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Six of one, half-dozen of the other

Things have been a bit hectic around my house, so I missed Atomic Junk Shop’s sixth anniversary, which arrived on the first. Happy Sixth Birthday to us! And yes, I’m not the only writer around here, but everyone here has things going on in their lives, so I’m certainly not blaming anyone else for missing the anniversary (he says, as he angrily eyes all the other people who write for us).

Obviously, here at the blog, in the past year we’ve had to deal with the death of Greg Hatcher, which still saddens me. His lovely wife seems to be doing ok, although, of course, she’d be much better off if her husband was still alive. Greg was such a great guy, and his death makes the world a little less good. We’re still planning on reposting all his columns from his pre-AJS days, which will probably happen in January, so you can re-read (or read for the first time!) all his work and see just a small part of why everyone loved him.

I still like writing for Atomic Junk Shop, even though blogs are a bit passé these days (most of the people who write here are passé, so we fit in well!), and I know the others here do too, even if some of them don’t post that often. I dig coming here myself to see what’s going on, and I always dig it when a new post shows up. We have a nice community here, and we very much appreciate commenters and their thoughts – as we’ve often noted, part of the fun of blogs is the back-and-forth in the comments, and I’ve learned a lot of interesting things from comments as well as the posts. I think everyone enjoys this, and as far as I know, we’re going to keep doing it for as long as we can!

Usually, I list the writers here and write a little bit about them, but they’re all listed on the sidebar, so you can go check them out. I just wanted to note the day, because I think it’s pretty cool that we’ve been able to do this for six years during a time when it seems things in the real world aren’t always going well. I know that’s constantly, but man, things since November 2016 have been really weird, not only in my country, but, because of my country’s influence, world-wide as well. So I’m glad we’re able to provide a fun little corner of the internet where we can talk about Silver Age weirdness and cool comics and terrible movies and conventions and other nerdy things. As always with these anniversary posts, I encourage you, if you’re a lurker (nothing wrong with that!) to say hello in the comments. If you comment a lot, you can also say hello! Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stick around for another six years!


  1. Thanks for keeping the lights on, Greg! You, Fraser, and Corrina have been doing the heavy lifting for a while now.

    I think I have 4 or 5 half-written posts in draft mode right now, and I hope to be able to get back to them soon.

    Here’s what’s going on with me: in addition to my full-time day job (creating localized versions of movie & TV title treatments for international streaming; what should the Star Wars title look like in Farsi, Greek, or Romanian?) , I’m now teaching three PE classes in Archery and coaching the team at a state university. This means my work schedule is 10-12 hours per day, plus a couple of hours on Saturdays. The entire rest of my life has to get packed in around that. So I’ve been lax in getting stuff written. Not to mention the difficulty of reading or watching things to write about.

    But I’ll be back, I promise, and will also get back to work on the special projects we’ve talked about.

    Happy anniversary! The best part of AJS has been getting to know the great contributors and co-founders.

    1. You have my sympathy. Up until a few months ago, my wife’s schedule in IT was much the same.
      Six years? It doesn’t feel that long, but sometimes I go searching through my posts and realize how many there are and it’s “Oh, yeah.”
      Happy anniversary to all of us!

      1. Edo Bosnar

        Similarly to Jim, I have about a half-dozen posts that are about a half- or third-written, but I just can’t seem to find the time or inspiration to get them done. While I don’t have quite as much work as Jim, I have been getting slammed with job duties and other real-life stuff is sapping a good deal of my energy/attention as well.
        So yeah, big thanks to Fraser, Corrina and Greg (you’ll always be Other Greg to me – :P) for the regular posting, and happy anniversary to all.

        1. Greg Burgas

          Yeah, the real world stinks sometimes. I don’t even have a big job and I have trouble finding the time to write stuff. Sigh. Stupid real world!

          We were trying to figure out a way to visit Split while we were in Italy, but the ferries just didn’t work out. I was hoping we could get together if you were able, but alas, it was not to be! 🙁

  2. conrad1970

    Six years, how time flys by. It doesn’t seem that long ago when you guys were done with that other comic book website.
    I miss the other Greg’s posts as well, to be honest they were the main reason I came here so often, it was almost like looking in a mirror, our likes were so similar it was scary.
    As long as you guys keep up the good fight I’ll keep checking in.

    1. Greg Burgas

      Thanks, sir. Yeah, time does fly. Sheesh, I feel old sometimes. 🙂

      I still get bummed on the weekends every so often when I realize there’s not a new Hatcher post coming. So I get what you mean. We all try to live up to the standard he set!

  3. Der

    Happy 6th anniversary!

    I know that you say six years, but man it seems that I’ve been reading you guys all my adult life so far. I don’t even know when I started(or how I got to CBR) but I remember liking your writting(all of you, yes, even Travis writting. Travis should post more!)

    I like blogs, so sad that there are not that many around(yes, I do listen to youtube videos while doing chores, but is not the same to me) so I hope you all stick around for a long while

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