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Flippin’ Through ‘Previews’ — December 2021

It’s shocking that I have to look it up every time, but I always have to look up the post title of the last Flippin’ to make sure I match the new one to the old one stylistically!  We’re dealing with Previews #399 (ooh!) and DC Connect 19.  And since Diamond still hasn’t fixed their site, I’m just going off the “order form view” on the website, which gives me the right order of products but no page numbers.  I really hope they fix things because I missed a few catalogs this year and wanted to print out the order forms, but they don’t come up for me.  They also don’t have the cancellations page fixed, which is annoying.  I better copy off the new release lists that I want soon, if they’re still available.  BTW, this is wordy Travis in black, while Greg will be in terse blue, I’m sure.

Shut it!

Man, that bust ain’t got no alibi


Let’s get going with the solicits!

Monkey Prince on page 10 might be fun, since Gene Luen Yang is good, and Bernard Chang’s art looks like it’s a bit more stretchy and cartoony than I remember, and it’s a fun idea to think that the child of “freelance henchpeople” would become a hero, but it’s also set in the current DCU, where it seems like fun goes to die, so …?  (Same with the Mary Marvel mini a few pages prior — it looks like it might be cute or fun, so how will it survive in the DCU?)

Plus, it’s set in Gotham in the current DCU, which is where the gloomy heroes in other DCU cities won’t go because it’s too depressing even for them!

Dang, that pig-man is straight nightmare fuel

Did DC delay that collection of The Batman’s Grave (page 17) for the obvious reason, or was it just that a lot of stuff is getting delayed?  I thought this one was originally solicited fairly soon after the series wrapped, which was fairly soon after the accusations against Ellis surfaced.

It’s not delayed, it’s just what DC’s doing with softcover stuff these days. I own the hardcover, so I know it came out, but they price their hardcovers well, so I tend to get them. They seem to take a long time to bring them out in softcover, no matter what the creators have or haven’t done that’s creepy!

But sir, this says it’s the hardcover!  That’s what threw me off!

I don’t know what DC Connect you’re looking at, but mine is definitely listed as the softcover.

They must have fixed it.  What was the HC price and what’s the SC price?

Dunno. It’s down in the garage, and I ain’t looking it up. It was more than 30 dollars (which is the price listed in this catalog), but less than the price of buying the single issues. 35 or 40 bucks, probably?

The Milestones in History book (page 21), where the Milestone characters narrate true historical stories of Black people, sounds like a noble undertaking.  Which probably means it won’t sell much.

It sounds fairly dull, unfortunately, and as usual, I get annoyed with some of their inclusions. Hannibal was almost certainly not black, as Carthage was a Phoenician colony in North Africa, so he was probably more Semitic than anything. The Queen of Sheba may or may not have existed and was also probably Semitic if she did exist. There are many, many black people from history who could provide the necessary “action” that I assume they’re trying to include in a book like this (visually, Hannibal fighting Romans is very exciting, so I can see why they would want him in here), so they don’t need to include people who, on the one hand, may not have existed and, on the other hand, weren’t actually, you know, black people.

Nice cover, though

DC Horror Presents The Conjuring: The Lover (page 24) is a comics tie-in to the movie series, the latest of which, The Devil Made Me Do It, is a movie I actually watched in the theater this year.  Luckily, I did not get COVID from it, because it definitely wasn’t worth that.  The comic has a lot of artists that you and I like a lot, like Mitten, Ferreyra, Kelley Jones, Billy the Sink on covers, so this might be worth getting someday really cheap.

I’d have to check out the individual issues, but 25 bucks for the hardcover might actually be “really cheap,” as I think each issue was 6 dollars. But I could be wrong.

For anyone who was waiting for the Gotham Central Omnibus to come back into print (page 37), you’re welcome, because I just recently picked up a few of the different softcover collections.  That’s right, if I’m close to getting everything of a series, that series will be collected or reprinted soon.  If I end up getting the issues of Automatic Kafka I have my eye on, you know we’ll finally get that collected!

