Celebrating the Unpopular Arts

Take Five Minutes…

…and just enjoy this.

I have no information about this event at all. YouTube just seemed to think I would like it. And I did. They all are having so much fun, it’s infectious. Thought you might like it too.

I have a Sherlock deadline bearing down on me so this little stub is it for a column this week, but I’ll be back next week with something cool.


    1. Eric van Schaik

      The band is called De Grootste Band van Nederland (Thebiggest band of Holland). They played the song 3 years ago just for fun in Haarlem.
      Every 2 years at the very place they are playing is an open air comic convention called De Stripdagen. Next year there will be the next edition from the end of may until June 7.

  1. Jeff Nettleton

    Yeah, there was something like this in Holland, a few years back,; 1000 Drummers or something, where they performed “Radar Love,” with Golden Earring. You can find it on Youtube, as well.

    Just saw a clip yesterday of a pair of guys playing boogie woogie on a piano, at a station platform, in the UK, with a punk dude amazed by the music. Always a place for great music, anywhere in the world.

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