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Flippin’ Through ‘Previews’ — January 2022

Well, I’ll be, it’s a whole new year and the numbers on the catalogs are nice and round!  We’re looking at Previews #400 (!!!) and DC Connect #20, and finding all sorts of fun stuff for you to look at.  This is Travis in gloomy year end black (it’s still 2021 as I start this!), and Greg Burgas is in blue.


Make your solicit-fu strong here!

The new Batman/Superman: World’s Finest series by Mark Waid and Dan Mora (page 4) finally gives me some hope for DC.  If anyone can do a good team up comic like this and not wallow in doom and gloom (despite having the Doom Patrol in it), it seems like Waid should be able to. Plus, the slap variant covers are funny.  I saw the Seinfeld cover, but I didn’t realize that was Seinfeld at first.  I thought it was Alfred!

I mean, yeah, it should work. But these days, Waid seems to get bored with books pretty quickly, so who knows even how long he’ll last on the title?

Is it that he’s bored or that he’s old enough that he’s not going to put up with shit for long?

I mean, I guess it’s fine …

I guess whatever Sean Murphy was accused of wasn’t bad enough for DC to get rid of a cash cow, so there’s another White Knight series, with Terry McGinnis in this one (page 6).

Well, it seems extremely vague and, in the case of him drawing a cover for TenNapel, not really that big a deal even if it’s a bit sketchy. So why would they cut ties with him?

It seems like the accusation (I’m not sure if there were any others, really) was that Murphy did things similar to what Warren Ellis did.  So I’m wondering how he got a pass.

So one co-writer of (yawn) War for Earth-3 (pages 18-19) is Dennis Hopeless, who for a bit was trying to use what is presumably his birth name, but I guess that wouldn’t stick and was causing too much confusion.  Or else he’s still trying and they just screwed up here.

I saw that and wondered if DC was just ignoring his wishes. That would be just like them.

The first trade of The Nice House on the Lake is offered (page 28), and I was interested in it.  I‘m mostly curious about how different it is from Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, but that one page of preview art does make it look like a lot more is going on.

I’m waiting for the 12-issue hardcover!

If I didn’t already have most of the Batman B&W stuff, I’d probably want this trade box set even more (page 30).  As it is, I do want it quite a bit, because what I don’t have is probably hard to find.

Yeah, I’m going to skip that because I have them all, but that is pretty cool.

Batman vs. Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham is in trade on page 44. This has to be a weird-ass clusterfuck, I imagine, and I am here for it!

Some of the Milligan Detective Comics are collected in Batman: The Dark Knight Detective volume 6 on page 44. Plus, the cool issue #627, which gives us four (4!!!) different versions of Batman’s first case!

I’ve managed to snag most of the DC One Million event, or else I’d want the omnibus (page 44) more.

That Phantom Stranger Omnibus (page 45) looks tasty, doesn’t it?

Oh, definitely. I’m all over that like you getting that cheap beard oil!

Tails of the Super Pets (page 46) sounds cute and fun.  How is this DC coming out with it?!

Someone slipped it past the gloom-‘n’-doom gatekeepers?

I would love if DC published one – JUST ONE!!! – of these kinds of stories in the modern art style and didn’t make any kind of big deal about it


Solicits ahoy!

Given that it’s Kieron Gillen writing what appears to be a very dialogue-heavy comic and Gillen is very good at that sort of thing, I should, in theory, be excited about Immortal X-Men (pages 2-3) … except that it’s still Krakoa, which is still stupid. Sigh.

Yeah, someday I’ll read all that Krakoa stuff, but it sounds dumb.

Jamie McKelvie is writing but not drawing Captain Carter on page 14. I mean, I like McKelvie as a writer, but he’s a superb artist, and it vexes me when these great artists decide they want to be exclusively writers, because that’s where the money is. It’s annoying.

I don’t know if that’s where the money is, but it’s certainly got to be less time-consuming to “just” write a story versus drawing it.

Yeah, it’s less money to write than to draw, but you can write a lot more than you can draw, so it adds up!

I getcha.

They don’t tell you that “Hydra Stomp” is a new groovy dance that Steve is just really, really good at

The Punisher 1 on page 22 was apparently originally called something like the End of the Punisher, and he’s going to get some new symbol on his shirt, so they’re trying to deal with the blowback from awful people identifying with the Punisher.  Which won’t stick for longer than a year or two, of course.

