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Adventures of #Linktober

Adventures of #Linktober

HELLO EVERYONE. So….. remember how I had hoped to post once or twice a month? WELL! This has been the LONGEST TWO WEEKS EVER. I kid, but really, this year has been unpredictably insane. We FINALLY moved into the house we bought the year before and kept on remodeling it, my practice has kept me ever so busy, my toddler turned into a four-year-old and requires all of my attention (not complaining, but wow, it’s a busy house!), and I had a solo trip to Europe (my FIRST solo trip anywhere, let alone overseas!). As I have said before though, like a wizard, I arrive exactly when I am supposed to.

This year has had its trials and tribulations for me, but I try to keep a positive spin and truck along through it all. I got into new crafts and ways to create—especially resin—and have been pushing myself artistically. With the turning of the seasons, as I stare at the interview sitting on my computer desktop that I recorded back in December for a post I never got around to finishing for AJS (with all the guilt in the world hahaha), I realized it is October… Inktober. The month where I have tried several times, and failed, to complete the challenge of creating an inked drawing every single day in October. Normally I get about four to six days in, but life has usually forced its way between me and creating or the prompt for the day was so boring (for me) I couldn’t think of anything and fell off the wagon.

As I sigh at myself for my all encompassing procrastination, I nonchalantly googled for nerd-specific Inktober offshoots and I discovered something amazing: #linktober, A LEGEND OF ZELDA INKTOBER. My brain prickled with delight—a theme I could really engross myself in (I am a HUGE Zelda nerd) and the prompts were more concrete than other Inktobers I had tried before (I even did a Sailor Moon one that I couldn’t finish since the prompts were so vague). It was October 4th… I had four drawings to do, and I decided that this year I would say goodbye to my social life and make it a mission to do the thing: finish an Inktober.

For those who don’t know: Inktober is an art challenge that lasts the whole month of October that began in 2009 by Jake Parker who wanted to improve his art skills. So he created the challenge to draw one picture, in ink ONLY, for every day of the month. Each day will have its own prompt and artists create whatever the prompt inspires them—sounds great, right? Super fun.

It was, until December 2019. You may notice that I am not using hashtags for Inktober, and I will not include its official logo in this blog—because DRAMA.

Up until 2019, Inktober has been open to everyone to do with their art as they wish, they created what they wanted, used the hashtag Inktober to participate in the challenge, and then went on about their life with their art. Then in 2019,  Jake Parker trademarked Inktober after releasing a book (that was also copyrighted) containing not just his Inktober art, but the art of the OTHER ARTISTS who contributed to the hashtag. Once the trademark was put in place, artists that attempted to resell or reshare their OWN work they made for Inktober were hit with lawyers to cease and desist as they were violating trademark laws. Essentially, Jake Parker now owns all of the work made for Inktober.

This essentially has split the Inktober community in half. There are some artists who don’t care; Jake MADE Inktober and they are just collaborating to it each year to the challenge… it makes sense that he wants to trademark and profit off of his creation and if they don’t plan on profiting off their own work, whatever. However the rest of the artists, especially those that do make their livelihood off of their art, felt like their work was stolen (rightfully so as their art was included in Jake’s books without permission) and now they themselves could not profit off of their own creations or even make claims to them.

You can probably guess which camp I sit in. Jake Parker sucks in my own opinion. BUT I DIGRESS, THIS IS NOT ABOUT HIM.

One good idea breeds others, and when Inktober was created in 2009, different offshoots with the same concept came into being in the years following. Many with different themes around favorite shows, art, movies, games, genres, etc…. and some with open general prompts. Since 2019, these offshoots have exponentially increased as artists look for other ways to keep the October challenge tradition alive without giving more to Jake Parker and Inktober. I myself wanting a challenge but also wanting to not support someone who makes claims to others’ work, found #linktober and this is the experience I want to share. 😊

So, I really love Legend of Zelda, A lot.

