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Humble Bundle Fundle

Humble Bundle Fundle

Hi folks, Travis here again with some fun Humble Bundle bundles of comics for you to check out and possibly pay to download.

SIP Humble Bundle
You too can draw like Terry Moore, more or less!

The first one is one I thought was done, but apparently people liked it enough for HB to continue the Bundle for another week. It’s the complete (I think) Terry Moore library, with 19 volumes of Strangers in Paradise (and 2 more of the XXV follow up series as well as the SIP Kids volume), all the volumes of Echo and Rachel Rising (6 and 7, but I forget which is which), the 2 volumes each of Motor Girl, Serial, and Five Years, the Ever self-contained GN, a couple of sketchbooks and the updated How to Draw like Terry Moore volume. This ends today at 2PM Eastern, so go over there right now if you’re interested, and sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner. $30 for all that Terry Moore goodness.

Speaking of comics that were once published by Image in the ‘90s, there’s the Image in the ‘90s bundle. The one to hook in the looky-loos is the first volume of Astro City, now back at Image, but the full $25 bundle includes so much more! You’re getting a bunch of Cyberforce (not sure how much), The Darkness (the first 41 issues, I guess), and Witchblade (the first 61 issues) from Top Cow, Shadowhawk from Valentino, which includes the whole story of the first SH that Valentino did, as well as the Gallery, Battle Chasers, which took about 20 years for 9 isssues, I think, as well as the first 102 issues of Savage Dragon (and the first mini) and the first 20 volumes of Spawn Origins, which probably takes you up to about issue 120 (but doesn’t include 10, the Cerebus issue). Now that I look at the weird numbers of issues you get, I’m wondering if they’re offering all of the issues of these books that were published while it was still the ‘90s.  At least the ongoings.  Anyway, if you too have turned from the loving face of God and want these comics, the Humble Bundle goes on for another week or so.

So ‘90s!
So EXTREME ‘90s without anything from Extreme Studios!

There are also Bundles of yaoi manga (if you’re into that thing) and a bundle of European sci-fi comics including Valerian volumes, but the last one requires you to sign up for a different digital file provider. I’m going to have to think about that one.

Anyway, I hope to return soon with a Kickstarter run down as well, as there are a lot of cool KS offerings and I actually have some cash to spend on them. A little, anyway.  I have to justify my KS addiction somehow!

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