Cookies and Non-Sale Sales

So in the latest Flippin’, Greg mentioned about lemon-flavored Oreo cookies, which are delicious, but I’ve also tried a couple of other good flavors of Oreo cookies lately.

The first one was Apple Pie flavor, and the second Cookie Butter.

Both have graham cracker type cookies with different filling.  The cookie parts are tasty and are graham cracker ish without being too much cracker like.

Apple Pie Oreo cookies
It’s like all of ‘Murrica in one cookie!

The Apple Pie filling tastes nicely apple-like as well.  It also slides off the cookie nicely when you take it apart (like you do with Oreos).  You can lick off part of it, then have some on your cookie as you munch on the cookie halves.

Cookie Butter Oreo cookies
I assume they crush old, crap-ass cookies up and mash them into butter. Right?

The Cookie Butter one is even better.  I still don’t know what cookie butter is, but apparently it’s a thing now, as these aren’t the first cookies I’ve had with cookie butter flavoring of some sort recently.  The filling is a bit firmer than the Apple Pie and comes off more completely when you pull the cookie apart.  It’s got a little grit to it as you chew on it, but not in a bad way.  The taste — I can’t even describe it, really.  Unfortunately I finished these cookies off long enough ago that I’m forgetting what they taste like, so I need to get more.

They’re both worth trying if you like those particular flavors and you like weird Oreo flavors like I do.

Two pictures from a big box store.

Constantine family movie cookies
That’s a blurry Keanu, I swear! Whoa!

The first one is really blurry so I just have to tell you what’s going on.  It’s from a display of family-friendly movies, and the one you can sort of see on the left there is Constantine, which isn’t family (or, from what I understand, anybody) -friendly.  I had to laugh.

Non-sale sale cookies
Such a deal!

The second one is from a sale that doesn’t really look like a sale, now, does it?  One damn cent off!  There were a few other DVDs that were 13 bucks normally as part of this sale, but this one made me giggle enough that I had to take a picture.

So, after I get more cookies, I’ll get back to you with some new cool stuff in the future.

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  1. Le Messor

    When I read the title, I thought this thread would be about buying stuff on and how it doesn’t give income to this site! 🙂

    I only wish I’d learned about these new Oreo flavours before my trip to the ‘States! (I have no guarantee I can find them here, but I might check. I have had the lemon ones).

    I assume they crush old, crap-ass cookies up

    Actually, I think they’re new crap-ass cookies; factory rejects. At least, that’s what I heard about cookie-dough ice cr–
    wasn’t I supposed to stop analysing joking asides?

    apparently it’s a thing now, as these aren’t the first cookies I’ve had with cookie butter flavoring

    Hmm… maybe it’ll be the new ubiquitous fashionable flavour – like salted caramel.

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