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‘Saturday Night Live’ Hosted by Larry David

Yeah, I’m a bit late on this one, but I’ll talk about the Larry David hosted episode of Saturday Night Live from November.

Even though I dig that genre of music more than a man my age probably should, I actually didn’t watch the Miley Cyrus performances, but she made at least one appearance in a sketch, and it was pretty good.

In Larry David’s monologue, he made a Holocaust joke that was apparently in bad form, according to the blogosphere. Personally, I didn’t find it anything to get up in arms about, and it went right past me when I first watched the clips.

Larry David was Bernie Sanders in a pretty amusing Price is Right sketch, which also had a funny enough bit with Miley Cyrus as well. Also, Cecily Strong is thicc, as the kids say, as Sophia Vergara.

I won’t link to the Sarah Huckabee Sanders sketch (it was merely ok), but I’m taking this opportunity to say that in my head canon, the Sanders that she’s married to is Bernie himself. “Sarah! I accidentally stuck the baby with a safety pin when I was changing the diaper! Are you done lying for the president yet?!”

More Cecily Strong goodness in New Wife, which is apparently based on some real lady, but the fun part is seeing Larry David crack the fuck up trying to get through gay lingo.

Beers is a funny sketch that’s a parody of those “very special episodes” of ’80s sitcoms. It’s so bizarre that it works, because the elements of it are all on point, probably directly from the sitcoms.

Career Retrospective is a funny bit about an advertising executive played by Larry David and his less than woke PSA tag lines, and it ends strongly.

Opening was mostly blah, because Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions is too broad a satire, but Cecily Strong as Melania is great.

Weekend Update was pretty good. It featured the Trump sons, Leslie Jones on baseball in an amusing bit, and the highlight was Heidi Gardner as Angel, the typical boxer’s girlfriend from every boxing movie.  She’s a new star in the making.

Overall the Larry David hosted episode of SNL was pretty good. Check out some of the clips, if you’d like!

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