Well, then you should get on that, because AK could use a good collection. As for the Gotham Central book … I always think about this, because the trades I have are missing a few issues, I assume the ones that were part of crossovers but which I want to read anyway!!!! So I’m thinking about getting this.

What’s weird is that this Omnibus has just the 40 issues of the series, while some of the versions of the trades include other issues.  At least that’s what it says in the online listings.  I see I have the second volume of the original trades, which feature issues 12-15 and 19-22, while the third and fourth volumes of the later trades feature issues 23-31 and 32-40, I believe.  But I swear I looked it up and one of the other trades included an issue of Robin or something.

Hey, Hellblazer is finally completely collected!  Or it will be once volume 26 comes out, but it’s solicited here (page 38).  I’m sure it’s very easy to find all the volumes and complete the set if you didn’t start collecting the trades from the start, though! /sarcasm

Early in my comics collecting days, I got some random issues of New Teen Titans, and one was the issue that the volume 13 is using as the cover here (page 38).  I enjoyed the cover copy which says “it finally happens — Starfire kills!”, like everyone was waiting for it in eager anticipation or something.

Come on – there’s nothing hotter than a yellow-skinned alien murderer with big boobs!

I like how it appears that Donna has been dropped into the picture

It seems weird that they’re splitting the Question up the way they are, for the Omnibi, with the first 27 issues in this one (and a couple of Annuals) (page 39).  That leaves 9 issues of the regular series, an Annual, and 5 Quarterly issues for the second series, unless they’re going to add in the Blackest Night or Convergence issues or something that I’m forgetting.  It seems a little unbalanced, but maybe the page count works out more evenly than I realize.

Don’t you think the grand poobahs of DC have thought this through? They’re not just pulling stuff out of their asses, you know!

It’s bugging me that I can’t figure out who drew the DC Legends of Tomorrow ad on the ibc.  It’s someone that I know their work, and once I’m informed of who it is, I’ll smack myself in the head, going “of course”.  Who is it!?

Dunno. I asked at the comic book store and nobody knew, and Google is no help. It looks vaguely like Stéphane Roux’s work, but I don’t think it’s his.

That’s a good guess.  I’m also thinking one of the dudes who was on the Superman books around when Busiek and Johns were doing them for awhile, like Jesus Merino or someone?  Somebody tell us!

Give the artist some credit, DC!!!!!


Always go to Image for their own solicits!

Rogue Sun (page 38) is apparently part of the new Image superhero universe, from what I’ve read.  I think Radiant Black ties in, and something else too.  I’m sure Larsen will have Savage Dragon involved.

It sounds fine, but who calls themselves “Rogue Sun”? What a weird superhero name.

Step By Bloody Step (page 42) sounds interesting, as I like wordless comics, and Matias Bergara was great on Coda.

Ugh, wordless comics. One issue, maybe, but four? No thanks.

Neat cover, though

The Official Image Timeline one-shot (page 47) sounds awesome.  I love this kind of thing anyway, and Image has put out so many good books over the years, it’ll be fun to read about.  Plus, Valentino has probably been my favorite of the founders, because without him pushing for more indie stuff, Image probably wouldn’t be around still. Or it’d just be a boutique thing for Larsen and McFarlane.

Yeah, this seems cool, but it’s only 64 pages? Will it be anything but covers?

If Prophet 1 (page 48) is just a facsimile of the original, shouldn’t Image just save money and tell people to dive through the cheapo bins at their local comics shop?  I guarantee any store with back issues from before the last 5 years or so has at least one copy of this, at less than the $3.99 price.  I guarantee I must have a copy somewhere, because I’m weak, I’m so very weak.

Yeah, this seems a bit strange. I guess they think they’ll make money on it, and … they’re probably right. Resist, nerds!!!!

Oh, ok, this Supermassive one-shot (page 50) has the first appearance of Rogue Sun and also features Radiant Black and all.  Why didn’t they list this one right next to the Rogue Sun listing?

