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Comics For Sale…And In Review – Part 1 of Many!

Comics For Sale…And In Review – Part 1 of Many!

Hey folks, Travis here.  I’m trying to sell off some of my comics collection on EBay, and I’m going to write up some reviews of a lot of the ones I’m trying to sell.  I’ll give you links to the specific comics I’m going to talk about, but all of my listings will be under EBay username hello_star.  I’ll eventually be adding things like CDs, DVDs, and baseball cards, I think.  But for right now, I just wanted to post about the listings and give you a head’s up.

Watchmen 2
This is one of the comics I have up for sale, but I’m not going to review this one individually!
Goddamned 4
Here’s another one I’m selling, which has a great Skottie Young cover.


I hope you’ll give them a look and let me know if there are any comics on your own want list that I might have and be willing to part with.  Or if you want to make a deal for more than one of the books I have up for sale “offsite” of where it’s listed *ahem*.










  1. Good luck. I find ebay more work than it’s worth to sell but my brother’s had great success with it.
    A few years ago I gave away a lot of comics to an organization that auctioned them off to raise money for children’s hospice. Alas, it’s no longer in operation.

  2. Thanks, Fraser. I sold the Goddamned issue today so I’ve got to send that out tomorrow. If it sold to someone who saw it here, lmk! I don’t recognize the name right off, but it could be someone here. I have to do a review post to drive some more traffic to eBay, because the 2 books I featured here got many more views than my other stuff so far.

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