’ll skip it now.

I get you.  I don’t know that Wolfer isn’t doing any drawing any more, though, so it might just be that he’s writing this book while he does artwork for something else.  Hopefully.

I think he’s still drawing things, and I get that it takes a bit longer to draw stuff, but it still annoys me, damn it!

That outfit she’s wearing seems practical

Cool, Ty Templeton is writing All-New Classic Archie: Your Pal, Archie on page 288.

Aspen has Lola XOXO v2 1 on page 291, as well as offering the first volume again and a trade of Wasteland Madam.  This series sounded interesting, where a lady is searching for her parents in a post-apocalyptic world.  Did you read any of this?  How was it?

It was okay. Nice to look at, but nothing too special. I thought they had already started volume 2, though. Weird. The artist is taking over writing, so maybe the quality will be different.

Avatar features an art book on page 294 by Jacen Burrows, Dreadful Beauty: The Art of Providence. I’ll have to take a look at the Providence stuff and see if I want this.  Burrows seems pretty good, and Alan Moore likes him, so that’s something.

Burrows is very good, but of course, I’m not a fan of art books, as I noted earlier in this very post!

Black Mask has The Dregs collected on page 298, which is homeless meta noir.  Whatever that means.  It sounded interesting, at least, so I’ll consider it.

Big Planet/Retrofit has S**T AND P**S GN — Shut and Pies?  What?  I know I’ve heard of Tyler Landry but I can’t remember where. (page 300)

Landry has done two issues of Vile, a weird anthology series. They’re not bad. I’ll probably pick this up, because Landry has shown that he has a twisted imagination, and who doesn’t love that?

Hey! that’s what it stands for!

Anne Bonnie returns with issue 7 on page 302 from Blue Juice.  Oh, good, this series is back.  I liked the first few issues, it was quite good.  I’d recommend the trade relisted here!

Boom! has Jane, a retelling of Jane Eyre from the co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (which I ought to watch sometime), Aline Brosh McKenna (not the Hyperbole and a Half creator, I had to look up) and Ramón K. Pérez, who does great art, so this should be interesting.  (page 312)

Yeah, I’m definitely getting this.

She’s just chillin’

Apparently the part of Rowdy Roddy Piper will be played by Mike Myers on the incentive cover of WWE 7 on pate 316.

Well, that’s freaking me out.


Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from New York is offered in trade on page 316. I might have to pick this up.

I enjoy the Hero Squared and Planetary Brigade stuff from Giffen and DeMatteis, so I may get this Hero Squared Omnibus trade on page 317 which includes the whole shebang, once I see what I have.

This was enjoyable, although it felt unfinished. I don’t know if the sales were so bad that it killed their momentum, or if they lost interest in it, or what, but it started strong and seemed to peter out a bit. It’s too bad, because it was pretty funny.

Caliber has some interesting stuff on page 329.  The Ballad of Rory Hawkins GN, which, if I’m understanding this right, is essentially Charles Manson versus the Lone Ranger?  Um, ok, why not? Then there’s the Raven Chronicles v1, which is described as X-Files meets Mission: Impossible.  Sounds fun, one I’ll consider.  And then there’s a third volume of Velda Girl Detective already.  Jeez, I better read the first two!

Yeah, I should read the first two, as well. I have joined Pelkie on the Dark Side! Anyway, Autumn on page 328 sounds neat too. A young boy searches for a serial killer during the London Blitz. Groovy!

Agents of P.A.C.T. volume 1 is available on page 329 from Chapterhouse.   You know it’s good because P.A.C.T. is an acronym!  HA!  I’m interested, although Freelance sounded more interesting but unfortunately I had to drop that one off my list.

On page 330, Die Kitty Die! Hollywood or Bust! Summer Special interrupts the numbering of the latest DKD series.  I need to read this stuff!

I finally got the fourth and final issue of the first mini-series, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Probably this weekend!

Before I could stop it, the thought that begins with ‘They’re really mil …” jumped into my head, and for that I really, really apologize!

Also on 330, Spirit Leaves volume 1 is collected, and this one sounded good, with animal shamans and stuff.  Art looked good from what I saw too.  Highly under consideration!

Continuity has a Bucky O’Hare Graphic Novel Coloring Book on page 332. I don’t really want to get this, because I don’t think this coloring book trend is something to indulge, but I’ve seen some of this, and it looks so good and I don’t know if it will ever get a nice printing, so this might be my only chance to own it!

Yeah, it is Michael Golden art, right?  That makes it worthy of getting, perhaps.  I’m more surprised that Continuity is putting ANYTHING out.

It’s Golden, yes. And Continuity is still in business, so while it’s surprising that they’re putting a comic out, it’s not the craziest thing in the world.

I wasn’t aware they were still around, which is what surprised me!

I like Colton Worley’s art, but I’m not sure if his dark, noir-infused style is really right for the new Bettie Page comic that Dynamite is hawking on page 334. But hey, Dynamite is publishing a Bettie Page comic!

Hey, I thought I already talked about Velda Girl Detective?!  HA!  This sounds like fun, with Bettie Page getting involved with noir crime, so I may get the trade.  I’m not sure Worley is the right one for this either, but it should be fun anyway.

Terry Dodson would be a fine choice for the artist, but I do love how Bettie is wearing clothing in this homage when in the original, Betty is nekkid

I actually have the Centipede mini-comic offered on page 337.  It’s not bad, and apparently the dude from the Cure was involved.