Are you questioning the genius of the solicits? HOW DARE YOU?!?!?

I’m sorry to have to do this, but: TWSS

The first collection of Echolands, the new JHW3 book that’s landscape oriented, is offered in HC (page 56), and from what I saw of an issue, sure looks purty, at least.

I haven’t read it yet, but it looks fan-fucking-tastic. I couldn’t resist the single issues!!!!

On page 62, Skottie Young and Jorge Corona have the trade of The Me You Love in the Dark, which sounds like a keen horror story. Middlewest, their previous collaboration, was quite good, so I’m looking forward to this.

Dark Horse:

You know the solicits are here!

There’s a new Manor Black mini-series on page 92, so that’s nice. It’s a pretty interesting series so far.

I wish more of Peter Bergting’s work would come to America, because he’s such a good artist, so I’m glad to see The Crows on page 102, which sounds like a fairly standard horror book but which will definitely look great because Bergting’s drawing it!


Ether sounded good to me, but I never got any of it, but now there’s an omnibus of the whole thing (3 series worth, I think).

The first mini-series was enjoyable, but nothing special enough to make me want to get the next one. But that’s just me.

We Only Kill Each Other on page 105 sounds fun: Jewish gangsters who are fighting a turf war putting aside their differences to team up and kill Nazis trying to infiltrate the States. It’s nice that they can find something to agree on: Nazis are bad. (Something, I should point out, that our ex-president couldn’t even manage to agree on.)


You can find the solicits here!

I heard about this one recently and got excited for the Captain Action Classic Collection HC (page 123) that collects the original 5 issues that DC put out of the original superhero action figure, who could be dressed up as other characters and stuff.  From what I understand, it even includes a Superman crossover, so good on DC for allowing this to finally be collected.  I just heard about the dates for Ithacon next spring, so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get an early copy of this book there from Ed Catto, who is the dude that pushed Captain Action back into the spotlight.

Yeah, I’ll probably get this, although I worry about the recoloring, because that’s always kind of a crap shoot. I’ll think about it.

I just saw something about it that said they didn’t do a glossy shine to it and they added some sort of tint to make it look like a ‘60s book, so I think Scott Dunbier and company want things to look the way us old people want!

The innuendo is strong in this one!

The rumor is that IDW is losing the GI Joe and Transformers licenses next year, so the GI Joe Saturday Morning Adventures and Yo Joe Special, and Transformers War’s End books might be the last hurrahs for IDW with these books.  I haven’t read a lot of their stuff, but I think they’ve done a decent job over the years.

It certainly sounds like they’re preparing to give the licenses up, just by the solicits.

Ooh, that Mignola Hellboy in Hell Artisan Edition looks good …


Rich has all the solicits for you!

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark the Classic Years gets a nice big omnibus that’s actually not too bad price-wise for the talent involved.  Dini, Busiek, Cockrum, Spiegle, Vokes, Hembeck … I like too how they make a big deal in the solicit about there being “26.666” issues worth of content, and then at the end it says it collects issues 1-27.  Oops.

To be fair, it reads “#1-26 and material from #27,” so not all of issue #27, but, presumably, two-thirds worth of the book. Suck it, Pelkie!

I’m very tempted to get the trade of The Invincible Red Sonja on page 166. Conner and Palmiotti writing, with Moritat on art? Sounds pretty good to me!

Boom! Studios:

The solicits you need are here!

I’m sure you’ve read The Killer, partly because I remember you saying so and partly because you’re into all those European comics.  A new series, Affairs of State, is coming out because apparently David Fischer is doing a movie based on the series.

I don’t know who “David Fischer” is, but David Fincher is doing the movie. And yeah, this is a good series. I did a CYSO about it, but since then, I think two more volumes have come out and now this one, so I’m a bit annoyed by that (not by the new comics, just that I wrote about it before it was over). So I didn’t repost that when I reached it in the alphabet, because I’ll have to completely rewrite it once I’m sure Matz and Jacamon are not doing more!

