Celebrating the Unpopular Arts

Time is the fire in which we burn? Why didn’t anyone tell me!

Which is to say I had no time to write a post for today. Instead, let’s look at some paperback covers, shall we? Specifically the work of Jack Gaughan who did a lot of work for Ace Books back in the 1960s.Yes, that’s the same John Jakes who later became better known as the author of North and South.Finney was a weird writer. Not always one I enjoyed but I respect his mind going to strange places.As I wrote on my own blog, Eyes of the Overworld shows grimdark fantasy existed long before the phrase. Unfortunately the book slides into misogyny in several spots.The cover has an eeriness Gaughan doesn’t always manage (at least in my eyes). This was one of Andre Norton’s Witch World novels, her first book with a female POV character. Below, the next cover is also Witch World, followed by a Harlan Ellison.



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