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Two comic book Kickstarters you might want to check out

The title really says it all: I’m going to tell you a bit about two Kickstarters for comics you might want to take a look at. If you don’t, hey, that’s your bag, man!

The first, which is ending in a few days, is for Dry Spell: The Moonfall Machine, the latest comic by Ken Krekeler. Krekeler is a superb comics creator who makes very few comics, presumably because the money is bad, and this is his first in a while. It’s the sequel to his graphic novel Dry Spell, an excellent deconstruction of superheroes from 2011. After that Krekeler embarked on Westward, which is one of the best comics I’ve read in this millennium, but which also isn’t very well known, which is too bad. Krekeler’s been working on this sequel for a while, and the first issue is done, he just needs to cover printing and shipping costs. Do yourself a favor and check it out over the next few days. The link to the Kickstarter is here.

Meanwhile, Jason McNamara is running a Kickstarter for his new book, The Cicada. It’s a story about a serial killer who returns to a small town in Texas every thirteen years and the teenager who, presumably, crosses paths with him or her, although right now she’s just trying to get out of town. McNamara is a very good writer who has done some very cool stuff over the years, and the art on the book, which is by Alberto Massagia, looks quite nice. Plus, McNamara is a hell of a nice guy and a terrific raconteur, which might not mean much to you, but I always like talking to him! That’s running for a bit longer – until the 20th – but hey, you might want to jump on now. Here’s the link to that one.

If you’re looking for some interesting comics that are a bit off the beaten track, give these a chance. It’s always nice to get comics directly from the creators!


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