Goddamn autocorrect!!!

I definitely haven’t read them, but I’m not even sure I have the second volume at all, but Maria Llovet’s Faithless is back for a third volume.  Oh, I forgot this is the one Azzarello writes.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t read it yet!

That’s definitely why I haven’t read it yet!


Back to the old Mothership for the solicits!

As to the first books highlighted here, I think I’d rather read about the Ex-Wives of Wolverine, and I’d find the Gwenverse more interesting if more of her “lives” led to someone getting their neck snapped.

It’s kind of interesting to me that now that we’re getting to the point where many of the writers are around my age, and therefore nostalgically use characters like Venom and such, that every time they try to reboot Ghost Rider, they still go back to Johnny Blaze and not to Danny Ketch. Was Danny that bad?  Danny Ketch Ghost Rider was my gateway to Marvel back in the early ‘90s!

Maybe Marvel isn’t letting them?

Maybe Danny is that big of a loser?

Devil’s Reign is an interesting sounding story, because of course Wilson Fisk would have ulterior motives in becoming mayor and would be trying to take down the superheroes.  But it sounds like, from this solicit (page 13), that he’s just “going crazy” and turning supervillain.  It would have been much more interesting story wise, if not visually as much, for him to have used his mayoral powers to tie the hands of the heroes, instead of starting some sort of war.

We like to point out when the solicits seem to overhype some artist or writer, and here’s one from Elektra: Black, White & Blood 3 (page 16), which calls Paul Azaceta an “industry legend”.  Now, having looked him up and confirming he’s who I think, I do like and enjoy his work, but I don’t know that Azaceta quite qualifies for that status.  Reserve that for, I don’t know, the guy who created Elektra, and people of his stature, maybe?

I know who Azaceta is without looking him up, and I certainly wouldn’t call him an “industry legend.” I mean, come on, Marvel.

Ooh, I was hoping that “Secret X-Men 1” was an actual title, and not just a placeholder for a book they haven’t announced fully yet.  This team, I have no real love for, but the name is fun (page 33).

I mean … it seems like that’s the name? Why do you think it’s not? And what “election” are they talking about in the solicits? Marvel’s solicit writers seem to think they’re a lot cleverer than they are. Couldn’t they just write “Wait a minute – aren’t those the mutants that nobody likes, so we can just slaughter them if we feel like it?” Also, it’s the X-Men In Space, so it’s going to suck. Sorry, them’s the rules.

I was just looking at the online solicits, so I didn’t see there was an image with it.  Sometimes they’ve solicited books without telling us what it was, like when Gambit and Rogue got married, so they just had a placeholder title (or did they — I think they did tell us it was Mr. And Mrs. X but just not who the leads were).  The election was an online thing they did recently where people decided who was going to be the last character to join the main X-Men book, but it was apparently also part of the storyline as well.  Yeah, the X-Men are dumb currently.  And yes to X-Men In Space going to suck.

They should lean into it and call it ‘The Sucky X-Men’ or ‘The Cannon Fodder X-Men’

Ooh (2), I forgot that The X-Cellent was the continuation of X-Statix!  I got the Marvel 80th anniversary special where they came back a couple years ago, but you know me, I haven’t read it yet, but surprisingly, I should have all this stuff easily accessible to (re)read.  I loved the letters pages from the end of that X-Force run, where people loved or hated the change.  The one letter about Cable and his team living fast and hard, like the letter writer had to, still amuses me when I remember it!  I may get this in singles!

Yeah, I might get it in singles, too, dang it.

I wish I had the cash for the latest printing of the ASM Omnibus v.1, since Stan and Steve are the best!

I mean, don’t you already have these in some collection? It’s not like they’re obscure comics.

That is true, I have the Essentials and some MMW, as well as some issues of Marvel Tales or something, so I probably have all these in B&W and color.  But not in a big ol’ HC!

It’s neat that the Strange Academy HC prints the issues in both color and B&W, but Ramos isn’t the artist I’d be most interested in seeing this way.  Maybe they’ll do more if this does well, though!

