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Your Kickstarter and Humble Bundle Guide for January 13, 2022

Your Kickstarter and Humble Bundle Guide for January 13, 2022

Hey folks, Travis here letting you know about some neat Kickstarter projects and Humble Bundle offers that are ending soon, some of them even ending today! I’m doing this on my phone so excuse the non-cropped pics and quick descriptions!

Humble Bundle lets you get some cool comics digitally for cheap, all while you get to help out charity.  The Ed Brubaker comics bundle ending at 2 PM Eastern today (so soon, sorry!!!) supports HFC, bringing light to Alzheimer’s, according to the logo.  Make sure you adjust your pledge before you pay, so that you can be sure the charity gets as much of the money you’re donating as you wish them to.  And you can use Amazon Pay to pay for these too!  For just a buck you can get 4 books, the first volumes of Criminal, Fatale, The Fade Out, and Kill or Be Killed, while there are different levels for $10, $18, and $25 bucks, the highest level, which gets you the remaining volumes of the books I just mentioned (including all of Criminal, as far as I can tell), the first two Reckless books, the 3 volumes of Velvet, Scene of the Crime, and the new Brubillips book Pulp.  I think the only Brubillips collab not offered here is Incognito, but damn, that’s a lot of good stuff for $25!

There’s also a Humble Bundle for Abrams ComicsArts GNs, where you can get 24 items for $18 at the highest level.  There’s some interesting stuff there.  I’m not sure if I’m going for this one.  I’m sure the GNs are good but they mostly seem like ones where I’m going to learn stuff.  Of course that’s not bad, but I’m looking for more escapism these days.  It ends in about two weeks.

Kickstarter has The Legend of Thundagar, a sort of take on He-Man and those type of stories.  It looks decent and the pdf is only $5, so I pledged myself.  I think it ends tonight, get right on it.



There’s also The Masters, which looks like classic hero vs villain comics done by some living legends.  I’m just including the screenshot of the names involved because there are so many.  It sounds like fun with characters based on famous artists.  Lots of add on stuff too. This ends tonight.  I’m using a special link, I think, so let me know if any of you use it so I/we can get extra swag.

Then there’s Geezer.  It’s a book with art by Philip Bond about a ‘90s era Britpop band, and I’m sure Shelly Bond is instrumental in making this look great.  It’s square like a record!  It’s only got another day or so.



Roadkill Du Jour sounds like fun.  A take on Ghost Rider, it seems, where the main dude gets powers from eating roadkill.  What’s wrong with that?  I guess this is the whole series available?  It ends in about three days as well.



Kevin Terry is FiveStar is a book that the creators contacted us about, so I made sure to write about it.  It looks like a good book with a main character who’s black, and dealing with gaining powers from an experimental cancer treatment.  It’s part of a new superhero universe too.

Swords of Cerebus in Hell? Volumes 7 and 8 is ostensibly for hardcover versions of the collections of the comic strips, but I come for the special merch and variant covers.  Damn you Hobbs for getting me back into collecting trading cards!  This ends next Wednesday.


And down the line is Lady Mayhem, drawn by Karl Slominski and written by Jenna Lyn Wright, who are currently doing Cult of Ikaris from Scout Comics.  They love that Punisher storyline where the lady took over, so this is similar. The art looks great, of course.  I’ll review Slominski’s last book Evermore Falls sometime, I swear!  This has a couple weeks still but it’s too cool not to mention.

Quick!  There’s so little time left!


  1. Edo Bosnar

    Yeah, Humble Bundle in particular often has some great deals, but I usually only learn about them too late. One I did manage to snag right at the end of the last summer a few days before it expired was a Hard Case Crime bundle that included over 20 books. It even included a few graphic novels (like the first volume of the Ms. Tree reprints) and the Dylan Struzan book (with illustrations by Drew).
    Anyway, thanks for the tips; there’s a few things I would be interested in getting if I didn’t already have so much stuff piling up (in electronic as well as physical form).

  2. I missed that Hard Case one — saw it but forgot to look again before it ended.
    I like going digital with the cheaper cost (with crazy postage anymore!) and often on KS indie creators add in extra comics, but I’m also piling up a bunch of stuff and I need to make sure everything I’ve pledged for gets downloaded at the very least lol.

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