I am a huge Zelda fan. My first game was Ocarina of Time for the N64. I remember sitting at my cousins’ house watching them play for HOURS (and also begging for a turn, but MOVING ON) until I was able to get my own system and copy of the game. I have since made it a personal mission to play EVERY Zelda game before I die (there are currently 23, 24 in March 2023 with the upcoming release of Breath of the Wild 2)… yes, before death, because I am the SLOWEST gamer on the planet…. And I tend to replay my favorites more than pursuing games I have not played yet. I think I am somewhere between…. 10-13?? Maybe more? I don’t know. If it came out after the N64 I can say with confidence I have played it, including remastered and rereleased versions of the older games. I love the stories in each game—I love the overarching storyline that ties them altogether. I have the graphic novels, CDs, history texts, heck, I even own a copy of “The Psychology of Legend of Zelda” which I use for work (yep, nerd therapist). When I was a kid, it was one of my escapes. To live an adventure, save the world, slay monsters, throw valuable pottery at walls, cut down blades of grass, rescue princesses…. You know, all that important stuff.

So now that everyone know I often live and breathe Zelda, let’s move onto #linktober. With a gentle nudge of encouragement from Jim and Julie, I’d to share what I did and talk about how I did it. #linktober is a Zelda based art challenge, one image a day related to Zelda. The rules are very much the same as the typical Inktober, but when I searched through the already established #linktober art (I got started late), I saw that many artists had said “screw it” with doing just an ink drawing and full on made beautiful pieces.


I, however, was already four days behind, WAY out of practice with drawing, and totally content with scribbling something down…. which, as we move along, y’all will see is not something I stuck to (but I am not mad about it).

Being out of practice, having an insanely busy schedule, and recognizing that part of the reason I failed all the previous October art challenges related to coming up with ideas, a few of my pieces are based on other works that were either screenshots from the games themselves or art that had been created by fans. There was no tracing involved, not intent to copy and take credit, just emulation of a good ideas so I didn’t have to stress about keeping up while maintaining my life. I hadn’t planned to share my art outside of my small circle of people so I didn’t save the links to references, but I will make sure to credit any artist (or make it known that a piece was inspired by another artist) I reference for my drawings if I can find the images again…. after all, my name isn’t Jake Parker (ooooo burn.).

A second note: I used Clip Studio Art Pro for the digital art portions of each piece. HOWEVER. I lost my stylus a while back so all lineart and coloring (there was absolutely ZERO use of the “fill” tool) was done with my finger. YEP. I FINGERPAINTED THE WHOLE MONTH. there were definitely moments where I had to take breaks because my poor pointer finger was so stiff. I also have no idea how to use any digital art programs so not only was the lineart and colors done with finger point, I used a bazillion layers and the blending tool (pretty obviously in some works) to try and get effects that I KNOW would have been easier to do with… I don’t know… a masking tool, or whatever that means. I have had zero training in Clip Studio Art… and I feel like it may show along the way hahaha!

Day 1: Bird.

Days 1-4 had to be created on the same day. I was already behind so art at the beginning of the month was really quick and definitely more in frame with traditional Inktober rules aside from the fact that I did pencil drawings and then uploaded them to Clip Studio Art to clean up my line work.

So day one is Bird…. there are SO many birds in Zelda. Heck, the Rito are BIRD PEOPLE. I ended up choosing Kaepora Gaebora! The wizened owl who is INCREDIBLE difficult to exit conversation with in the games if you aren’t paying attention to the prompt “Do you want to hear this again? Yes/No?” where the “Yes/No” was reversed to “No/Yes” and thus players (especially me) would hear his instructions over and over again. This image is based on another artist’s work as I had to rush through days 1-4. I am unable to find the original artist who’s image I used a a reference, but I have found several other artists who utilized the same pose as well.

I enjoyed this pose because I wanted to show off that Kaepora Gaebora technically has TWO faces– his actual face and then, when he rotates his head upside down, another face that the pattern of his feathers make. I definitely think I like the original sketch a bit more than the digital lineart… the roughness of the pen and pencil really gives more life to the feathers.


Day 2: Bones

For this day I chose to draw one of the Leviathans from Breath of the Wild. Upcoming I had “nightfall” and I knew I wanted to do a skullkid of some variety so I did not want to over do the creature with two prompts. I picked a Leviathan and modelled it off of concept art and screenshots from the game itself. During this time I learned that the three Leviathans found in the game are theorized to actually the bones of the Windfish (Link’s Awakening), the Ocean King (Phantom Hourglass), and Levias (Skyward Sword). If we are to stick to this fan theory, my Leviathan was the Windfish. With this digital drawing I realized how much detail I’d lose if I didn’t do shading…. and so I mark Day 2 as “the day that Bri started progressively getting WAY in over her head.”

