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Meet the Needers!

This is one for my old friend Joe.

Joe is a musician. He’s been in a bunch of different bands over the years, the most successful of which was a group called the Soulsations that had a fair-sized following when they were on the bar circuit. Here they are back in the day… Joe’s in the shades, there in the middle.

That was a while ago. When I asked him why he doesn’t play in bands any more, Joe made a face and said, “I got tired of being the nanny.”

Anyway. I tell you this mostly because I wanted to share this great running gag Joe used to have. One day, Joe always said, he was going to put together a cover band called the Needers and every song they played would be different…but every one would be titled “I Need You.”

“Here’s a rocker by the Jam, it’s called I Need You!”

“A classic from the Kinks…. I Need You!”

“Old enough to remember Beatlemania? We are! Here’s the Beatles… I Need You!”

“Another classic from the Rolling Stones… I Need You!”

“Here’s one for you younger folks… Dave Gahan’s I Need You!”

“Okay, we’re going to slow it down a little now with one from America: I Need You!”

“Where’s our Southern folks? This is for you– Skynyrd’s I Need You!”

To close it out, they’d reprise the Kinks Rezillos-style–

And the encore? Why, obviously, it’d have to be…



But probably not…

I daresay I missed a few; talk amongst yourselves. And if you’d like Joe to come out of retirement long enough to put together the Needers and do a gig, say so in the comments. Who knows? Maybe we can talk him into it.

Back next week with the promised Hard Case review and other cool stuff.


  1. Peter

    I’ve long thought about recording an EP that only consists of songs called “There She Goes (Again).” There’s of course the great song by The La’s, but Marshall Crenshaw and Richard Lloyd both have very good songs called “There She Goes Again,” and I’m sure I could find a few more or write one of my own to fill out a nice collection…

  2. Louis Bright-Raven

    I Need You – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds:


    I Need You – Leann Rimes:


    I Need You – Marc Anthony:


    Queen – Who Needs You?


    The Orwells – Who Needs You?


    ZZ Top – I Need You Tonight


    INXS – I Need You Tonight

  3. Le Messor

    I wonder if you could do one with The Power Of Love? I only know about three off the top of my head (Jennifer Rush, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and Huey Lewis and the News), but there must be more.

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