Hoo hah!  Green Hornet ’66 Meets the Spirit!!!  Getting this in trade, then!  So, since Green Hornet ’66 met Batman ’66, can Batman ’66 meet the Spirit next?  Ooh! (page 338)

Page 359, from Digital Manga Distribution, No Panties, No Problem v1.  No further comment, your honor.

Yeah, I saw that. I figured you’d bring it up!

Stop knowing me so well!

My comics store never got Terms and Conditions, which burns my biscuits, I tell you that much, so I’m glad it’s re-offered on page 361 from Drawn & Quarterly. Come on, Diamond, send it out to Mesa this time around!

Epicenter Comics has the Tex: Patagonia HC offered on page 365.  They offered a color preview for FCBD that I liked (spoiler for my post on FCBD!).  It’s a Western about a dude having to bring native tribes together, I suppose.

Hmmm, that sounds pretty neat. I might have to get that.

There’s a new (?) book from Jacques Tardi on page 366 from Fantagraphics: Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge, which is an adaptation of a French crime novel, this first of four that Tardi adapted. I put a question mark there because who knows how old this is – I could look, but I ain’t gonna. Anyway, Tardi is always a treat, and now that he seems to have gotten his obsession with World War I out of his system, it will be nice to see him doing some good noir stuff!

Who doesn’t love pipe-smoking?

My Pretty Vampire on the same page is a “sexy, sophisticated horror romp”, so that sounds fun!

Another book I never got at my store is My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, which gets a new printing on page 367. They had even sold out at the Fantagraphics booth at ECCC, so I guess it’s pretty popular. I’m still peeved I never got the first copy, so I better get this one!

I know Diamond has its problems, but after awhile, I have to wonder how much of the problems are from your store, man!

I still think it’s Diamond. I mean, I’d believe that my retailer wasn’t ordering stuff for me if it were just the weird stuff I get, but during this whole “Batman and Flash investigate a stupid button” storyline, Diamond has been shorting my guy of the lenticular covers, which sell pretty well. So they’re screwing him around on the big stuff as well as the small stuff, so I’m fairly confident it’s them.

So they just hate your store, then.  OK!

Speaking of French comics, G13 offers Alone by Christophe Chabouté on page 374. This is a story of a dude living in a lighthouse for 50 years whom no one ever sees, and the one dude who tries to figure out what the heck he is doing. Chabouté is a tremendous artist, and this sounds really keen.

Jeez, will Reincarnate ever actually come out?  Heavy Metal resolicits this on page 380, and the last time it was offered was at least the second time it was offered.  Release this trade, guys!

Fingers crossed! Don’t let Travis down again, Heavy Metal!

Hermes Press has The Phantom: President Kennedy’s Mission, a new series set in 1962, as JFK calls on his pal the Phantom (why not?) to avert war with Russia. Boy, I hope he succeeds! I’ll probably wait for the trade with this, although the last time I did that with a Hermes Phantom series, the trade took something like three years to come out!

Yeah, I’ll wait on this one too, even though I passed on that other trade.  This sounds fun, and Ron Goulart does good pulpy stuff (page 380).

That’s a weird way to attack the bad guys

Keenspot offers Immortal #1 on page 384.  An immortal lady is a librarian in 1997.  Because sure.  I’m interested because I like Owen Gieni.  I wish Serusis had been completed!  I liked that one!

I like how it’s set in 1997, which seems weirdly specific. Why 1997, dang it?!?!?!?

Because of all the cool stuff that happened in 1997, like…ok, the only thing I can think of is that I graduated high school and started college that year.  And Princess Di and John Denver died in the fall.  But nothing else happened that year!

On page 390, Lion Forge has another one of their “Catalyst Prime” titles, this time with Superb, in which a superhero has Down Syndrome. I’ll probably wait for the trade with this (the art looks really good), and I’m curious to see how they will write him. They write that they’re collaborating with the National Down Syndrome Society to portray the kid accurately, which is interesting. Good for them!

Yeah, it sounds like they’re doing some good stuff with the Catalyst Prime stuff, and you’re right, this art looks fantastic.

You were wondering last month about Jazz Maynard, and here it is on page 393 with issue #2 of 6. I hope that answers your question about whether this is a one-shot or not!

Yeah, apparently “single-issue series” are just, you know, how almost all comics have been coming out prior to now!  Jeez, I thought it meant something else.  I saw this second issue online before I had to order last month, so that got dropped.  We’ll see if I get an eventual trade.

On page 394, they’ve got Cloudia & Rex #1, written by Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas and art by Daniel Irizarri, which is a good team, and it’s a fantasy series where a young girl gets powers of the gods, but that doesn’t help her with grieving for her father.  3 issues, so I may go for the singles!

That’s a cool cover

You liked NBM‘s Persia Blues, right?  The two volumes are in a set for just 20 bucks, so I may go for this one on page 399.

I saw that. Yes, the first two volumes were pretty good. I’m just wondering if the third one will come out!

Fuck yeah, new Gumby comics from Papercutz on page 408, including some by Kyle Baker!

Yes, but A. it appears Baker is only writing stories; and B. Baker is overrated. Yeah, I said it!


You read it correctly! Come at me, bro!