Day 3: Miniature

This one I had trouble with. I KNOW there are tons of things that are mini in Zelda… in fact, pretty sure one of the games I have not played involves miniature everything. But my brain farted and all I could think of was “FAIRIES!” and who is my favorite fairy? Navi. There is an official art image of Young Link and Navi from Ocarina of Time that I just love to bits. So I used that as a reference and focused in on Navi and Link’s hand to show just how tiny she is.

Day 4: Favorite Character

Ah, the day I started coloring. I have many favorite characters in Zelda… Particularly Link, but with other prompts coming up in the month that would specifically end up highlighted my true favorite characters, I had to think of a character I seriously enjoyed throughout a game and the Queen of Sass herself came to mind: Midna from Twilight Princess. Because Midna’s design is on the darker side, if I had just stuck to shading, so much of what I love about her would be lost. Twilight Princess did a remarkable job of being a very dark (literally) game that also gave emphasis to neon colors to create that contrast-y twilight-y feeling. And Midna deserved to have no detail be lost! I did keep shading light… I was still in denial of the inevitable and trying hard to keep things “simple” so that my time was not devoured.

Day 5: Adventure Pouch

This piece is probably my least favorite and totally didn’t come out the way I had hoped. I had another idea to have Link wandering around with an oversized bag as a gag, but then I started looking ahead to other prompts and started sweating about time management. I also wanted to be “artsy” so when I colored it I picked colors that were a part of each item because it ended up being SO BUSY.

Day 6: Ghost

I chose the Hero’s Spirit from Twilight Princess. Probably one of the saddest characters ever. The story is that he was a Chosen Hero who failed to save Hyrule– the fan theory is that it’s a previous form of Link– the one sent back in time who grew up from OoT but not as the Legendary Hero of Time, but a Hero who then failed to save Hyrule. In Twilight Princess he is sent to train this reincarnation of Link so he does not fail. this was based on official artwork and screenshots from the game. He had so many little leaves on his armor that I wanted to try and be precise about their placement.


Day 7: Nightfall

You betcha I drew a skullbokoblin busting out of the ground. I stink at horror-esque pictures so this one was a quick doodle so I could be done with it.


Day 8: Boat/ Ship/ Vessel

Presenting King from Windwaker! The only boat I could think of that wasn’t the weird haunted boat from OoT in the Shadow Temple (I was so done drawing darker things). Once again, I tried to stick to just lineart. Windwaker introduced us to “Toon Link” and the related art style. It emphasized very heavily on distinct line art to emphasize depth and vibrant colors. King was a very fun character to digitize. This image was based on official artwork from the game.


Day 9: Battle

Ok, this was one of my favorite pieces. And it is based on screenshots from Breath of the Wild… I sometimes struggle with depth and motion in pictures so I had two references that I used to show Link in motion. Of all the kinds of battles, I thought one involving a Guardian would be pretty neat and I had yet to do a BotW piece. This is the piece I started to learn to using blending and smudging tools. In Photoshop, I remember there being a specific button to create highlights, shadows, etc., in Clip Studio Art, I eventually figured out it was a setting I could apply to any tool, so for the Guardian’s beam I scribbled a bunch of colors, smudged, blurred, blended, and washed, rinsed, repeated, until it looked like a laser.


Day 10: Overgrown

This prompt was hard. When I think “overgrown” I think of plants. When I think of plants and Zelda, I think of things like the Forest Temple, Sealed Temple, Deku Palace, etc. Now, when I went to look at references, I realized that #1 OH MY, DRAWING AN ENVIRONMENT WOULD BE A LOT OF WORK FOR A DAILY DRAWING, and #2 The images I was looking at reminded me that nothing was truly OVERGROWN, just worn down and crumbling. So then I switched to the idea of characters…. do I drawn the Giant Goron from Oot? Do I draw the Windfish? Nah, I have done too much from OoT and need to spread it out, and I technically already did the Windfish…. Thus, the Giant Turtle from Majora’s Mask was selected. With this one I opted to do black and white with some shading but color in the foliage to highlight the fact that this turtle is big enough to be an island (I even have a miniature Link on there too!)

Day 11: Nostaglia

This one I took quite literally. Link from Zelda 1 with the game cover in the background. I will tell you, trying to make pixel drawings by hand can be quite a chore… especially when I realized that Link’s sprite is NOT symmetrical. Ah well.


Day 12: Flying

I HAD TO DO LINK WITH A CUCCO. This one is DEFINITELY modelled after another work of fanart. And the original can be found here.