I mean, who cares? The Punisher is a villain anyway, so who cares if racist bullies like him?

Well, when those guys are cops …

Sure, but this is still a tempest in a teacup. Which goes to your point that it won’t last very long.

That’s nice that Marvel is offering up a “facsimile edition” of Amazing Spider-Man #238, the first appearance of the Hobgoblin, on page 38, but if they’re not going to offer the “Free Lakeside Skin Tattooz” with it (it’s conspicuously missing from the green starburst in the lower right), then what’s the point?

Damn right!  It was funny to read about how people would take the tattoo from less expensive books that came out that month and would finagle them into the ASM 238s that didn’t have them in order to get a book that would sell for more.  Also, just as the calendar turned over, I celebrated that 30 years ago, I got my first new Marvel comics, and one book I got was the Marvel Tales reprint of this issue, so it’s cool to see this facsimile edition.  (Egads, that column was written over 5 years ago!)

I didn’t know that about the tattoo, but that’s very funny. And look, it’s something you wrote for the blog! Remember when you used to do that?

Those were the days!

On page 52 Jim Rugg is doing the latest Grand Design book, Hulk Monster!  I have the FF one but haven’t read it yet, but this should be damn good.

I guess. These “Grand Design” books are fine, but, I mean, Marvel should let Rugg (and Piskor and Scioli) do something new and original and still pay them beaucoup ducats. Wouldn’t that be nice?

That’s very true too!

That’s a cool cover, though – I’m surprised no one has thought of that pose before!

If it’s been a while since your eyes bled, you might want to scoop up the X-Treme X-Men by Chris Claremont Omnibus on page 86. Holy cow, these are bad comics. I mean, I only read a few of them, but I can’t believe they got better after I fled screaming from them, my sanity in tatters!

I was amazed that Sovereign Seven was so bad when I reread the first few issues a number of years back.  Claremont must need to be working regularly or else the mojo is gone.

Page 90 has the second volume of PAD’s X-Factor in Omnibus form, and from what I’ve heard, he came back to the book and did a fine job with it, so I’d be interested in this.

Those are cool comics. They couldn’t keep an artist because this was at the height of Marvel’s double-shipping phase (which has abated, thank Cthulhu), but the artists are good, and the story is good, too.

I’m not really sure advertising the What If? Into the Multiverse Omnibus on page 91 with the “Milgrom Cover” is the way to go, given how … not good Milgrom was as an artist. But Marvel knows what it’s doing! I’m also fairly sure this collects the X-Men losing Inferno thing, in which Wolverine eats a baby. Good times!

I missed that issue, but I have the issue that followed up on that What If.  I think I was able to get these issues for cheap several years back, so I probably have most if not all of this, but if I didn’t, I’d really be wanting this.

Byrne’s run on FF is Omnibi’ed on page 93.  Again, I have a lot of this, so I don’t really need this.

There are two Treasury Editions on pages 102-105 that I’ll be getting: Demon Days and Amazing Fantasy. Both Peach Momoko and Kaare Andrews do gorgeous art that, I’m sure, will look wonderful in embiggened sizes. I know it’s more money, but that’s how I roll!

Yeah, it’ll definitely be worth it at the bigger size.

The first issue of the Hawkeye: Kate Bishop mini-series looked pretty keen, so I’m getting the trade on page 110.

The way the O looks in Echo on the Phoenix Song: Echo logo on page 112 makes it look like Phoenix Song Ech.  Heh.

You are not wrong

Page 113 has the new Defenders mini, which has Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez, so it should be pretty damn cool.

She-Hulk’s second run, where she becomes aware of her comic book-ness, is collected in an Epic volume on page 118.  There’s some fun stuff here.

Page 120 is full of the ‘90s excess with the new printing of the Spirits of Vengeance Rise of the Midnight Sons volume and the Avengers Epic Operation Galactic Storm volume.  Why do I want both?!?!

I mean, Howard Mackie, Len Kaminski, Bob Harras, Tom DeFalco, Alex Saviuk, Paul Ryan – how could you not want these books?!?!?!?

And on 121 is the ‘70s Ghost Rider stuff in Epic form.


Image has the solicits!

