Celebrating the Unpopular Arts

Useless Stories: Legends of Tomorrow: Summer of Love

Every once in a while, I look through my old files to see if there’s anything I can dust off and use here. This time, I dug up what our much-missed friend Greg Hatcher called a “Useless Story”; an idea that can’t be developed or published without permission from the property owners, but something I wrote because I wanted to. A while back, because of friendships and passing acquaintance with people connected to the CW DC shows, I harbored a faint hope I might get a chance to pitch the idea, but the opportunity never arose, and this story sat there on the hard drive for years. If I had gotten a chance to pitch it, I might have taken it further, but writing more than a synopsis felt like verging into fanfic territory, and that’s just a little too self-indulgent for me. Since the show is now long gone, I thought I should get some use out of it by sharing it here.