The fourteenth MMW of Captain America features the great Byrne/Stern run along with some other stuff, so if you haven’t read it, here’s a chance to get it.

Back of the book!

Ablaze has a new book called Life Zero (212), which sounds more like some sort of water being sold to us as extra healthy or some crap.

“Life Zero – because you don’t need extra weird stuff in your highly-priced water!”

On page 216 (Diamond finally got things working after I put off this section of the post for so long!), Aardvark-Vanaheim has the usual goodness, with the Cerebus trade Guys offered again (some primo stuff in that volume) as well as the latest Cerebus in Hell?, Defective Comics, another double sized issue just 2 months after the last double sized one; and the latest Swords of Cerebus in Hell? collection, which has a big ol’ PENIS on it.

Also on 216 from Abrams ComicArts/Megascope is The Eightfold Path, a blend of Afrofuturism and Buddhist tales.  That sounds like a cool mash up!

Who will administer the beating to Siddhartha?

Brian Fies tends to make good comics, so I’ll probably get The Last Mechanical Monster, his latest, on page 218 from Abrams. It’s about an old evil scientist who finally learns to love. Awwww.

Also on page 218 from Abrams is Flung Out of Space, a story about Patricia Highsmith wrestling with her sexuality and her career. I’ve never read a Highsmith book, but I like the movies based on her books, so I’ll probably check this out.

I’d consider Acme Ink’s Lemmy bio on page 219, but it appears the art is obscuring his magnificent warts on the side of his face (and they’re so prominent in the image the artist used as reference for this cover, I googled it in a second!).  Lemmy’s warts deserve their own spinoff series.

My knowledge and interest in Motörhead begins and ends with “Ace of Spades,” which is a cool tune, but Lemmy does show up as a cab driver in the terrific movie Hardware, so that was keen.

Garth Ennis and PJ Holden are back doing war comics for AfterShock on page 222 with The Lion and the Eagle, which seems to be Apocalypse Now for World War II. I don’t even care, because it’s an Ennis war story, so of course I’m getting it!

It appears to be a “mission of Burma” as well (post-punk reference!)

On 236 Ahoy has the collection of Snelson, about a past-his-prime comedian who’s trying not to be canceled.  I need to catch up on all the Ahoy stuff, I lost track of a bunch this year.

I’m trying to decide whether to get this or not. I’m on the fence!

I don’t know how many issues we’ll get of Beyond the Farthest Star, which American Mythology offers on page 238. This is the old back-up in DC’s Tarzan series, and I’d love to get it, but I don’t want to get it in single issue format. It sounds pretty neat.

The problem is that American Mythology doesn’t seem to get around to collecting their stuff into trades in a very timely manner. I think they eventually get it together, but it takes forever.  But yeah, this looks cool, although couldn’t they have gotten some talented people on this book (he says kiddingly).

On 248, Asylum Press apparently offers again Chestaclese Sketchbook 1, with art by Ren and Stimpy co-creator Jim Smith.  I do love that crazed look on the titular barbarian dude’s face.

He has things on his mind!

AWA has some (probably) good trades on page 263. The second half of Garth Ennis’s Marjorie Finnegan, Temporal Criminal is offered, which is keen. Frank Cho’s faux Wonder Woman story, Fight Girls, is there, too. Mark Russell and Mike Deodato have Not All Robots, which sounds pretty nifty. The latter two are only ten bucks, too, which is nice.

All of those did sound good.  Did you ever get the first half trade of Marjorie Finnegan?  Because the solicit here sounds the same as the other one did, so I’m wondering if they yanked that one and are doing the whole 8 issue series in one $15 trade.  Because that’d be a great value if they did.  I’m also interested in Primos #1 on 260, because is that The Daily Show’s Al Madrigal, who also toured with the late great Mitch Hedberg?  I’m intrigued a little for that, but also because the concept is pretty cool, where two Mayan brothers took off into space (when the Mayans were a thing) and now one wants to destroy Earth while the other wants his descendants to save it.  Cool.  The art should be good too.