Not only are we getting new Astro City, but we’re getting a lot of cool covers for this special.  Yay! (Page 40)

I still like the original cover …

Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen are teaming up again with Little Monsters (page 42), a story about kid vampires in a post-apocalyptic world. Could be … interesting?

That does sound good, as well as reminding me of a hilarious (one of many) bit from What We Do in the Shadows, and these two creators do well together.

Slumber (page 54) sounds neat. A woman kills nightmares to help people sleep, but things are about to get messy for her. The art looks sufficiently wacky.

Yeah, I like that cover by the interior artist.  I’m also wondering what Nathan Fox has been up to recently.  I can’t even remember the last thing I saw from him.

He drew The Weatherman over the last few years. It was pretty good. But I don’t know what he’s doing at this very moment.

“Turning now to the Nathan Fox cam …”

You should really wear crappy clothes if you’re going to paint that much

On page 59 is Stillwater: Escape, which features work from Jason Loo and Ethan Young, who are great creators (and Young is a nice dude, I met him at a con).  I just haven’t read this series at all, although it sounds interesting.

Zombies vs Robots Classic from Ryall and Wood is offered on page 60, which is reprinting the old series (presumably from IDW?).  I’m getting close to getting the complete Automatic Kafka, so I’m guessing the next project offered from Wood at Image will be a trade of that book, and you’ll all be welcome for that!  (I’m being facetious, of course.)

Yes, this was an IDW book back in the day. And get going on that AK, so they can bring out a nice collection!

There’s a new Reckless book on page 62, so you should all pick it up, because Brubillips is on fire with this series.

Dang, this is already the fourth one, huh?  I actually got the first volume, because my LCS guy inadvertently stuck it in my pull box, and I think the first two volumes are available digitally through the Humble Bundle of Brubaker stuff (maybe we’ll publish this before that’s all done!), so I have those digitally as well.

Ha! Wishful thinking, sir!

I barely got the post I did about that stuff up before the Bru bundle was done, for the luvva Pete!

I learned my lesson about getting big Top Cow collections with The Complete Darkness, which was the hottest of garbage, but that doesn’t mean I’m not tempted by The Complete Cyberforce on page 67!!!! I am positive this will be even terribler than The Darkness, but I’m so tempted!!!!!

I saw this on Kickstarter recently, and I wasn’t sure, but apparently it does include the WildCATS crossover issues, which is kind of neat.  I guess in Justice League Incarnate there’s a Cyberforce stand-in, because there’s a whole Image world in the DCU now.

I’m probably getting the trade for Hellcop on page 68. Is that a mistake?!?!?

I suspect the earlier version that Joe Casey wrote in the late ‘90s or early ‘00s was better, but this sounds interesting.  Go with God!

Page 69 (nice) has the first HC version of Ice Cream Man, featuring the first 12 issues of the series.  I didn’t get the singles or trade of this book yet even though I like the creators, but the HC is actually nicely priced in comparison to the trades, so I’ll probably pick this version up.

It’s a good – if weird – series. I have no idea how long they can keep it up!

I have at least part of Paris in singles somewhere, but on page 70 is the HC of the series (like, what, 15-20 years later?).  I’m glad to see Andi Watson is still working, and I’m still kind of annoyed that Simon Gane’s They’re Not Like Us ended an issue from the end, as far as I’m aware.

That’s a lot in those two sentences. I mean, the trade has been available, as far as I know, for years, so you could have read the danged thing if you wanted to!

I meant the credits for the creators listed stuff I hadn’t seen for Watson, so presumably it’s new, while I was annoyed about They’re Not Like Us not publishing the final issue, as far as I know.  And yeah, I could have gotten the Paris trade, but I didn’t!

On page 72 is the trade of Second Chances, which sounded like a neat noir tale of someone having to start over their life and the mysterious background figure forcing the main character into this.  I know, my summary of the solicit is lacking!

You can write solicits for Marvel!


Dark Horse:

Rich will give you the solicits

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are doing a mini-series, We Have Demons (page 94), which will probably be pretty good. But I want Cover C by Capullo, which “features a red foil logo!” FOIL LOGO, BEEEEEEEEEEYAAAAATCHES!!!!!!

Shit, man, you should see a lot of Kickstarter projects.  They’re doing metal covers and holofoil and all sorts of crazy ass shit like that.  This book sounds fairly generic but it will look good.

