Congratulations on Comic Book Legends Revealed #600!

In case you missed it, and with the way the new CBR site is set up, you may well have, this week marked the 600th (!) edition of Comic Book Legends Revealed over at our old home base. That’s nearly 2000 legends that have been covered! I’d just like to extend my congratulations to Brian on reaching that milestone and also give you guys some links to CBLR and some of our old CSBG stuff.

I think I started reading CBLR regularly when there were less than 200 columns, so the archive was fun to dive into back then and catch up with, and egads, 400 or so more columns is, like, 8 years or something!  I’m getting old!

So the 600th Legend column has a neat Legend about Doctor Strange, and there’s a link there on that page to get to all of the CBLR columns.  If you want just the CSBG stuff, that’s there.  And if you just want the stuff that Brian does, since he does more than just CSBG stuff these days, hey, I got that for you too!

But wait, there’s more!  I’ve got the way for you to find the CBR stuff that’s tagged with the author name of friend of AJS, Kelly Thompson, as well.

And even more stuff, if you want to look at the old columns by the Gregs, well, Greg Hatcher’s stuff is available, as well as Greg Burgas’s.  And with Burgas’s, you can also (mostly) find the stuff I did for the old place this year.

So have fun, and congratulations again from me to Brian and Comic Book Legends Revealed for 600 columns of great information about comics!



  1. Le Messor

    “In case you missed it, and with the way the new CBR site is set up, you may well have, this week marked the 600th (!) edition of Comic Book Legends Revealed”

    I totally did!

    I can’t post on the new CBR, so I’ll say it here:

    1. tomfitz1

      @ Le Messor: Actually, you can post a comment on the new CBR. Look at the top pf the blog under the title where Brian Cronin’s name is and click where Comment is.

      It will take you to a separate page and you’ll need to log-in Facebook to post your comment.

  2. Hal

    Yes, since the post-Edenic Fall of Comicbookresources into the unnavigable uncommentable maelstrom of “CBR” I have stopped visiting what used to be the great Comics Should Be Good (and I used to drop into CSBG almost everyday) so I this passed me by. Thanks for the heads-up, Travis and – unfurls banner – *KUDOS TO YOU, MR CRONIN! CONGRATULATIONS ON SIX HUNDRED POSTS OF COMIC BOOK (URBAN) LEGENDS REVEALED INFORMATIVE FUN!*


  3. Simon

    A few more links? Sure. Why not!

    * (just CBLR)

    * (just CYSO)

    * In addition to your link for “greg-hatcher” (hyphenated) there are some lost articles from one “greg_hatcher” (underscored) at

    * If you miss COMICS A.M. you now need to follow (they stopped naming and tagging it, so you have to follow her, most of her articles being untitled “Comics A.M.”)

    * For a specific column, say old Flippin’s, they deleted the tags, but you may power-google them using [ intitle:Flippin intitle:Previews ] for all, or [ intitle:Flippin intitle:Previews intitle:2015 ] for a specific year. (Title-italic bugs require them separate operators.)

    Oh, and each CBR link has an RSS feed with full articles (prolly an oversight, but shhh).

    – “And with Burgas’s, you can also (mostly) find the stuff I did for the old place this year”

    Man, I dunno what you did to them, but they deleted the old “Travis reviews stuff!” tag. Four of your pages are found via [ intitle:Travis ] (among 15 results)

    1. * In addition to your link for “greg-hatcher” (hyphenated) there are some lost articles from one “greg_hatcher” (underscored) at

      Wow, thank you! Half the time *I* can never find these. Those are from the olden days when we only had one laptop for the CBR stringers and we all took turns with it. Then the next year Jonah sprung for little… not Blackberrys, but something like that, where you could attach a keyboard. Somewhere there is a picture of me writing like mad at an outdoor picnic table by the light of a Coleman portable lantern at the campground where me and the MacQuarries and a bunch of other reprobates were camped out that year. Jim’s brain wave in the 1990s was that instead of fighting for a hotel room in Travel Agent Thunderdome to attend the San Diego Con, just camp at the local KOA for ten or twelve bucks a night. “It’s southern California in July, you will be just as comfortable. It’s a hotel with a dirt floor.” Which was true. You could even rent a VCR and movies if you got bored with toasting marshmallows. But mostly we just sat around and argued about stuff like Jim Croce and whose cape should be tugged on, until one of the rangers came by and shushed us. This happened a lot.

      1. And now the KOA is booked a year in advance; the campground at the Sweetwater reservoir can only be booked 3-6 months ahead, so the day it opens for reservations has become a mini-thunderdome of its own. I haven’t tried to camp there in years, but I might see about grabbing a KOA Kabin again, those were nice.

  4. Filament

    Long live Comic Book Legends Revealed! The first thing I did when I got internet access at home was read every one that had already been published.

    And thank you very very much for posting them during the weekend, Mr. Burgas. Thank you for not doing all of your blog work while at your real job. Thank you for the research and time you put into your articles. Thank you for no typos.

    I still think CBR is heads and shoulders about the other comic news/blog sources. I think the changes lately are only for keeping up with the way it has to be these days. However, I’m glad many of the writers got out of there. I will only say that you go, or stay, wherever the hell you want to, chief. I will follow or stay put.

  5. Jeff Nettleton

    Once I discovered it, which was just a couple of years back, I worked my way through the entire archive and dove into the new ones; even helped spawn part of a column. Did the same with the columns of some people named Greg.

    I still visit the forums, though not for very long, as most topics are about stuff I am not reading and have no desire to, or movies and tv I don’t watch. When I can remember, I hit Legends and the Line It Is Drawn. Glad as I am that they are still there, it feels less without the ability to comment within the body of the page, without handing my privacy over to a billion dollar corporation. Not happening.

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