So The Only Living Boy is offered on page 409, with the latest volume, the fifth, most prominent, and others reoffered.  When v4 was offered, I passed on it, since I bought but hadn’t read the first 3 volumes.  I figured that since they offered the prior volumes each time, I could catch up.  So guess which volume they DON’T have this time…

From Super Genius, which I think is an imprint of Papercutz, we have The Wendy Project on page 410.  Hmm, a take on Peter Pan that sounds interesting, as Wendy may be going crazy or may be creating a portal to Neverland.  Veronica Fish is pretty good, so I’ll consider this.

I saw that and it does sound neat, but it was hard to tell if it was a story or just a bunch of pin-up drawings. You’ll notice there’s no writer listed, so I’m unsure.

There’s a new Harry Absalom story from Rebellion/2000AD on page 411 called Under a False Flag. I liked the one trade with this character that I own, so I’ll probably get this. He enforces a treaty made between England and Hell in the 16th century! Nothing can go wrong with that, right?

That does sound fun.  Also on page 411 is the Leopard of Lime Street, described as the British Spider-Man.  Wasn’t he in Zenith?

Yeah, like I’ve had time to read Zenith yet! You’re not the only one with a full and vibrant life, you know!

Page 412, I turn and see from Red AnvilWar of the Independents 4.  Holy fucking shit!  It’s actually coming back?  The third issue of this came out…shit, May of 2012, according to the GCD!  Also, I never got issue 2, so I need to find that sometime.  This series brings together the coolest indie superheroes and other type characters around, including Cerebus, so you know what the main highlight of my column at AMOC is going to be this month!

Well, this looks fun

Page 413 has an interesting sounding one from Scout ComicsHeavenly Blues 1 features a Depression-era conman and a girl from the Salem Witch Trial era who have a chance to escape hell together.  Sounds intriguing, so I’ll highly consider it.

Seven Seas has one on page 414 called Don’t Meddle With My Daughter, which is a manga where a mother-daughter superhero duo fight crime.  Could be fun, and it’s only 3 volumes.

Nick Bertozzi adapts Pearl Buck’s novel The Good Earth for Simon & Schuster on page 416. Bertozzi is good at historical fiction, and his art is always cool to see, so I’ll be getting this!

I get all perturbed when companies use the fact that their comics are being turned into movies to sell the comic, as Titan is doing on page 424 with The Death of Stalin, but this sounds like a neat-o comic, so I still might fall for their advertising strategy? Damn it, me! Plus, Andrea Riseborough is in the movie, and that’s something I whole-heartedly endorse.

I too dislike the idea of pushing movie adaptation as the end-goal of a comic, but this one does sound neat.  Also, insert pun equating the “rise” part of her name with erections here.  (Hey, make your own jokes, I’m tired!)

SPOILER ALERT: Stalin dies

Well, if you ever wanted to read a Mycroft Holmes story written by ex-NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, you can on page 434 when Mycroft Holmes and the Apocalypse Handbook gets collected. I’ve heard that Abdul-Jabbar’s novels are pretty good, so I might pick this up.

I believe our pal Hatcher was less than impressed with this version of Mycroft.  So take that as you will!

Damn, I really want to get The Book of Ballads Original Art Edition on page 436, as it features English, Irish, and Scottish (poor Wales!) folk tales drawn by Charles Vess. Holy crap, I bet this entire thing is amazing as the sample pages on the page. There is no price listed, however, which scares the crap out of me. What to do?!?!?

Somewhere I have one of the issues of this book, which Vess self-published in the late ’90s, early 00’s, as I recall.  Perhaps they’ll collect that series in toto somewhere down the line and you can get it that way?  Because I’ll get that book too!  By the way, according to the Previews site, this is 75 bucks, which really isn’t bad considering.  And all the Welsh folk tales have too many consonants for anyone to understand what’s being said!

Man, you did the Welsh at your own peril. YOUR OWN PERIL!!!!!!!

Page 444 has the TwoMorrows lineup of stuff, and as usual it’s great.  I’m going to pimp for our pal John first, as his articles about Batman: The Animated Series comprise the majority of Back Issue! 99 (and I would have highlighted that even if he hadn’t taken the time to get me Gerhard’s signature!).  Jack Kirby Collector 72 features fights, as well as an interview with Scott McCloud about his Destroy! comic, which I need to find sometime.  Kirby 100 is a big book celebrating the King’s 100th birthday.  All sorts of awesome!

Hey, look, Travis, Heathen is offered on page 456 from Vault Comics! Do you have anything to say about that?

I’m both offended and delighted that you know me so well.  This is finally coming out from ANY company in trade, after Heavy Metal and something else had it for a bit.  I’ll be getting this, as it looked great and sounded good, with Vikings and mystical stuff.  And lesbians, I can’t deny that plays a role!  I’m an awful human being!

Also from Vault is Failsafe 4, which, if it comes out, will go further than the original version’s releases did and I can finally learn what was supposed to happen with Insurgent!  Yay!

Also from Vault is Zojaqan 1, where a grieving mother awakens on a primordial world, and can shape that planet’s destiny, and it’s compared to Slaughterhouse-Five.  I’m intrigued!

That does sound neat. Of course, I will wait for the trade on all of these, if I decide to get them!

On page 469 from Youneek Studios is Malika Warrior Queen v1.  Which has action and adventure, African history, a strong female lead character, so it sounds like it should be interesting.  There was a FCBD special of this, but as of this writing, I haven’t read it yet.  Look for my FCBD review post soon!