On page 102, there’s a new Count Crowley mini-series, which is nifty. The first series was pretty darned good, so I’m looking forward to this one.

I didn’t end up getting the first one but I’m glad they get to do another one.  This book must be something that the video game company that just bought DH can turn into something.

Ugh, don’t remind me of that.

Radio Spaceman on page 103 sounds like a fun new Mignola steampunk outer space book, with art by Greg Hinkle, who’s pretty good.

I mean, of course this will be good!

Well, shit, there’s a fancy Dreadstar Omnibus on page 114, volume 1 of 3. I’m going to have to get this aren’t I?

Probably.  I missed the Kickstarter for this, but I may have to get this.  I wonder how the original Metamorphosis Odyssey stuff is included, as I believe from what I saw this was the first 12 issues of the Epic series.

What do you mean, “how”? They just add the pages, man!

But I thought it was a different telling of some of the same stuff covered in the early Epic issues!

Oh, I get it. I assume they’ll figure something out. These people are professionals, sir!


Rich has your back here, too!

I mean, I’m not saying I’m definitely getting the Cullen Bunn-Freddie Williams II Godzilla vs. Power Rangers mini-series on page 122, but I’m not saying I’m NOT going to get it, either …

It sounds fun.

Can I resist? SHOULD I resist?

Julian Hanshaw is an interesting creator, so I’m getting his latest, Free Pass (page 124), which is about a couple that receives a humanoid sex AI in the mail. Chaos and fucking ensue, I would imagine.

His stuff sounded interesting, and this book sounds especially intriguing.

On 128 is Loved and Lost: A Relationship Trilogy, collecting 3 early Jeffrey Brown GNs that I never got, so this might be ok.  I have liked his stuff over the years.

On page 131, Yellow Cab is about a dude who becomes a cab driver in New York, thinking he can gather material for a film. Things get weird, I would imagine. It sounds neat.

Needs less yellow


Rich is on fire with the solicits!

On 177 is the first HC of Red Sonja: Black, White, Red, but man, that’s spendy for only 4 issues.  A lot of great creators but that’s not a cheap book.

Yeah, that’s ridiculous. I guess they think they have a captive audience, so who the hell cares?

Boom! Studios:

You guessed it!

I’ll probably end up getting the trade of Eat the Rich, which shows up on page 202, but not unlike the solicits for the issues, the solicits are still wildly vague about what this story is about. But the art looks good, and I’m intrigued, so I guess the annoyingly vague solicits did their job!

I do want to find out what this is all about!

Let’s get to the back of the book!

I probably won’t get the hardcover of Porcelain on page 212 from Ablaze, because it’s a bit dear for me, but I hope the softcover comes out soon, because Maria Llovet makes some weird and interesting comics.

My mention of the good stuff from Aardvark-Vanaheim last time got us on the Cerebus Around the Web list at A Moment of Cerebus, so maybe praising Dave and crew for finally changing the official name of the book to Cerebus in Hell? Presents: and then adding in the new name of the one shot (in this case Cerebus the Emily) as a much needed and welcomed change will get us on the list again.  I’m also amused because the Emily the Strange people had plagiarism charges leveled at them so they can’t really say much about this version of Cerebus.  I also hope the magazine cover version of the book is used as a variant, because it’s funny.  The latest Swords of Cerebus volume, #12, is offered as well on page 214, and that’s right around where I missed getting the single issues, so I may need to pick this up.

Terry Moore’s latest, Serial, is collected in its entirety on page 214 from Abstract Studios. I dig Moore’s comics, and I like that he does these nice omnibuses of his work, because that’s how I buy them!

I should catch up on his stuff, but I’m so far behind.

Advent Comics has Miskatonic High on page 218, which the solicits says is a “bastard love child of John Hughes and H.P. Lovecraft.” So, it’s The Faculty. Still, this is probably pretty fun.

I keep seeing it on Kickstarter, so I would like to get it sometime.

If we learned anything from The Faculty, it’s that you never trust the blonde!

AfterShock has its usual interesting trades on pages 232-233. Almost American by Ron Marz is about Russian spies who wanted to live in the States and gave up secrets to do so, but it didn’t work out exactly the way they planned. Search for Hu is about a dude whose mother is descended from both Chinese and Jewish crime families, who naturally don’t like each other and are after his parents. Good times!