I really loved the pose and I was glad to have found it because drawing a person hanging onto a chicken midflight is definitely not something I had drawn before, references are great! This was also the first drawing that I started modifying during the digital coloring process. While using the original drawing as a reference, I left out some details that the other artist did, when I noticed it during coloring, I revamped many details that set this Link as Young Link from OoT. Also, drawing a chicken is incredibly amusing.


Day 13: Secret

The Old Man is a reoccurring character in the Zelda series, although he does not make a regular appearance, he did in BotW. Even though it is only a part of the plot for the first 30 minutes of the game, I enjoyed that they made the Old Man the spirit of King Rhoam of Hyrule… continuing to exist in regret that he could not stop Calamity Ganon. This one was a lot of fun because not only did I have to draw the Old Man, I had to draw an IDENTICAL picture of the Old Man, line for line, but as a King. I think I did Ok, I faded out the King’s image to make it more obvious of that role being a past manifestation compared to the Old Man who exists both in the physical realm, but not at the same time.


Day 14: Withered

The only thing I could think about when seeing this prompt was the scene in OoT where the Great Deku Tree dies and Navi says goodbye.


Day 15: Weapon

How do you not draw the Master Sword?


Day 16 (HALF WAY THROUGH): Snake/ Serpent/ Dragon

So, by this point I am recognizing that I am doing a lot of work from a few games, and that’s OK, but I wanted to try and diversify more. When I think of all the dragons in the games, there are so many to choose from. I did end up doing another BoTW piece because I LOVED how they created the dragons in this game. There are four goddesses in the Legend of Zelda: Hylia, the Goddess of Light (who reincarnates as Zelda), and the Three Golden Goddesses who represent a piece of the Triforce: Din, Nayru, and Farore. The Goddesses are incorporated into the games differently– sometimes literally as goddesses, sometimes as dragons. In BotW, they are dragons: Dinraal, Farosh, and Naydra. I chose Dinraal. This piece is one I am particularly proud of. I spent a SUPER amount of time coloring, shading, trying so hard to make it as close to the game character as possible. This was the piece where I decided to “trust the process.” I used a screenshot from the game for pose and color reference. When I would pick colors from the original image to use for my drawing, I was super thrown off by the colors “Wait, this is supposed to be a beige creature, but the color is pink?!” I had to let it go, and I am glad I did. This is definitely a picture I want to come back to and give more attention. I spent about a day and a half coloring… I can only imagine what it could be if I just gave time to it here and there.


 Day 17: Link

BotW 2 is coming out soon! I decided to draw Link from the upcoming game based on the life sized statue they made of him!

I definitely learned a lot about coloring leather. Again, another “trust the process, yes leather looks brown but it may actually be a bunch of purples and pinks.” I was very tired of leather by the time I finished this, not going to lie, but at least now I can say I can do it???


Day 18: Companion

When I saw this prompt, I figured I’d do Navi. Navi gets a lot of crap for being annoying, but she was tasked with such an important mission, she literally had to keep a child alive and then guide him through his adventure after he became an adult WITHOUT GROWING UP INTO ADULTHOOD. Can you imagine???????? However, part of the way through drawing Navi, the feeling of double dipping (since I did Navi for “Miniature”) started to really bug me. I kept wondering “what other companion could I draw that I am super excited about?” And then, it hit me: THERE WAS NO PROMPT FOR EPONA. OF COURSE. The companion that sticks by Link in almost every adventure. Epona. Day 18 ended up being a two for one– I was so close to finishing Navi that I didn’t want to discard her, but also needed to draw a horse! For Epona I used random horse pictures for reference because I stink at drawing horses from memory. Navi’s pose was based on a variety of googled images.


Day 19: Boss

This was a tough one for me. I was trying to keep a few days ahead on my #Linktober drawings because, by this point, I was super invested in creating pictures I could be proud of that also didn’t take forever to make. The Battle scene, Dinraal, and Link had really exhausted me and I kept telling myself “the next one I will make sure is easier… the next one I will just do lineart” (spoiler alert: never happened). I was originally going to do Zombie Zelda from Twilight Princess but changed my mind to Twinrova from OoT. She looked like a fun character to draw and after learning to make fire on Dinraal using smudge and blending tools, I thought it could be neat to try and make hair look like fire and ice. I chuckled as I drew this one because I have not drawn a uh…. overly well endowed fem character in a very long time. As a person who has the same issue, I have no qualms, I just think it’s funny that after years of trying to avoid drawing “stereotyped 90s anime girls,” that I jumped in both feet to embrace it. I referenced some “Ah! Megami-sama” artwork for the pose. I had to think about Twinrova’s personality— she thinks she’s the hottest thing since sliced bread and super sultry– and Urd, came to mind.


