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Mermaids in Trenchcoats!: ‘Mega Princess’ 3 Reviewed

Mermaids in Trenchcoats Mega Princess 3
See! Mermaids in trenchcoats!

That’s right, mermaids in trenchcoats, (and if that wasn’t an intentional pun, it should have been!) right there in Mega Princess 3, the latest issue of our pal Kelly Thompson’s great creator owned comic.  With Brianne Drouhard on art, M. Victoria Robado on colors, and Warren Montgomery on lettering, of course, and edited by Sierra Hahn!

But first, you’ve got to watch this:

Does that not make you want a Mega Princess cartoon, like, right now?!

It doesn’t?


Anyway, for those of you with impeccable taste, let me tell you about issue 3.  There’s a change of pace with this issue.  The first 2 issues were nicely and quickly paced.  This issue slows things down to a certain degree, at least in the “moving the plot forward” sense.  Other than a quick look in at Princess Max’s parents, which gives us an infodump that other princes are being kidnapped across the lands, not just baby Bobs, we stick with Max and Justine underwater as mermaids, searching for Atlantis.  It’s an interesting choice in the middle of a mystery to spend a good amount of “real estate” on what appears, from the infodump, to be a dead end.

Now, it’s not a bad thing that the plot isn’t the main motor of this issue, because we get a lot of cute character moments.  Max dove before she looked, so she goes underwater without knowing if she can even breathe.  It’s a touching moment when Justine talks Max into trying to breathe underwater, reminding her that Justine is there for her.

Mermaids in Trenchcoats Mega Princess 3
So. Many. Feels!

Luckily, once she starts breathing underwater, Max gets a fishtail, becoming a mermaid, and is able to swim, and Justine gets sweet underwater armor.  However, Max has no real idea of where Atlantis is.  Oops.

Mermaids in Trenchcoats Mega Princess 3
It’s not THAT cute….

The duo try interviewing various underwater creatures in a delightful montage, but get no useable information, until the puffer fish Todd swims by.  He agrees to help, but he might be more of a detriment, as his puffer-ness…well, you’ll have to read it.

Mermaids in Trenchcoats Mega Princess 3
“They’re blue and they run really fast, right?”

Throw in a shark attack and some gruff mermaids that are Atlantean guards that give Max and Justine a less than warm (blooded — ha! I kill me!) welcome, as well as the amusing reason of why the particular Tiny Kingdom dude was sent to send a message to Max’s parents, and you’ve got another good issue of Mega Princess!

I’ve gone back and forth on this issue.  At first I wasn’t big on the fact that “nothing happens” in the issue, but then I read it again, and I enjoy that the plot wasn’t the driver behind this issue.  I mean, can I really complain about an issue with mermaids in trenchcoats?  No.  I cannot.

While Kelly’s script nicely showed the interactions between Max and Justine and the characters they meet, Brianne Drouhard really brings it, with her facial expressions doing a lot of great work.  The fear and concern on their faces when they first go underwater are expertly done.  Max’s delight at her lower half becoming a mermaid’s is outmatched only by a prideful pony face as Justine admires her armor transformation.

Mermaids in Trenchcoats Mega Princess 3

Todd’s delight at informing Max and Justine that puffer fish are the “hedgehogs of the sea” is an OD of adorable!  And the shark chase scene has a wealth of fantastic facial expression work.  Max’s pride at outsmarting the shark is great as well.

Mermaids in Trenchcoats Mega Princess 3
When I have these kind of dreams, I need to dream myself a sweet trenchcoat like this!

Robado’s colors really sell the vastness of the ocean, with a sort of steel gray blue color to the water, almost bruise-like.  We can feel the expanse of murk.  Then the change in background color during the shark attack is wonderful.

Montgomery does decent work with lettering.  I’m assuming that Drouhard does the lettering of things like Max’s head “shakes”, but I could be wrong.  If so, Montgomery is pulling that off wonderfully.  His work doesn’t distract us, at least, and for letterers, that may be as much complimenting as they receive!

Overall, this is a great miniseries that will make a fantastic gift to all the kids in your life once it’s collected, but you should probably pick up the individual issues in the meantime to ensure Boom! collects this.  C’mon, MERMAIDS IN TRENCHCOATS!

Mermaids in Trenchcoats Mega Princess 3
This may be my new go to image to end all debates.




  1. Le Messor

    I really enjoyed the issue, and never had the ‘nothing happens’ problem.

    “mermaids in trenchcoats, (and if that wasn’t an intentional pun, it should have been!)”
    Pun on what?

    “Anyway, for those of you with impeccable taste, let me tell you about issue 3.”
    Wouldn’t those with impeccable taste already know about it? 😉

    For bonus points, I’d seen at least one (maybe two) live spiky pufferfish about two weeks before I read the issue. 🙂 (Plus some stingrays, but they only cameoed in this issue. (Does anybody know how to spell ‘cameo’d’? Anybody?))

    Though – “*sigh* nobody ever listens when I talk.” – that character bugged me a little. It’s an axolotl, and I’m pretty sure they’re freshwater only.

    Still, only one minor nitpick, and we’ve moved the mystery along (as per my earlier post, and you’ve mentioned it here).

        1. “I can accept that a pony can talk and fly and has magical armor, but a freshwater fish in the ocean? That is a step too far!”

          j/k, Le Messor. We’ve had the suspension of disbelief argument here before, I don’t want to start that again! 🙂

  2. Simon

    I didn’t know the new Aquaman was a girl. Have Disney-Warner any male characters left? (…What do you mean, not that Atlantis??)

    But how come that fish has never seen a hedgehog, yet knows what a trenchcoat is? (…What do you mean, overthinking??)

    And Mariana Trench fun: You remember the 29-based symmetry of Mt. Everest being about 29,029 feet high? Well, the trench’s about 36,036 feet deep — or 6,006 fathoms! The exact value is boring and not clearly set, so “11 klicks” does it for men — or 2.75 leagues under the sea! (…What do you mean, Verne didn’t use them for depth??)

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