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Last Call for the 2000AD Humble Bundle! And a Quick Kickstarter Find

Hey folks, Travis here with a last minute (it ends at 2PM Eastern!) mention of the 2000AD Humble Bundle.  You may have heard of Humble Bundle, which donates to charity and pairs with gaming and comics publishers to offer really good deals on products to get your money.  2000AD of course publishes Judge Dredd and other cool comics, like Grant Morrison’s early work Zenith, which you can get here for donating.  Here’s the link to go straight to Humble Bundle.  I recommend that you take a look at what your purchase price/donation gets you, though.  I’m going to include the original PR email about this I got below so you can see what is included in total, but be aware that the amounts are wrong — you have to donate at the upper end to get the Zenith books, for example, not for just a buck.  However, if you donate the maximum minimum (ahem), you’re spending $25 to get 54 comics that normally cost over $700.  Also, check your amounts to charity with the “Adjust Donation” button under the checkout button — at $30, the default only gives $1.50 to the two charities involved.  I adjusted mine so that I gave the minimum allowed to Humble Bundle ($9) and about $5 to Rebellion/2000AD, so that each charity got about $8 from me.

2000AD Humble Bundle

Here’s the original press release, and again note that the specific tiers of what you get aren’t right:

Humble Bundle and 2000 AD have joined forces once again to bring you the very best in comic book storytelling for amazing prices – and the chance to raise money for charity!

The law is here, courtesy of 2000 AD, in the newest Humble Bundle – absolutely packed with everything Judge Dredd and related stories and settings, plus some all-time 2000 AD classics!

Judge Dredd – Perps, Punks & Partners runs from 11am PST on 26 July to 11am PST on 16 August.

Enjoy diving into comics like Zenith Book 1-4, Judge Death: My Name is Death, Dredd: Final Judgement, and Young Death. Plus, your purchase helps support Cancer Research UK and Save the Children UK!

With a Humble Bundle, you not only choose how much to pay, but also how your payment is divided between 2000 AD, the chosen charities, and Humble Bundle. Last year’s 2000 AD-themed Humble Bundle raised £121,749, which was shared between the charities War Child and Special Effect.

Customers can pay just $1 or more for:
Sláine: Book of Invasions 1
Sláine: Warrior’s Dawn
Zenith Book 1-4
Zombo Book 1-2

Customers who pay $10 or more will also get:
Brass Sun
Brink Book 1-3
Counterfeit Girl
Defoe 1666
Halo Jones Book 1-3
Hope Book 1
Judge Dredd Case Files 01-05
Kingdom Book 1-4
Scarlet Traces Book 1
Shakara Book 1

Customers who pay $18 or more will secure the above, plus:
Judge Dredd: Origins
Judge Dredd: Mechanismo
Judge Dredd: Mandroid
Judge Dredd: Heavy Metal Dredd
Judge Dredd: Cape & Cowl Crimes
Judge Dredd: Brothers of the Blood
Judge Dredd: America
Judge Death: My Name is Death
Judge Anderson: The Psi Files 04-05
Hondo City Law
Dredd/Anderson Deep End
Dredd: Final Judgement
2000 AD’s Greatest: Celebrating 40 Years
Absalom Book 1-3
Age of the Wolf
Bec & Kawl

Customers who pay $25 or more will receive all of that plus:
Judge Anderson: The Psi Files 01
Insurrection 1
Devlin Waugh: Red Tide
Mean Machine: Real Mean
The Simping Detective
Mega-City Undercover 1-3
Judge Dredd: Satan’s Island
Judge Dredd: Nobody Apes the Law
Judge Dredd: Chief Judges’ Man
Judge Anderson: The Psi Files 02-03
Insurrection 2
Hondo City Justice
Dredd: Urban Warfare
Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood
Dead Man
Cadet Anderson
Young Death
Missionary Man
Judge Dredd: Total War
Judge Dredd: The Pit
Judge Dredd: The Carlos Ezquerra Collection

About Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle sells games, ebooks, software, and other digital content through pay-what-you-want bundle promotions, the Humble Store, and the Humble Choice curated subscription service. When buying a bundle, customers not only choose how much to pay, but also how their payment is divided between the content creators, charity, and Humble Bundle. Purchases from the Humble Store and subscriptions to Humble Choice also help support charity. In 2017, Humble Bundle announced the launch of a multi-platform funding and creative initiative to publish games “Presented by Humble Bundle.” Since the company’s launch in 2010, Humble Bundle and its community have raised more than $198 million for a wide range of charities across the world. To see more, visit https://www.humblebundle.com.

That’s not sinister at all!

Travis here again.  There’s also an interesting looking Kickstarter that I came across (or that Kickstarter recommended for me), and you can see a page above.  It’s called Promenad, and it’s created by Jennie Gyllblad, and it’s inspired by weird things she’s seen while walking her dog in the woods.  Sounds spooky!  I dig the art style, and her previous comic Signatur is also available.  I’m going for the PDFs myself, only because I don’t have a Scrooge McDuck money pit, and international shipping makes the individual comics a bit pricey, but the PDFs of both books are only about $9 US for the 2 comics!  I spend more than that on junk food!  There’s less than a day left, so hop on this one fast!

Anyway, I’m hoping to post more soon.  I’ll see you guys before long, and if nothing else, I’ll be co-writing Flippin’!

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