She looks tough

Page 471 from Zenescope offers Black Flag 1 of 6.  Um, does Greg Ginn know about this?  Or Dan Fraga, for that matter?

Everyone’s eyes just glazed over, old man!

Without further comment, on page 476, Redheads by Raffaele Marinetti SC.  I can feel the judging eyes!

On page 478 there’s a new expanded (and cheaper, it says) version of Mark Evanier’s Kirby: King of Comics, so I will be considering this, as I like Kirby and I like Evanier’s writing.

I’ll skip this, as I got it years ago and don’t want to spend money on it again, even with extra stuff. But it’s well worth it!

Page 492 has The Creeps 11.  I got #10 just a bit ago but haven’t gotten a chance to look through it, so if I do, I’ll post something about it soon.  HAHAHA, of course I won’t get to it!

So on page 555, all of the Marvel “Wood Warriors” are dudes.  And 8 inches.  I’ll stop there, because someone is obviously compensating for something.

At least we know why he’s smiling! (I’ll see myself out.)

OK, on page 559, they have little baseball stadium building sets, but they have no distinguishing characteristics for each field.  The Cubs one doesn’t have brick walls and ivy, the Red Sox doesn’t have a Green Monster.  What’s the point?

That is weird. They just have the logo on them, but nothing else interesting. I mean, even if they were accurate mini versions, this would still be pointless, but at least it would be a bit more fun.

That’s all we have this month! We don’t try to be late, but sometimes life just gets in the way, so we apologize. Let’s all take some time to check out Previews and see what’s what. You’ll never know what you’ll find!


  1. tomfitz1

    You know, I am disappointed that Miracleman book 5 still hasn’t been released yet, but after seeing the first two episodes of AMERICAN GODS ….

    WoW. This is a series that might make you forget GOT and fondly remember HANNIBAL.

    Lots of nekkid women, for TP’s sake!!!


    1. Greg Burgas

      Tom: That’s good to know about American Gods (well, the quality, not necessarily the nekkidness, although that’s not a detriment in any way …). I’m going to binge watch it when the season is over, but I’ve been reading good things about it, so I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Louis Bright-Raven


    Getting the Moebius book to go along with my Edena. (Which I also have but haven’t gotten around to reading yet, Greg – we both must be saving it for a particularly rainy day, I guess? Damn have YOU got a long wait, out there in AZ.)

    Still getting Black Hammer (#11 is solicited), although not sure how much longer.

    I believe I also ordered Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact (page 60).

    RE: ONCE & FUTURE QUEEN, or other series when publishers decide to cut the series and go straight to the trade… part of it is a fiscal decision, and part of it, especially with creator owned content, is personal decision. If a title isn’t making us the money on singles, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s format is digital or print. If that means cutting the chap-fic version and going straight to the trade paperback because it ultimately saves the publisher and the creators money, and the story is still ultimately released to the audience, then that’s the best decision to make. It does ‘burn’ the retailers and fans who supported the series in singles, though, and that’s regrettable.

    I guess I still ordered BPRD: THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (page 67) … but if the HELL ON EARTH story arc has finally concluded which it seems to have, I may cancel it. I’m pretty much done with the Mignolaverse at this point. HOE just took WAAAAAAAY too long in the telling and it really burned me out on the BPRD, and honestly, after 20 plus years of Hellboy and Friends, it’s time I moved on anyway. (And no, I’m not particularly interested in the new movie reboot they’re talking about, either.)

    RE: DHP — There have been no official plans to do anything further with DHP, according to Ron Randall, who has a Trekker story that I think just begins in the final issue, from what he commented on his FB page. Winning Eisners multiple years in a row doesn’t pay the bills, after all (you may have noticed DHP was not nominated for an Eisner for best anthology this year, also).


    Still getting CAVE CARSON (#10, page 122) – Not sure how much longer it will last.

    I thought about the Jim Aparo Batman Volume, but since it’s Vol. 3 and I don’t have the first two volumes and it’s fifty bucks, ultimately I passed.

    Never saw the original American Way series, so I ended up passing over the new mini. But it does sound intriguing, I’ll give them that.


    I passed on TMNT / USAGI YOJIMBO. Mainly because I’ve just lost all interest in the Turtles and don’t care. I’ll be fine without it, most likely. Maybe I’ll flip through it if my store orders it for the shelves, but TMNT and Usagi aren’t big sellers at my store, and I doubt I’ll trek the 20-25 miles to the store I know will have it in just to check it out.

    I’ll be getting my last issue of ROM (#10) next week, so no more of that stuff. The story arc ends and I’m kinda non-plussed about it, so time to cut.

    Couldn’t possibly care less about anything to do with Trump (be it MAD or Shannon Wheeler).

    Might have ordered SPACEBAT & THE FUGITIVES BOOK ONE: TACOS AT THE END OF THE WORLD (page 179), – my catalog has a “?” by it, but not a check mark, so I might have passed.


    I believe I ordered the Becky Cloonan book BY CHANCE OR PROVIDENCE , but I don’t actually remember and I already turned in my order form so I can’t recheck at the moment. (Another “?” book but no Checkmark)

    Getting MAGE: THE HERO DENIED #0 (page 208).

    Getting BLACK SCIENCE Vol. 6. I’m actually behind on reading the trades (currently only read the first 3) and it’s been so long since I read the series I’ll probably just start at the beginning. This may be my last volume.

