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Free Comic Book Day Mini-Report

Hey folks, Travis here.  As you may have noticed, I didn’t post yet this week (I hope you noticed!).  Trying to do stuff before Free Comic Book Day and didn’t get stuff accomplished here.  Like usual….

Anyway, I hope you all had a nice Free Comic Book Day.  Besides the free comics (which, since I have a deal with my shop guy to get all of them, I’ll be reviewing here in the next several days), I picked up some cool stuff.  Some cheap stuff at a couple of the stores in town, with a lot of 50 cent back issues from my regular shop (glad I dropped Black Canary from my list but that my shop still ordered copies so I was able to get the rest of that run!).  I also picked up, at another shop, several of the Marvel Essential volumes.  I got the second through fifth volumes of Amazing Spider-Man, which means I now have the first 113 issues (and 5 Annuals, and the two Spectacular Spider-Man magazines) of that series in glorious black and white.

Man-Thing Free Comic Book Day
I handled two giant size Man-Things on Free Comic Book Day!

I also got the two volumes of Essential Man-Thing, which is way cool to me too.  I loves me some Steve Gerber stuff.  I also got the Showcase Presents Shazam! volume, which is the DC version of the Cerebus phone books (as the Essential volumes are Marvel’s version), so that should be fun to read.  I picked up a collection of Mr. Monster stuff that includes an Alan Moore introduction and story, so that’s neat.  I also splurged on the collection of the WildCATS/X-Men miniseries, as that was one I always kinda wanted.  Pro tip: if the sale is buy 2 get 1 free, make sure everything is the same price, or you don’t save as much as you think you’re going to.

Also, I went a second year in a row without talking to a cute lady at the one shop, so go me for being too wussy to talk to girls!  And that’s right, the same woman two years running.

So look forward to my upcoming reviews of the FCBD comics, as well as the latest Flippin’ coming out this week.  I might even have something else fun coming soon as well.  Also, I’ll be going to Ithaca’s library book sale tomorrow so I should be picking up some fun comics and other stuff there, and talk about it soon.  Now, if only I had some space anywhere….

I’ll leave you with a clip from the Not the White House Correspondents Dinner that Samantha Bee did last week, which was pretty good overall.  Actually, I’m not sure this was aired, but it’s a clip of Sam riffing on presidents of the past 100 years.  Until next time!

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