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I know it’s black Friday but these ads will not help you find fabulous bargains

I know it’s black Friday but these ads will not help you find fabulous bargains

They are, after all, more than 50 years old. Still, this seemed like the day to do another post about the DC advertising I encounter in my Silver Age reread. In this case, from late 1967.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Blackhawks’ transformation into costumed superheroes was one of the all-time worst reboots. Still, this ad at least makes it look interesting.I bought that book, but even though it ended on a cliffhanger I didn’t pick up the next issue.

The ad below promoting the Spectre getting his own book looked a lot cooler. Not wanting to be haunted the rest of my life, I did pick it up. Unlike Blackhawk, I did stick with the series, even after they replaced Murphy Anderson on art with some awful hack named Neal Adams (yes, I know). I’ll be blogging about Spectre in more detail soon. I will not, however, be blogging about Teen Beat.

I never read this; I don’t even think I saw a copy in the UK. Somehow I never felt I was missing anything. As an adult, I’m certain I wasn’t; this looks like one of DC’s very bad efforts to come off hip. The guy with the signboards, for instance, looks more “beatnik” than “hippy.”

I didn’t buy the issue in the next ad but god, the ad made me want to. I’m guessing money was my problem, because not even the coolest add can put an extra 12 cents (or whatever the English equivalent was at the time) in your pocket. And yes, I’ll be blogging about Boston “Deadman” Brand in more detail too.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Don’t get trampled by crowds of shoppers — we need every fan we can get.


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