Celebrating the Unpopular Arts

A quick review of Tenet

¢n̈yi≈g ¢Ω n̈ea♫h me
I ♫a≈’¢ ¢un̈≈ ¢Ω ¢he Πef¢ Ωn̈ ¢he n̈igh¢
I’m ¢ΩΩ s♫an̈ed ¢Ω n̈u≈ a≈d I’m ¢ΩΩ weak ¢Ω figh¢
Bu¢ I dΩ≈’¢ ♫an̈e i¢’s aΠΠ technobabble n̈ap ¢Ω me
em Ω¢ pan̈ elbbabonhcet ΠΠa s’¢i en̈a♫ ¢’≈Ωd I ¢uB
¢hgif Ω¢ kaew ΩΩ¢ m’I d≈a ≈un̈ Ω¢ den̈a♫s ΩΩ¢ m’I
¢hgin̈ eh¢ n̈Ω ¢feΠ eh¢ Ω¢ ≈n̈u¢ ¢’≈a♫ I
em h♫aen̈ Ω¢ g≈iyn̈¢

… this should prepare you for the experience of watching the movie.



          1. Le Messor

            Oh, don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it!

            Just… listen very, very carefully.

            (Also, thanks – I wondered why Zimmer hadn’t been involved.)

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