OK, I May Have Overpraised ‘Saturday Night Live’

So I tried to get something real up earlier this week, honest, but then Saturday Night Live posted a whole bunch of sketches over the last couple weekends, and I had to watch them all.  In doing so, I found that I may have overpraised the show when I talked about it before.

For every amazingly good sketch, like Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer:

There are absolutely terrible ones. Like most of last night’s sketches. Or the non-political ones when Alec Baldwin hosted.

So yeah, I overpraised the show.  I forgot that I was only watching the best stuff.  But over the last few weekends, while the show was off for a few weeks, the rest of the stuff from this season was posted, and I watched most if not all.  I’ll only show you some of the highlights, though!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m liking most of the female cast members.  They’re all terrific in my view.  The guys, I just can’t tell most of them apart.  They’re funny enough, most of them, but aren’t really given enough great material to work with.  And Pete Davidson is terribly unfunny.  (Although I did like when Alec Baldwin mocked him.)  I honestly don’t know who’s who playing the Trump sons, but this one’s funny:

I know Leslie Jones is divisive, but I like her Weekend Update commentaries.  This one was about Hidden Figures.  Mostly.  Here’s the fuller segment of Weekend Update, because I like Colin Jost and Michael Che.  It’s the inauguration day after. Also, Nazi punching!

I adore anything that Vanessa Bayer is in, because she’s adorable and funny.  Here’s the kid newscaster she plays on Weekend Update from last night.  There’s another one with this character from earlier in the season that was great too.

Cecily Strong is beautiful and talented too, and is great in everything.  Here’s one that’s she’s in that’s kinda stupid, but I like it.  The voices of the women at the table are weirdly amusing.

I’m not sure yet about Melissa Villaseñor, as her voice can be off-putting, but here’s a funny sketch she’s in about dirty talk.

And of course Kate McKinnon is amazing.  Here she is as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, hopped up on Emergen-C powder.  I love her dancing!  And I totally thought the Pence/American Beauty thing!

And that’s probably more than enough.  While I may have overpraised the show, there’s enough talent to make me giggle a good portion of the time watching Saturday Night Live.


  1. If NBC were smart, they would dismiss all the guys, change the name of it to “The Girlie Show” and beg Tina Fey to take over as head writer. The women are consistently funnier than the handful of interchangeable white guys. Except Aidy Bryant, who has never been funny.

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