Day 20: Storm

I had no idea what to do with this one so I drew Link from BotW in a lightning storm… coloring lightning is something new me so I didn’t set any expectations and went for it.

Day 21: From Your First LOZ Game

References for the poses for this one is based on an image found here (I was not able to find the original artist).

My first Zelda game was Ocarina of Time and this scene is so poignant for me. I think Link was both happy and sad to go back… happy to have his childhood (however messed up it would be from trauma), but sad to leave the world he fought to protect. Super bittersweet. This is also the first piece of the month where I did not use black for line art. I wanted it to have a softer look— ironically I also drew shadows with solid lines, no blending in this one!


Day 22: NPC

I had OoT on the brain after my last picture and chose Saria for my NPC character. No thought into the decision making for which NPC, I think I saw the prompt in the beginning of the month… the bigger question was do I draw her on her stump? Or doing something else? Stump won.


Day 23: Ganon/ Ganondorf

This one I HAD to do the scene from Twilight Princess. Ganondorf is so sinister in that game that I could not resist While coloring, I accidentally hit the “fill” short key and everything that I hadn’t shaded went black… and honestly, it looked WAY better than my original idea. So I channeled my inner Bob Ross and embraced happy accidents. Also, his crown-thing is stupid and I am SO GLAD I did not have to color it. I had always had the perspective that I wanted this picture to be very dark but with his eyes gleaming through the shadows. With the black filling all of the empty space I decided to stop shading beyond heavy black and just leave it with dramatic lines.



Day 24: Dream

This was probably my most playful picture during the art challenge. Loads of booty references were used for this bad boy, there isn’t a very specific fanart that I focused elements on, just scrolled through a google image search. I chose to draw Tingle! Tingle is one of my favorite characters. He is so unabashedly him and gives zero effs what others think. He dreams of becoming a fairy and living amongst the Kokiri. So I envisioned Tingle thinking about his goals and what his “best self” would look like. I think he is totally adorable. What does your best self look like?


Day 25: Zelda

I veered off the beaten path and chose to recreate an official image of Zelda from the first Hyrule Warriors game. Warrior Zelda is SUPER cool. I had to do a ton of editing during the digital line art portion because I realized just how off-skew my perspective was. This piece I also decided to use a different color than black for line art. I went with a purple that exists somewhere in her color palette. She has so many intricate details, I even had to leave several of them off (because it’s supposed to be a sketch a day and I am already OVERLY invested), that I was worried the black would really hide them compared to another color. Because of the little details she had, I also decided against shading because this is definitely a piece that could get lost if I didn’t scrutinize every line (which I didn’t want to do).


Day 26: Treasure

How cute is Young Link having to climb into a chest to get the thing????? SUPER CUTE. This picture was interesting for me because through this month I have really been stretching using different colors for items my brain would associate (like pink and purple for leather). For this one, not only did I have to do a lot of geometry to get the angles right, but coloring wood using greens, greys, purples, yellows, and some browns was a really fun project and now I feel like I see utilizing colors in a very different way. For so long I have been very concrete in my designs when it comes to color selections and I haven’t been very happy in the past, but playing with colors throughout this month has really been a breakthrough for me! This is also the first picture I learned to use the crayon tool! I used it on the metal parts of the chest in order to try and get a rusted/metal look that separated itself from the wood paneling.


Day 27: Deity

For Hylia’s reference I used this picture (original artist cannot be found).

I could not decide which deity to draw! So I did all four goddesses: Hylia, Din, Farore, and Nayru. It was a super fun picture. I decided to use brighter more defined colors for the Golden Goddesses and then went softer and more flowy for Hylia. I wanted Hylia to stand out without making the picture look too crowded. There are so many different interpretations for what Hylia looks like as the games only reference her in statues or art that looks similar to cave drawings. The reference I used definitely had “warrior woman” quality to it, but I also wanted her to look sincere, gentle… she is the Goddess of Light, I don’t see the Goddess of Light desiring to fight and eternal battle against evil… but duty calls.