    Stopped getting HORIZON – the story is just taking way too long to develop, for my tastes.

    I may have gotten SEVEN TO ETERNITY #8 (another “?”) – I *think* I planned to quit at #7, but I dunno. I’m sort of indifferent to it, which is why I’ve been thinking of quitting.

    Indie Land …


    WORLD READER #4 I ordered (#1 was interesting, #2 comes out next week).


    Ordered the #2s of the $1.50 line, which I got last week. Amazing Age isn’t my thing (not particularly unique in story and the art doesn’t really grab me), Adam Wreck has a nice little indie type vibe. Croak printed too dark and I think it hurt the look of the book. Lilith Dark I haven’t gotten around to reading yet. I’ll still get the entire minis for each title (yes, even Amazing Age, because the colorist Christine Brunson is a friend of mine and for $1.50 an issue, I can afford to help support her.) People are really interested to see how well this works, and I hope people do buy them, because if it does work, you’re going to see other companies do the same thing with stronger content in the future. So keep in mind that if it’s not your thing, it might be worth the investment to help ‘prime the pump’ in order to get better stuff at that price down the road.

    451 MEDIA GROUP:

    Getting Red Dog #5 and Stained #3 by this company. Been reading Red Dog for 3 or 4 issues now. It’s a nice story by Rob Cohen. Stained just came out with #1 last week and I haven’t had a chance to look at it. (pages 367-69)

    TITAN BOOKS: I was really interested in ROBOTECH until I saw Brian Wood was writing it. *Sad face* Bummed out now. Had to pass.

    HERMES PRESS: I don’t remember if I ordered the Bernie Wrightson book or not. $60.00 is steep, but given that Bernie’s gone and these are some of the last ‘new’ things we’re going to see of him, I may have ordered it. If I did, I’m sure it’ll be cool. If not, well, I have lots and lots of Bernie stuff already.

    That seems to be what I noticed and got.

    1. Greg Burgas

      Louis: Yeah, I’m a bit behind on my comics. The school year is almost over, though, so I should have time to catch up!

      I haven’t quite burned out on the Mignolaverse, but I don’t get the comics that often, because I wait for the giant collections that Dark Horse puts out. So I get it in large but very spaced out chunks, which is not a bad way to go!

      The $50-price tag on the Jim Aparo book is daunting, but it has nothing to do with the first two volumes, I assume. The second didn’t have anything to do with the first, because it was mostly (all?) single-issue stories. Just so you know!

      I agree that Horizon is a bit slow, but I still dig it! 🙂

      1. Louis Bright-Raven

        Well, these days particularly with Dark Horse, I buy the singles because it tends to come out to less money in the long run than buying the collections, but I don’t read them for months on end as I wait for story arcs to conclude before I sit down and read them, so with this last BPRD Hell On Earth arc, they just took way, WAAAAAY too long telling that story – I know this is Mignola and Company’s shtick. The Plague of Frogs arc was nine years in the making to its conclusion, but the thing is, I wasn’t buying the books month after month, and they didn’t have a butt load of spinoff titles back then in the Mignolaverse (I ended up buying the trades for that stuff later on, because I had no access to comics shops during that period of time). Maybe because I was able to read them in trades in bulk, it didn’t hit me the same, I don’t know. But I’ve been getting the entirety of the Hell On Earth cycle as singles, and it took six years to complete, and I was a good 12-15 months behind on the reading when the story arc concluded in #147. I look back on it all and think, “Did this story really need six years and something like eighty issues to tell?” The answer (for me) is unequivocally no, it did not. I realize I got bored with it probably 2-3 years ago, which is probably why I stopped reading and fell behind, and I was just buying to have the completed story at some point. Now that I do, it’s time to say arrivederci. *shrugs* It is what it is.

        As for the Aparo Batman book… I think it more the price, but the fact that it said Vol. 3 didn’t help the cause, is all.

  3. Thanks for the plug, guys, but one small correction: My BTAS and Harley articles aren’t the majority of BACK ISSUE #99. BI is typically 84 pages long, and I’m guesstimating that my stuff will take up around 30 pages of the issue. So, a little less than half. 🙂

    And yeah, I’ve still got to send that stuff in the mail for you both…

  4. Jeff Nettleton

    Miller’s swiped so much from Mickey Spillane and James M Cain that he probably thinks he created Mike Hammer and wrote The Postman Always Rings Twice. Not quite sure what happened to him in recent years. he used to mostly talk sense. As for Hardboiled itself, if it hadn’t been for Geoff Darrow’s art that thing would be a hot mess. The story is overly convoluted and Darrow’s art is what kept me reading it, and waiting for the installments to finally show up. Big Guy and Rusty is more fun; but, Darrow slips all kinds of stuff into the art here that make it like a gonzo Where’s Waldo. Jesus Chrysler is still brilliant!

    I’ve got about 4 pulp art books (one themed, the others retrospectives) and you can’t go wrong with the artists of that era, though I do tend to see a lot of overlap in the examples shown.

    I’ve just been covering the Eclipse books at the Classic Comics Forum and just read through Trina Robbins adaptation of Sak Rohmer’s Dope. Good work, really captures the era and style well.

    Youngblood’s story is nothing special; what story? There was more story in the indicia of that comic!

