Celebrating the Unpopular Arts

Now that’s realism!

As I’ve said before, the Silver Age origin of the Teen Titans is sheer elegance in its simplicity: they realized teenagers sometimes needed superheroes in their corner so they formed a team. And made themselves easy to reach by short-wave radio or by letter.In that initial appearance they prove a teenager’s father hasn’t returned to his old supervillain ways as the Separated Man. Their second story has them clear a hip teen rock group (well, hip by the standards of the DC Universe) of using their stage gimmicks to steal. In Teen Titans #2 they help a girl prove that her boyfriend isn’t tied to the monster threatening her town. Teens call for help: the Titans deliver.

But #2 shows they also get other kinds of letters:As Kid Flash’s reaction shows, this is par for the course. In fairness, I imagine the Justice League gets a lot of letters like that too (“My girlfriend wouldn’t have dumped me if Sinestro or someone wasn’t mind-controlling her. Green Lantern,c an you help?”)

#SFWApro. Art by Bruno Premiani (top) and Nick Cardy.

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