Ahoy is expanding their “Wrong Earth” Universe (because of course they are) with a series of one-shots about characters from that series, beginning on page 237 with an issue by Gail Simone (featuring the wrong cover, but perhaps that’s a clever reference to the whole “Wrong Earth” thing). This might be fun.

Kevin Sacco has a new book out on page 237 from Slave Labor called Sevenoaks, which is about some dude named Kevin Sacco going to a boarding school in England during the Sixties. It sounds pretty interesting.

Christa Faust is a fairly interesting writer, and her latest from AWA, Hit Me, is on page 258. It’s about a young lady in early-’90s Atlantic City who apparently gets paid to let people beat her up (it’s vague) and who witnesses the execution of one of her clients, which sends her on the run. Hey, the title is a double meaning! How clever! This sounds nice and gritty.

Yeah, I assume it’s like the opposite of a dominatrix, but maybe it’s for weaker dudes who want to be in a fight club but don’t want to get beat up by a strong dude.

Like us!

Us being strong dudes, or weaker dudes?  Because the latter lol!

Do you really need to ask?!?!?

I don’t love Will Conrad’s art, but Out on page 261 (also from AWA), sounds interesting. Rob Williams tells the story of the Nazis testing their latest weapon – a vampire – against POWs, and the Comanche dude who is trying to communicate with the vampire. I’m sure the vampire just wants to be loved!

As do we all.

Well, at least we won’t be able to see anything, if the cover coloring is any indication

On page 262 from Binge Books is The Head Set, about a group of kids from opposite ends of the social spectrum who discover they’re telepathic.  Neato.

On 277 Cex Publishing has Honcho, a 2 issue book from Jeffs McClelland and McComsey, is about a post-apocalyptic world where we can bring ‘Murica back through baseball.  Hells yeah!

I mean, it’s so much more popular than football, so why not?

Hey, Darby Pop is back on page 284 with Girls’ Heist Out, a heist story (shocking) in which a jilted thief assembles a crew to steal shit from her ex. I love heist comics, so I’ll probably check this out.

Dead Reckoning has The Lions of Leningrad (also on page 284), which is about four kids in the siege of Leningrad in 1941. There’s also a mystery about a gunman in 1962, and it sounds pretty neat.

Fantagraphics has some interesting things on pages 290-291. Tops: The Complete Collection of Charles Biro’s Visionary 1949 Comic Book Series is just that, and I am here for it. It has only two issues, but apparently a lot of other miscellaneous stuff about the creators and whatnot, so it’s over 200 pages. Looks keen. They also have Life of Che, which is drawn by Alberto Breccia and written by Héctor Germán Oesterheld, and despite my cynicism regarding Guevara, I’m sure this will be a nifty comic. It was suppressed by the Argentine government in the 1970s (is there anything they didn’t suppress in the 1970s?), so this is the first time it’s been translated into English.

Tops does look amazing.  I’m interested in Things We Create, a book about objects and what leads to their creation and so forth, so it sounds like maybe a Understanding Comics type book.

Such a jelly baby!

Over on 296 from Floating World is Giant Sized Santos Sisters, an Archie looking take on superheroics, it seems, but not exactly.  I don’t know what it is but I am interested.

Graphitti Designs on page 300-301 is showing off all those sweet, sweet Artist Edition type books they’ve got.  I need to be independently wealthy!

Humanoids has Makhno: Ukrainian Freedom Fighter on page 311, which is about a dude in the early 20th century who fought against the Commies and ze Germans to keep Ukraine free, and I’ll probably get it as it sounds neat. I do like how the solicit reads “The only graphic novel biography of this famous Ukrainian hero.” I mean, yeah, but maybe he should be happy he has at least one. Let’s not get greedy, Ukrainians!

On page 318 from Lev Gleason is Home volumes 1 and 2 from the Michaud Brothers, which sounded interesting, and they contacted us through our Facebook, I believe, but it was right around the time Greg Hatcher passed away, so we didn’t get back to them.  But you guys can send me (Travis) any copies of your stuff at one of the emails listed in my bio at the end of the column.  And that goes for anyone who wants to send me stuff, even if I don’t get around to writing about it for a long, long time (my apologies to our pal Nick Marino — Nick, I’m going to get in touch with you soon!).