    Man Roddy Piper should have starred in his own comic (fighting dinosaurs and aliens and other goofy stuff); but not anything that is connected to the generic junk that is the modern WWE. I liked Hot Rod so much better when he worked the territories and made movies like They Live. Am I crazy or wasn’t Eclipse or someone similar supposed to put out a comic adaptation of They Live, back in ’88?

    Tardi started adapting the Malet crime novels in 1981 and this is one of the first he did. I wanna say one or two of those were translated before; but, I couldn’t swear by it.

    Vess’ Book of Ballads and Sagas was excellent; such beautiful art!

    With Mage, I preferred The Hero Discovered to The Hero Defined. Wagner’s art took a while to really develop; but, I thought the story was tighter on that one. Defined rambled a bit, to me. I suspect some of that was due to the time lag and changes to approach, due to experiences on other work.

    1. Greg Burgas

      Jeff: Well, I love the writing on Hard-Boiled. It’s one of the last times you can tell Miller is writing satire, as opposed to the things he does now, where someone defends it by claiming he’s writing satire but it’s very unclear.

      I don’t know if Eclipse was thinking of doing a They Live comic. That would have been cool, though.

      I figured the Tardi stuff was old. I know he’s still working, but there’s so much that hasn’t been translated yet, so it just seems like Fantagraphics is just trying to catch up!

      1. Jeff Nettleton

        Tardi mixed in quite a bit of material over time. He started to make a name for himself in the early 70s, with the WW2 stuff; but, he also started the Adele Blanc-Sec stories in 1972. He has a four volume series about the Paris Commune, has adapted 3 novels by Louis-Ferdinand Celine (a controversial, but popular French writer and doctor), some verne, collaborated with Jean-Claude Forest (creator of Barbarella) and Pierre Christin. Fantagraphics has only scratched the surface, with the WW1 material and reprinting Adele Blanc-Sec (NBM previously published some of it and Dark Horse serialized a bit in Cheval Noir) and the Forest collaboration (Ici meme aka You are There).

        1. Greg Burgas

          Jeff: Yeah, I knew he had done a ton of stuff and that the translations were a tiny output, but I wasn’t totally sure how old this was!

  5. In re: The Wendy Project, while there is not a writer listed, on the cover of the book in the Previews listing, an “Osborne” is listed, and the solicit claims Melissa Jane Osborne is the cover artist, so presumably Ms. Osborne is the writer and/or an artist on the book.

    Also, even though the picture still lists it as Black Flag, the Zenescope book is now listed as Black Sable in the online catalog. Hope she doesn’t have a sister who prefers Silver….

  6. Hey, I’ve been invoked! I actually haven’t made up my mind about that Wonder Girl book. It looks like it may have the same problem as the Clayface book, lumping together three different Wonder Girls, which I’m not so wild about. And my Wonder Woman obsession doesn’t quite extend to reading everything Donna Troy’s done over the years, although I like Donna and have read a lot of it. And I have to admit, I just don’t care about Cassie.

    The Batman Arkham collections have been really good, by the way. I don’t own any of them because my local library has all of them, but they tend to be a really well chosen sampling from different eras, so I’ve been tempted to pick some of them up anyway (Riddler, Two-Face, maybe Poison Ivy–but honestly, I just read the Man-Bat one and it was great, even though I’m not into Man-Bat).

    The Sif run of Journey into Mystery was excellent. It’s really everything I’d want from a Wonder Woman comic, except it’s about Sif! I won’t be picking this up because I already have the separate trades being collected, but I highly recommend it.

    Same situation with the Stephanie Brown Batgirl–I have all that stuff already, though I wish I’d known they were reprinting it before I paid artificially inflated prices for the separate trades.

    Deadman and Aparo I’m picking up for sure. I have most of the stuff collected in singles, but I don’t care!

    I’m torn about the Mask crossover collection. I’ve been picking up all of those Dark Horse/DC trades because there’s some great stuff there, and I do like the Mask, but that’s a period where most of the DC “humor” stuff left me cold, and I don’t like Lobo or Grifter. So torn!

    I didn’t see the Darkness/Batman/Superman thing, because I don’t read Previews, but I did see that there’s a Darkness/Witchblade/Aliens/Predator trade coming out, and I was weirdly tempted by it even though I don’t give a crap about Witchblade or the Darkness. I got over it, though. Big Trouble/Escape from NY is too ridiculous to resist, even if I wouldn’t read either series individually.

    I said on Twitter last year that what I really wanted was an Allred Legion comic, so I take full credit for this one-shot. You’re welcome!

    Scooby-Doo Team-Up is one of my favorite comics, but will this Jonah Hex team-up be different from the recent Quickdraw McGraw team-up? You can bet I’ll see! I can’t trade-wait with that series. I just can’t.

    I’ll be getting the Phantom and Green Hornet/Spirit stuff in singles too, because I can’t wait with the pulp heroes. I gotta get my fix! Dynamite gets so much of my money lately, it’s ridiculous.

    Super Powers is really fun, but that’s one where I wish I had trade-waited.

    I’m super excited for that Misfits trade.

    I’ll be getting the Stine Man-Thing collection, because I love Man-Thing. I don’t know Stine and I’m dubious about this business of a wisecracking Man-Thing or whatever, but I’ll check it out.

    I’m leaning against Magic Bullets because I’m not into the Punisher, but I’ve been loving the current era of Dr. Strange. If Jason Aaron were in any way involved, I’d be gobbling it up. I love Van Lente, but Deadpool and Punisher is two strikes too many.