Yep, I got the first half, and this solicit does reference some things from the first collection, so I’m confident this is the second one, despite the use of the same cover image. I can’t imagine they won’t offer a full collection for, say, 20 bucks at some point, though. As for Primos – it looks pretty good, and I honestly don’t know if that’s the same Al Madrigal. Go to yon internet, young man!

On 265 and 267 Behemoth has a few neat things.  Someone’s a Wilco fan with Heavy Metal Drummer coming out.  And two trades that sound like they might not be great stories but have cool art are Junky Cable (not sure if it’s supposed to be one word or two), a cyberpunk rescue story, and Freak Snow: Revenge is a Drug, where a really high dude on a quest finds a hole that speaks the truth.  Sure, dude.

On 268 Binge Books has Startup #1: Starting Point, the origin story of a speedster in this Binge Books Universe.  Sounds like good ol’ Silver Age style fun.

I’ve bought both so far, and they are rather fun. I do like how they don’t list the writer for this one, though. That’s odd.

Especially since the solicit lists Darin Henry, who worked on Seinfeld, as the writer.

I don’t know if I’ll pull the trigger on Terry and the Pirates: The Master Collection volume 1, which is offered on page 282 from Clover Press. On the one hand, it’s a seminal comic, and I’m sure it’s ridiculously good. On the other hand, it’s $120 and I really am trying to cut back on spending. But dang, I’ve wanted to read this for some time now, and I’m sure this will look great.

Yeah, this is definitely one that I’d love to just look at, but dang, the whole series is going to be 12 volumes and that means at least $1450 for the set down the line!

So tempting!!!!!

Drawn & Quarterly has a few on 286 that interest me for different reasons.  Time Zone J is the first new inked comic (I guess her other stuff has been collages) since the ‘90s from Julie Doucet, whom indie comics fans are quite aware of, while Mr. Colostomy is about a horse detective, and because we can’t just have an absurd comic about a horse detective, we have to have it “enhanced” by Matthew Thurber creating the comic through “parapraxis”, meaning with no forethought or pencilling.  Or, y’know, ad libbing.  Making it up on the fly.  Not hoity-toity enough I guess!

Man, I love pretentious things, but that’s a bit much even for me.

Epicenter Comics has Mister No volume 1 on page 293, and I’ll probably get it. It sounds very Indiana Jones-ish, although he’s an adventurer who is hired by an archaeologist and it’s set in the present day, it seems. Still, sounds neat-o.

It’s not about the James Bond villain before he got his degree?


You knew what you were getting when you asked me to write these with you!

On 295, Fantagraphics has The Comics Journal 308, which has a Rob Guillory sketchbook, among other things.  They have a lot of other stuff too, but none of it grabbed me much this time.

Graphic Mundi – PSU Press has a couple on page 302 that sound pretty good. Crude: A Memoir is by an Ecuadorian lawyer who fought against Texaco in the Amazon, so I’m sure we’ll all feel guilty the next time we fill up the car with gas. The Parakeet is about a young boy whose mother is mentally ill and how he deals with it. I’ll probably get both of these!

Tim Seeley and Ilias Kyriazis sound like a good team, and they have Chronophage on page 306 from Humanoids, a story about a strange being that somehow steals time from its victims. A woman who believes she’s dating a swell dude realizes that things are going sideways, and she needs to fight back.

This sounds quite interesting.

Speed Republic on page 315 from Mad Cave Studios is another post-apocalyptic type story where someone has to win a contest (a race here) in order to get a better life.  This one is written by Ryan Lindsey, who’s pretty good, so this should be too.

Magnetic Press has, on page 316, the Carbon Grey Omnibus, which I think was a book originally published by Image.  I’m not sure how to describe it from the solicit, but I think there was anime influenced fighting or something.

