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That Feeling When…

A few scenes from my life that I think could be kinda funny if phrased as ‘That Feeling When’ for some reason.

That feeling when you’re on your board, out beyond the waves, and you realise that that seabird you’ve been ignoring for the past ten minutes isn’t a seabird but a DRONE!!!

I'm just a little black raincloud...
Why is this thing watching me?

Similarly, that feeling when you’re snorkelling over a six-foot rock, and you realise it wasn’t a rock but a SHARK!!!

This isn't the one in the story; but it is a picture I took.
This is what a wobbegong shark looks like.

That feeling of relief when you realise it’s a wobbegong.

Yes… harmless…

That feeling when you’re sitting on your sofa watching the cat climb upstairs towards you, and you think to yourself ‘if my cat is on my lap, who is that?’

That feeling when you’re putting the cat out at a later time and place, and you think to yourself ‘I don’t have a cat! Why is this a thing I’m doing?’

That bizarre mixture of pride and shame when a white-haired, sun-aged man tells you his birthday and says ‘what about you youngsters?’ and your answer is ‘I’m older than you’.

That feeling when you spend two hours walking around a garden trying and failing to see a particular species of bird… and the next morning there are two on your hotel room balcony.


Hawai'i. It's a magical place.
These two fairy terns could’ve saved me a whole afternoon’s walking!

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