    Totally sold on Gumby. Kyle Baker can do (almost) no wrong, and I will be coming at you.

    I’ll be getting War of the Independents, obviously. I thought I had somehow missed #3, but no, I have it and just forgot about it.

  7. Oh.

    YAY! It’s him!

    I saved your comments from the ether, buttler. I think it’s because you commented so bigly (and good lord, that doesn’t get a red squiggly line!), the spam filter thought you were me at the old place, or something.

    Thank you for coming by finally!

    And thanks for that Allred Batman ’66/LOSH one shot, as I saw your The Twitter about that and I give you full credit for it!

    I believe that Witchblade/Aliens/Predator/Darkness thing has been out for awhile, actually, but it might be getting reprinted? I dunno.

    Yeah, I had to check to see how long ago War of the Independents 3 came out. Like, 6 friggin’ years ago.

    And I’ll hold Burgas down while you “instruct” him on how good Kyle Baker is. Heh.

    Don’t be a stranger!

    (And that goes for all of yas, too. We love all our commenters here. If you know T or Dean Hacker, point them our way too!)

  8. Simon


    > T: “Hey, it’s Travis here starting out the Previews post!”

    B-but, y-you’re a Pelkie! *Waaaugh*

    > G: “a ‘companion volume’ to the World of Edena”

    DH teared the 50-page Vol. 6 off the omnibus to use as OCD bait for a backpadded and overpriced mousetrap, heh.

    > “DC”


    > G: “Alain Dodier’s Jerome K. Jerome Bloche series”

    Not unlike Hickman being hired to start GOD IS DEAD for lesser hands to continue, it’s Makyo & Le Tendre who wrote the first volumes before Dodier & editorial cranked out more…

    * Sample 1 and 2!
    * 1980s product for kids 8–12!
    * Mediocre and boring!
    * Exclamation mark!
    * Overpriced but YMMV!

    (For an all-ages P.I., see GIL JORDAN: MURDER BY HIGH TIDE below!)

    > G: “Come on, Liefeld, […] just crank out some new crappy characters!”

    Wouldn’t you prefer for him to bankroll a new book like Brandon Graham’s PROPHET?

    > T: “By Chance or Providence”

    Note it’s only 70 story pages (for $15 on the order form, now $17 on the site), plus 50 pages of backpadding. Becky Cloonan joins the ranks of downloadable tricksters (such as Lucy Knisley and Lucy Bellwood, or Van Lente and Van Sciver), but YMMV!

    > T: “Curse Words v1”

    Unreviewed finale? Curse Soule, but YMMV! (In that vein, the unreviewed BLACK ROAD VOL. 1 shipped only half a story, haw!)

    > “Marvel”


    > G: “I’ll probably get Cloud Stories”

    Jensen’s RED EYE BLACK EYE (p. 274) was interesting, though did you read such autobio? Getting this one!

    * (10 pages) https://www.previewsworld.com/Catalog/MAY171061

    > T: “S**T AND P**S”

    What if Hans Rickheit and Al Columbia had their way with Moebius? Trying this!

    * http://claviclecocoris.tumblr.com/post/103593014313/shit-and-piss-tyler-landry-1st-of-4
    * http://claviclecocoris.tumblr.com/post/103664598248/shit-and-piss-tyler-landry-2nd-of-4
    * http://claviclecocoris.tumblr.com/post/103750856143/shit-and-piss-tyler-landry-3rd-of-4
    * http://claviclecocoris.tumblr.com/post/103838328038/shit-and-piss-tyler-landry-4th-of-4

    > T: “No Panties, No Problem v1”

    How did you miss NO PANTIES NO PROBLEM on p. 359? NO!!! FAIR!!!1!

    > G: “[TEX: PATAGONIA] sounds pretty neat”

    Its FCBD sampler felt earnest and cliché’ed, but YMMV!

    > G: “from Drawn & Quarterly”

    Plus the final chapter of Seth’s CLYDE FANS after 20 years, ALLEGEDLY on p. 360.

    > G: “Fog Over Tolbiac Bridge”

    If you loved Tardi’s THE BLOODY STREETS OF PARIS (1988, tr. 2003), you’ll like TOLBIAC (1982, tr. 1990). Mousetraps don’t deserve preorders, but YMMV!

    > G: “My Favorite Thing Is Monsters”

    Hidden PART 1 of 2, so expect an omnibus “with extra stories” (such as the FCBD 10-pager) down the road, but YMMV!

    > G: “Alone by Christophe Chabouté”

    The ad’s summary is as trusty as its mousetrap! First chapter: a misshapen man born on a lighthouse he never left, his parents dead when he was 35, this is about him now at 50.

    A good arthouse movie on paper. Just know it’s mostly told using 3 silent panels per page, literaly reads in 35 minutes, and doesn’t lend itself to rereading — so kinda pricey? (And 348 story pages, not “384”.) A nice graphic novella from the library, but YMMV!

    > G: “Why 1997, dang it?!?!?!?”

    Many stories seem set in the 1980s or 1990s because ubiquitous smartphones/Google/Facebook/etc. could ruin plot points. And the ad says, “more than two decades in the making”, so maybe it was scripted in 1997 and they didn’t feel like updating its original environment?

