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Mac Review: Black Widow (movie)

Mac Review: Black Widow (movie)

I saw the Black Widow movie last night, and thought I’d throw together a quick review of it.

The movie is set between wars (Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War), and is basically a passing-of-the-torch from Natasha Romanova to Yelena Belova. It also works as a ‘family’ drama, if the family is a ruthless gang of spies.

Black Widow is best compared, methinks, to Captain America: Winter Soldier. I think for me, it’ll be like that movie – the thing that makes everybody else rave about it will be the same thing that takes it down a notch in my estimation: it’s more a spy drama than a superhero movie. (Though there are two super-powered characters in it.)

That said, it was good. I’ve never yet hated a Marvel movie (though some are less interesting than others), and this one is no exception; but it’ll never be my favorite.

The two super-powered characters are Red Guardian and Taskmaster. Red Guardian is not treated well by the movie (for one thing, he was her husband in the comics and is her not-father in this), and Taskmaster is completely, completely different to the comics version; and while that loses another notch for me, it’s not enough to make it a bad movie to me.

There are a few name-drops and Easter eggs for comics fans.


There are no Christians in this movie of any kind. The spy family setting up Christmas photos is the closest we get.

I think most of the people on this site will enjoy it, as I did.

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