My Year in Junk

This is the time when everyone publishes their year-end review or their best of the year or whatever column. There’s always the entertainment round-up, best new this, best new that.

Truthfully I’m a bad blogger when it comes to this sort of thing, because rarely, if ever, do we ever get anything NEW. Julie and I are low-income; we live on a very tight budget and he entertainment budget is next to nothing so we are always buying discount or used. This is the Junk Shop, after all, and as it turned out 2016 was kind of a cool year for us turning up oddball bits of this and that on the cheap. These are just a few of the things I came across this last year that I thought were great fun, and not very expensive at all. Some of it’s even free.

…So Can We Talk About the SHERLOCK Series 4 Premiere?

I just finished watching the Sherlock Series 4 premiere as I write this, and like most fans of the show, I have a lot of thoughts about it. I’m going to keep it spoiler-free to start out, though, and just talk about my feelings on the show in general. I’ll give you fair warning when I’m about to get into S4 spoiler territory.

House to Astonish Episode 151 – the Homies Awards 2016

As it’s the start of a brand new year, and as is traditional on the House to Astonish podcast, we’re running through the comics of 2016 and handing out our annual gongs. This episode features the results of the Homies awards, with Paul’s picks, my picks, and the winners of the listener vote. We’re taking a look back at new series, old stalwarts, our favourite writers, artists and colourists, and the moments in comics that made us sit up and take notice this year. We’ve got unexpectedly good books, predictably good creators, astonishingly close votes, and shambolically tabulated results. Come hear what we enjoyed this year, and what the voting Housemates plumped for. All this plus a wooden piece of wood, a beautiful leather briefcase, and a perfunctory log fire.