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The collected Dr. Fixit is here!

In earlier posts about Greg Hatcher’s wonderful stories featuring his “new pulp” character Dr. Fixit (here and here), we said that we’d let everybody know about any new developments concerning a possible collected volume of Fixit stories. And lo and behold, today (quite appropriately on Greg’s birthday), publisher Airship 27 announced that such a book has indeed been released under the title Greg Hatcher’s Dr. Fixit. It includes the three previously published stories included in various volumes of the Mystery Men (and Women) anthologies, and the unfinished fourth story completed by another writer, Fred Adams, Jr.

Airship 27 posted this announcement on Facebook, also shared by Greg’s wife Julie:

Proudly Presents
Greg Hatcher (1960-2021) of Burien, Washington, was a dedicated teacher and one of the finest New Pulp writers of the past decade. Of all his magnificent short stories and novels, one of his most unique creations was that of Ernie Voskovec, a genius engineering mechanic who created the tools and weapons for super villains. He was known as Dr. Fixit.
Dr. Fixit debut in Airship 27’s Mystery Men (& Women) Vol 6 in the story, “Henching It With Dr. Fixit.” The story was so well received, Hatcher followed it with two other tales; “Pimpin’ Your Supercar” Mystery Men (& Women) Vol 7 and “Dr. Fixit’s Getaway” in Mystery Men (& Women) Vol 8. Greg passed away in Oct of 2021 before completing a fourth story.
When Greg’s wife, Julie Hatcher, informed Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor Ron Fortier of that unfinished story, he and Art Director Rob Davis made the decision to do a special tribute collection in Greg’s memory. While Davis collected the three published tales along with the illustrations he had done for them, Fortier recruited veteran pulp scribe Fred Adams Jr. to take on the task of completing the last Dr. Fixit Greg had begun before his passing. After reading and studying the first three adventures, Adams picked the manuscript entitled “Looking For Dr. Fixit” and brought the tale to a truly wonderful and fitting conclusion.
Now Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of “Greg Hatcher’s Dr. Fixit” containing all four of the Dr. Fixit stories. The book not only contains all of Davis’ illustrations but also sports a great cover by artist Chris Kohler and a special introduction by Julie Hatcher. It is our hope this book honors the memory of a truly gifted writer and one of New Pulp’s most cherished creators.

Available now at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle.


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