Celebrating the Unpopular Arts

Drive back the dark in 2023!

The sun cycle is tilting as it always does and light is increasing again. In 2023, let’s keep driving darkness back in all the ways that we can.

While I can’t stand against the darkness like the spirit in this Virgil Finlay illustration (from A. Merritt’s Ship of Ishtar) — and wouldn’t look one-tenth as good if I tried — I’ll contribute what I can. As someone put it once (I don’t know who), I’ll look for the next good thing I can do, then hopefully do it.

And regardless of metaphor and analogy, that is one wonderful image from a terrific book.

Art by Virgil Finlay for the 1949 Memorial Edition of “The Ship of Ishtar” by A. Merritt

Happy New Year everyone.




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