Day 28: Horror/ Fear

Have I mentioned how terrible I am with horror-esque drawings? This one had a ton of references used, but for both the background and foreground I relied on fanart to help me conceptualize…. DEAD HAND. References: foreground, random details (artist linked in article), background.

I spent maybe half a day googling nightmare fuel… do I do a skulltula? A bubble? Wall or floor master? THE GUARDIANS FROM THE SILENT REALM (those guys, in Skyward Sword, are TERRIFYING)… it got to the point where I had collected a ton of terrifying reference pictures and I became so overwhelmed with the idea of drawing something grotesque that I pared it all down to Dead Hand…. a tried and true horror from OoT. I really liked how the artist in which I based the foreground pose used black to create dramatic lines and I really wanted to practice that as well. This lead to the idea of having a more active background and utilizing flat colors that share the same palette as the blood I painted onto him… one again using the newly discovered crayon tool!! It came out gritty and I am pretty happy with it.


Day 29: Botanical

Bomb flowers from OoT, Deku Flower and Deku Scrubs (from the Royal Palace!) from Majora’s Mask, and Hylian Mushroom and Silent Princess from BotW… a garden that may be potentially dangerous if you don’t know what you are picking up! This was a super cute piece that my brain was like “oh this will take NO time to color!” …. but in actually took a SUPER. LONG. TIME. Never underestimate flowers. Between Little Shop of Horrors and Jumanji, you’d think I’d realize that by now…


Day 30: Music

Music plays an important role in Zelda. It sets the atmosphere, changes depending on player movement and what’s in the environment, sets the tone for day and night… has magical components… on and on. I remember reading an article from the makers of Zelda go in depth about the importance of music in each of their games and the messages they send through it. I had a lot of options to create something involving music— I could do the instruments themselves, Link or Zelda playing their respective instruments, the Zora band from Majora’s mask… but instead I settled on Kass from BotW and Medli from Windwaker. Both Rito, both playing a role that, even thoguh is in the background, creates an important element in each of the games. The background for this one is actual sheet music for Kass’ theme. Poses for Kass and Medli are based on official art and game screenshots. Also, here are links to the songs each of them play: Kass’ Theme and Medli’s Awakening


And finally… Day 31: Free for All

This piece I put a lot of energy into. I had progressively been more and more inspired to create something I haven’t tried. Something I could challenge myself with. I went with art nouveau of Link and Zelda. Pose reference is from a piece by Adele Lorienne and colors were selected based on googled images under “art nouveau.” I also took reference ideas from Jim MacQuarrie who recommended I look up Maxfield Parrish and Aubrey Beardsley. It’s obvious that there were a lot of changes made from the original sketch to the finished product… and I am so proud of this one. I wanted to capture the bond that Zelda and Link share.

In every reincarnation, they are different people who carry the same souls. Sometimes one is attracted to the other, sometimes they are just friends, sometimes they are strangers and have no interest in the other… and in a couple games Zelda is openly opposed to Link as a person! But underneath it all, the Legendary Hero and the Goddess of Light share a bond that puts them into each other’s paths for the good of Hyrule… even when they don’t want to be.

This piece was particularly difficult because I hand colored everything. by the time I had finished, I think I had over 50 layers of line art and colors to make sure that everything lined up, would stay clean and tidy, and if I needed to alter anything, the rest of the picture did not have to change with it. Gradually as I kept working on the background in Clip Studio Art, I kept finding art nouveau pictures that had elements I absolutely loved and tried to incorporate… eventually I had to tell myself to stop because there is such a thing as too much!


So, there you have it. 31 drawings (well, 32…) over 31 days. I have officially completed an October art challenge… #linktober!! I learned a ton about colors, line art, and pacing myself… I also learned how much I can get done if I totally ignore my social life. I feel that coming out of a challenge like this I have really dusted off the cobwebs and pushed myself to a new level. I have also learned that I really need to take a class on digital art programs and make my life a whole lot easier. I am not sure what to do with the free time I now have back, but I am sure I will figure something out…. Maybe it’s time to pick up another Zelda game…. 😉

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  1. Edo Bosnar

    Wow, these are absolutely fantastic – and I know next to nothing about Zelda (I’m just familiar with the name and know it’s a video game).
    Otherwise, I’m familiar with Inktober, mainly because a few years ago Greg (Hatcher, obviously) did it and posted his results on facebook. I had no idea about this whole trademark thing done by Parker – seems like a real d**k move, esp. since he’s also apparently laid claim to work that he didn’t do.

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