PS Artbooks on page 332 has the usual amount of coolness.  Children of Doom reprints a Charlton full length story from 1954, a decade before Dr. Strangelove, so I don’t know how there’s a reference to that movie.  I’m also not sure how they can do Blackhawk, given that DC owns the character, but if DC won’t reprint it …

I refuse to write about their comics until they actually ship the ones I ordered to my store. It’s very annoying.

I don’t remember when I first ordered books from them, but last year they shipped a whole bunch of them December/January, so maybe they wait until the end of the year to do stuff?

On page 334, Rebellion/2000AD has the 2000AD Encyclopedia, a good intro to the world of 2000AD.  I need to look over the file they sent me so that I can review it!

Yeah, that will happen. Oh look, a monkey just flew out of my butt.

Prepare your sphincter!

On 336, Red 5/Stonebot has Fictionauts #1, one of a number of books that have a team or something that “protects” the fictional world.  I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.  Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next novels are a great example of the genre.

I mean, I’m not NOT a sucker for them, either …

On the same page from Roaring Brook is My Parents Won’t Stop Talking, a book drawn by Tillie Walden, whose sci-fi stuff is pretty dang good.

I’d get this because Walden is terrific, but it seems a bit too young, even for a young-at-heart dude like me.

On 337-338, Scout Comics has a bunch of good stuff.  Impossible Jones 4 wraps up the reprint of the GN.  Broken Eye 1 is about a ‘70s dude in Liverpool whose broken eye can see into the pass.  By The Horns is a trade about a woman who wants to kill all unicorns because her husband got trampled by unicorns.  Lifeformed is a trade about an 11-year-old girl who has to survive after an alien invasion, and hangs out with an alien who’s rebelling against his own people.  Playthings 1 is about a woman waking up in a child’s room and among other things, her hands aren’t even real.  Uh-oh.  Rad Wraith is about a skater dude who died on a skate half pipe built on cursed land.  And Stake is a trade of a book about a teen girl who fights vampires even though she missed out on her own teen years.

On page 340 Second Sight has a couple neat looking ones.  The Creepy and Crawly Sideshow might be fun, and The Walk one shot is by Stefano Cardoselli, who does some gonzo stuff.

Source Point Press has a couple of trades on page 346 that might be good. The Winchester Mystery House is, well, about the Winchester House, which is something of a mystery. I know! Unborn is about an expedition to another planet that gets overwhelmed by hostile native life forms. But it seems that there’s a Paul Reiser among the humans! Oh dear. I’ll probably get both of these.

The Winchester Mystery House is indeed cool, as you can see from the cool Buzzfeed Unsolved videos here.  Paul Reiser went to the same university I did, if that means anything.  Tales from the Dead Astronaut is a trade that sounded fun, with stories about weird outer space stuff.  And on 347, there’s Salty Seductions of Salatious Sea, which sounds salacious.

Not to mention salty and seductive.

Oh, no! the Mindless Ones are in trouble!

On page 361 we find Suppress from 21 Pulp, in which a slacker can see monsters attached to everyone’s faces, which make their lives miserable. Will he do something about it, or slack as usual? It wouldn’t be much of a book if he didn’t do something, would it? But we shall see!

On page 376, Vault has Bonding in trade, about a world where people have parasites on their chests, and one dude’s dies on him. Oops.  Maybe they can meet the people in Suppress?

There’s finally a trade of Ascencia on page 378 from Wake Entertainment. I’ve been wanting to read this because Tony Parker draws it and Parker is not only a very good artist but a very cool dude, and I was beginning to despair of it ever being collected. But there it is, so yay!

Yeah, this one sounded really interesting, and some of the covers looked great too.

Flip side:

M-39 has figures from Sam and Max, a hilarious ‘80s comic turned cartoon and video game and so on.  I was happy to find the ‘90s cartoon on Tubi TV, a free streaming service, even though I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet.  They also have the new Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers cartoon series.  Also, the Tick ‘90s cartoon is on Hulu, and that made me very happy to be able to watch the mad scientist convention one. Ahem.  Anyway.

