Rest in peace, Greg Hatcher

On 28 October, at about 5:04 in the evening, Greg Hatcher died. We here at the Atomic Junk Shop are gutted, as you might expect. We’re not exaggerating when we say that all of us here at the blog would automatically say that Greg was the best of us if anyone asked – I don’t think it’s even a question. I’m sure I’ll be seeing many, many people write about him on Facebook in the coming days, and we here at the blog decided we would share our own memories of this wonderful man. It won’t make it any easier, but maybe it will help in a small way.

Atomic Roundtable: Stuff We Don’t Get

Together, we at the Junk Shop have a great deal of knowledge about a great many things in the SF/fantasy genre … but there are some odd gaps in our nerd cred. Here we confess to completely missing out on classic shows or movies or whatever that are givens for most people in fan culture. Whether it’s lack of time or lack of access or just plan lack of interest, these are the normally-beloved things we don’t get.

A Message From Mark Waid

Over the past couple of weeks, a disappointingly large number of younger creators have been reaching out to me about harassment from angry fringe “fans.” With that in mind, the best and most worthwhile moments of the convention came from walking the floor, talking and listening, helping raise awareness of how bad harassment has become—awareness both among fans and among my generation of pros.