Look at you, jonesing for free comics! I pre-ordered volume 1 and it never showed up, so I hope both of them do now!

I needs more, man!  I’ve been getting so few comics in the past year or so!

Bountiful Garden on page 318 from Mad Cave sounds fun. A group of teenage scientists (sure, why not?) are in cryosleep on a terraforming mission, but they’re awakened years early when their ship stops over a strange planet, and they need to figure out what’s what!

Man, these cryosleep ships really need to be programmed better so that they stop waking up the people inside too early — it happens all over sci-fi!  They also have a new printing of Nottingham, where the sheriff is reimagined as the protagonist and Robin Hood and his Merry Men are the antagonists.  Sounds fun.

They do always seem to be malfunctioning, don’t they …

On 322 from Moonstone is Moonstone Double Shot, with 2 new prose stories, including one where the Green Hornet teams up with Kolchak the Night Stalker.  Cool.

NBM has Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense on page 322, which sounds like just a biography, which still should mean it’s pretty keen. I’ll be getting this, because who doesn’t love Hitchcock?

It’s interesting to see that he really grew up with the medium of film, having been born in 1899.  I’m not enough of a movie guy to have known a lot about his early life, so this should be fun.  Also, interesting that he was as old as he was when Psycho came out.

That’s kind of the point, as people generally thought he was way past his prime, and then blam! he hits them with Psycho. Don’t count Hitch out, man!

That guy falling from the Statue of Liberty is Norman Lloyd, who died less than a year ago, when he was 106

On 323 from the New York Review Comics is Projector and Elephant, linked GNs from British-Canadian Martin Vaughn-James and created in the 1960s and 70s.  I’m a bit wary of this book since Seth is involved, but I’m going to assume this guy is real and not another creation of Seth’s.  It looks like these might have been an influence on Dean Motter and Mister X, so I probably should snag this volume.

You’re a fool. A FOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!!

Dang, did Seth fake us out again?  I don’t want to google it and have my illusions shattered!

Beats me. I just like calling you a FOOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!!!

Silk Hills from Oni on page 330 is by Ryan Ferrier and Brian Level, with Kate Sherron doing some nifty art. It’s about a woman who moves to a mining town that’s seen better days and what she finds in the woods, because of course there’s something in the woods. It looks pretty keen, and that’s not a bad writing team.

I’m a little thrown by the opening of the solicit where “Beth Wills comes to Silk Hills”, but there’s also Mothman, so that’s fun.

PS Artbooks has, on page 340, a replica of Scream Magazine 1 from Skywald, which features a parody of R. Crumb and Jay Lynch, which is fascinating to me.  Otherwise, PS Artbooks has a lot of interesting stuff as usual, but with their shipping issues, I’m reluctant to go on much about them.  They’re one of several companies that seem to bite off more than they can chew.

On page 342, Rebellion/2000AD has the usual good stuff.  Because of the anniversary year of 2000AD, we’re getting good stuff like the Best of John Wagner’s Judge Dredd in HC.  There’s also the fun sounding Birdman and Chicken trade that parodied the Batman TV show, collected in trade.  And all the rest of their fun offerings.

Red 5 on page 343 has Lead City, a western where a man is stranded in a blizzard in a town that has a strange survival game he must win.

There’s fixin’ to be sum shootin’

On 348-351 Source Point Press has some good stuff.  Good Boy is in trade, which sounds like it’s John Wick but in a world where the dogs are anthropomorphic, and the main dog’s human is killed.  Midnight Matinee Comics Presents: The Island of Lost Gorillas is a Sham Comics special attempting to replicate olde tyme moviegoing via comics.  Ogre: Special Edition is a new edition of a trade with a new story about an ogre who has to team up with humanity to survive.  And Number One is a book about owning a comic book shop, and I know I have a copy of this book somewhere that might be published by some other company.

Titan Comics has Frank Lee, After Alcatraz (page 362), which sounds like a speculative book about Frank Lee’s life after he escaped from Alcatraz in 1962, as he disappeared and was presumed drowned. But that doesn’t make for good fiction, so of course this book postulates that he survived! I will check this out, as it looks neat.

It does sound fun.