M-42 has Dexter’s Laboratory Funko Pops.  Even though I didn’t watch the original Dexter series on Showtime, I’ve been watching the New Blood (or whatever it’s called ) series on Showtime’s streaming stuff, and occasionally I chime in with a “you are stoo-pid!” like the cartoon kid would say, because I like to pretend that they’re the same character.  Hee hee.

So this is probably the last post I’ll be involved with this year, unless the new Previews stuff comes out soon and Greg and I manage to sneak it out before EOY.  Not likely, we know.  Especially if Greg does a best of the year post, which I don’t know if he’s doing.  Anyway, 2021 was a year, huh?  I hope to bounce back in 2022 and give y’all some cool stuff to read and look at!

Have a good Christmas, everyone!


  1. tomfitz1

    Distinguished Gentlemen:

    I agree with you about the DIAMOND website. I can get to the New Release (sometimes), but not the Next Week Release. Wish they’d fix it!

    Does anyone know why CBR stopped show solicitations for Image, Dark Horse? They still show DC and Marvel, but no independent publishers.

    Have a Merry X-mas, and a happy new year!

  2. John King

    I think the page count of the second volume of Question would be similar if they include the Question Quarterly, the Question Returns, the Rick Veitch series, the blackest night issue and the Deaths of Vic Sage

    the Judge Dredd megazine has over the last year or so been serialising a 2000AD encyclopaedia – I guess this is a collection of that

    1. Maybe they’ll include all that, but the full name of the book is The Question by Dennis O’Neil and Denys Cowan, so I don’t know if they’ll include stuff that’s not by either of them (like the Veitch series).

      You are correct re: the 2000AD Encyclopedia collecting the Megazine serialization.

  3. I actually checked earlier in the month with AWA to confirm, and– this Marjorie Finnegan trade *is* the whole series. Apparently there will not be a volume 2 with just the back half. Which kinda stinks since I already bought the first trade. But also this complete collection is well-priced.

    1. Greg Burgas

      Well, that sucks. I mean, I get it, but why would they even have a volume 1 if they knew it was just going to be 8 issues? I know the answer to any question is “money,” but that still seems short-sighted. It’s a good price, sure, but it’s still annoying.

  4. Eric van Schaik

    For the first time in many, many years I had to get an actual Previews because of the Diamond site sucking. The customer order form came online after the 18th. Why o why? 🙁

    The last Manifest Destiny trade and Big Alien Moon Crush because I like Baltazar.
    Maybe I would have ordered more because of your recommendations but try to be on time guys!

    Nice to see some love for The Pirates! Band of Misfits

    I agree with Greg: hardware was a terrific movie.

    Talking about Mr. Burgas, I had to laugh about the following comment : “it’s $120 and I really am trying to cut back on spending”.
    This comes from the man who spend $ 500 in 1 week last november. Really funny.

    Dexter’s Laboratory was funny but 2 Stupid Dogs ans Cow & Chicken were so much better IMO.

    My wife and I both have corona and Holland is in lockdown again so not a nice ending of the year. Let’s hope ’22 will be better.

    1. Greg Burgas

      Eric: I wouldn’t hold my breath on that Manifest Destiny trade. They’re about four issues from the end and they’re severely delayed with the singles, so the trade is going to be extremely late unless they ship the issues in consecutive weeks soon.

      Sorry we were late. I’d blame Travis, but it’s both of us, and December isn’t the kindest month for timeliness, given what else is going on at this time of the year!

      Yes, I did spend that much, but it really gave me sticker shock! What I meant was that, as Travis notes, all the volumes would really set you back, so do I really want to start something I might not finish? The answer, as it turns out, is “yes,” because I did order it!

      I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. My daughter’s speech therapist has had COVID twice now, and she’s vaccinated and has her booster. It just gets through! I’m trying to be careful, and so far it’s worked, but who knows what’s coming down the pike. I hope you guys get better and don’t have too many negative consequences from it!

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