    > T: “Fuck yeah, new Gumby comics”

    Ray Fawkes and Kyle Baker now have to pimp themselves on GUMBY because fanfic readers hate comics, but is that really cause for celebration?

    > G: “[Kyle] Baker is overrated”

    Maybe his cartoony and work-for-hire stuff is, but did you read THE COWBOY WALLY SHOW and WHY I HATE SATURN?

    > T: “The Wendy Project”

    2015 digital comic, “Written by Melissa Jane Osborne, art by Veronica Fish”. And fear no more, Greg: samples and reviews are nice, and it seems on the same shelf as I KILL GIANTS? Gambling on it!

    * (6 pages) http://www.veronicafish.portfoliobox.me/the-wendy-project0
    * (3 pages/ish) https://www.comixology.com/The-Wendy-Project/comics-series/62429

    * https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/melissa-jane-osborne/the-wendy-project/
    * http://reviews.libraryjournal.com/2016/11/books/graphic-novels/graphic-novels-from-osborne-fish-radtke-and-various-spanish-cartoonists-xpress-reviews/
    * https://www.forewordreviews.com/reviews/the-wendy-project/
    * https://minimacreviews.wordpress.com/2017/05/10/early-review-the-wendy-project-by-melissa-jane-osborne-and-veronica-fish/

    > G: “Nick Bertozzi adapts Pearl Buck’s novel The Good Earth”

    Overpriced mousetrap? Reviews will tell if the softcover is worth it, but YMMV!

    > G: “The Death of Stalin”

    Overpriced hardcover for movie hipsters? A $15 reviewed softcover should follow, but YMMV!

    > T: “the Welsh folk tales have too many consonants”



    Now, before I slay you all, behold my master plan!

    — CORTO MALTESE: FABLE OF VENICE (p. 181, $20 @ IDW)

    Great standalone book, thought expensive. The magic-realist or dream-like half of Corto BEGINS HEAH!

    (Also, don’t be surprised if some art bits seem off, Greg. Pratt had a friend who had fallen on hard times, so around this book he hired him to draw mechanical parts such as planes, cars, guns, etc. In VENICE, he also let him try his hand at a few backgrounds. Guido Fuga’s pen style didn’t really mesh with Pratt’s brushes, but life and friendship were more important than work and art.)

    — BEHIND YOU by Brian Coldrick (p. 183, $16 @ IDW)

    Nice art. Not quite THE TRAGEDY SERIES or THE ADDAMS FAMILY, but YMMV!

    * (samples) http://briancoldrick.tumblr.com/tagged/patreon

    — WAR STORIES standalone VOL. 5 by Ennis & Aira (p. 295, ALLEGEDLY $20 @ Avatar)

    Fully reviewed… mousetrap? Mousetraps don’t deserve preorders, but YMMV!

    — TEN THOUSAND YEARS IN HELL by Tillieux (p. 367, ALLEGEDLY $20)

    Funniest GIL JORDAN book. The 12-panel grid would make the price right, except it can change. Mousetraps don’t deserve preorders, but you could ask your librarian or torrent!

    Still under the influence of anti-riot laughing gas, they’re put on trial and cause an auction-like sentencing of 10,000 years in a desert pen! Two 46-pagers of adventure and zany fun, not unlike TINTIN’s BROKEN EAR but with Maurice Tillieux’s Franquin-like art and iconoclastic streak. (Making it more at home alongside Tardi than at Cinebook.)

    — GIL JORDAN: MURDER BY HIGH TIDE is relisted sans mousetrap, though!

    A tidal causeway leading to an islet’s medieval fort. Someone drowned out there after a suspicious car problem, so Jordan’s hired to investigate! This 1958 classic is also among Tillieux’s bests, not unlike TINTIN’s BLACK ISLAND but hardboiled and fun.

    * (9 pages) http://www.fantagraphics.com/murderbyhightide/

    * (w/ pages) http://www.forcesofgeek.com/2011/09/gil-jordan-detective-murder-by-hig.html
    * (w/ pages) http://www.tcj.com/sammy-harkham-on-murder-by-high-tide-by-maurice-tillieux/
    * (w/ samples) http://fantagraphics.com/flog/editors-notes-kim-thompson-on-gil-jordan-2/


    1. Greg Burgas

      Simon: Yay, you’re back! Sorry it took so long to respond – it was a busy week!

      I’ve read Red Eye Black Eye. I reviewed it on the blog lo those many years ago (I’m not going to look for it!), and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

      No, I’ve never read the early Kyle Baker. I know I should, but I haven’t. Some day!

      I know that you worry about changes in the orders, but man, they happen so infrequently! Don’t fret so much! 🙂

      1. Simon

        Greg: COWBOY WALLY (hilarious mockumentary) and SATURN (kinda THELMA & LOUISE as a Woody Allen comedy) are masterpieces that didn’t sell to the tune of their acclaim, so Baker switched to more Hollywoodian fare. But they’re recently back in print from bookstores.

        Bait-n-switch may happen more than you notice, including Part 1s advertized as standalone GNs. Regardless, it’s a matter of principle and self-respect. If they can sets mousetraps, we can revoke their unearned preorder privilege. The second mouse gets the cheese.

        Googling [ site:cbr.com “RED EYE BLACK EYE” “Greg Burgas” ] found your review and best-of-2007. Interestingly, we both call it “interesting”, heh. It strikes me now that it could be seen as a nonfiction cousin to HEART IN A BOX.

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