Celebrating the Unpopular Arts

Something Fun

Hey, remember I was telling you about our time volunteering with Hello Earth and their staging of The Empire Strikes Back in the park?

Well, here it is. Enjoy.


  1. Gavin

    A quick hijack:
    Greg, I have some old (1920s-ish) children’s books, that I doubt have much cash value, but I wondered if you could use them for trade on one of your excursions. I’ve enjoyed your road trip posts, and thought a little underwriting might be in order! I’m in Seattle. Are you able to email me directly?

    1. That’s very kind. But we really don’t do much trading. For that matter, we haven’t really been on the road much at all this year and I don’t see it changing until after the holidays, what with all the Real Life stuff going on.

      You can get a read on what they’re worth by looking them up on AbeBooks, if you are curious. As for email, we used to have a contact-us address on the sidebar, but no one ever used it, so we took it down, I think. ghatcher79 at gmail is where you find me; but the filters are set pretty high because I get SO MUCH CRAP sent to me after doing a net column for something like fourteen years, so sometimes it takes multiple tries.

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