TwoMorrows is on page 367 and has all sorts of great stuff.  Back Issue 135 is about everything Silver in the Bronze Age.  Comic Book Creator 28 is about Bissette, who’s a fascinating dude and it should make for a great interview.  Jack Kirby Collector 83 is focusing on the areas where Jack was an innovator.  So it should be a big one.

Valiant has Armorclads on page 372, which sounds close to their old Armorines.  Was that too close to the Marines and the guvvmint wanted them to change it, or was it something else?  Either way, it doesn’t look all that interesting, so I don’t know why I brought it up!

You’re an odd one, Mr. Grinch.

Z2 has, on page 386, John Lee Hooker: One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer has writing by Kyle Baker, so that means I think it will be cool and you will think that it’s overblown.  Ha!

I mean, I don’t HATE Kyle Baker’s work, I just don’t think it’s the genius-level most people seem to think it is. I mean, I saw this and thought it sounded interesting, so maybe I’ll really dig the Baker story!

On page 397 Sublime has Dick Fight Island volume 2, which makes me wonder how I missed the first volume, and also makes me wonder what goes in Japan given the description of a local island where practices involving the butt occur.  I’d say manga artists are weird, but then, we have Tarot here in ‘Murica.

Wait, you saw the name “Dick Fight Island” and the only thing you wondered about is how you missed the first volume? I’m a bit worried about you, sir.

On that note, I’m out this month.  See you soon!

Have a good weekend, everyone! Remember: Previews is your friend, and you can find a lot of interesting stuff in it!


  1. tomfitz1

    Distinguished Gentlemen:

    I’m looking forward to ASTRO CITY and RECKLESS. Both are usually worth the read.

    I envy you guys: I have vol. 1-3 of DREADSTAR OMNIBUS.
    You’ll have to get the DREADSTAR RETURNS hc as well.
    I’m waiting for the Peter David DREADSTAR OMNIBUS to be printed.

    SERIAL is awesome. All about the homicidal girl from RACHEL RISING and FIVE YEARS who’s on the hunt for a serial killer.

  2. Chris Schillig

    Man, this is the second time I’ve read about that Brubaker/Phillips Humble Bundle after it ended. If I had known about it, I would have been on it! Grrr.

  3. Edo Bosnar

    More Astro City is all well and fine, but since I only have the very first tpb, I’m way behind (I’ll probably end up going digital to read the rest of it). What I *really* want, however, is the also announced continuation of Arrowsmith. I wish Busiek would make that a priority…

  4. Bright-Raven

    “I guess. These “Grand Design” books are fine, but, I mean, Marvel should let Rugg (and Piskor and Scioli) do something new and original and still pay them beaucoup ducats. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

    Meh. Like most everyone else over the age of 35 they seem to think modern Marvel is shit, which is why they’re retelling the old stories in Grand Design format. I would question whether they even have interest in doing anything with the modern era.

  5. Eric van Schaik

    I’ll get Almost American and The search for Hu.

    “I mean, I’m not saying I’m definitely getting the Cullen Bunn-Freddie Williams II Godzilla vs. Power Rangers mini-series on page 122, but I’m not saying I’m NOT going to get it, either …”
    Don’t do it Greg!! 🙂

  6. Jeff Nettleton

    Che wasn’t just suppressed by the Argentine government; Oesterheld was arrested and was never seen alive, again. They weren’t directly related; but, the book was produced in 1968 and was banned in 1970. Oesterheld continued to produce anti-Fascist works, including a critical biography of Evita Peron, which he dedicated to Che. He was arrested in 1976 and believed murdered in late 1977 or early 1978, when he was last seen alive. His daughters and their husbands were also arrested and murdered. Some of that was related to his writing, but, they were also believed to have joined the Montoneros, a Leftist revolutionary group. At this point in time, the country was under the control of a Right Wing military junta, with the backing of the Ford Administration, via Sec of State Henry Kissinger. The Carter Administration condemned the Junta, but it was business as usual when Reagan took office, until the Falklands War forced the US to back off on their support. By 1983, the Junta fell from power, with the loss of the war and economic turmoil.

    Oesterheld was the leading writer of Argentine comics, which boasted some great names and material. He also co-wrote the series Ernie Pike, with Hugo Pratt, based on war correspondent Ernie Pyle; as well as Sgt Kirk.

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