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Sunday Morning January 7 2018

“Early dawning, Sunday morning…”  Actually, it’s me trying to get over the frozen explosion or whatever it was called, as my body is figuratively trying to kill me.  My back hurts, and I taste phlegm.  It must be winter!

This is the start of a new feature I’ll probably continue to do here at the Atomic Junk Shop, with a miscellany of stuff that I find on the internet that I think is interesting.  You might remember at the old place that Bill Reed, back when he posted there, would do a similar post called Sunday Brunch and I am shamelessly stealing that bit, along with adding a bit of Chad Nevett’s Random Thoughts.  I have no shame!

Sunday Morning Item! If there’s not a movie about nuns gone wrong called “Bad Habits”, there should be.  This is not it, however.

Sunday Morning Item! I picked up 4 of the Marvel True Believer comics that reprinted key Phoenix appearances for a buck a pop, and in 3 of those 4, Jean Grey is in a bikini within the first 2 pages.  THREE out of FOUR!  The FIRST TWO PAGES!!!

Sunday Morning Item! The band Dillinger Escape Plan recently decided to retire, and played a number of shows with their various singers and such, and one show was with Mike Patton (of Faith No More, etc., fame), who sang on their Irony is a Dead Scene EP.  I love anything Patton, and the cover of Aphex Twin’s “Come to Daddy” is great on there.  This clip has the whole set, with the entire EP as well as covering Faith No More’s “Malpractice”, from their fantastic album Angel Dust.  (It am loud!)

Sunday Morning Item! From the Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me site from last weekend, here’s Lars Ulrich from Metallica looking like the Wolfman or something.

Sunday Morning Lars Ulrich
“Tis the light of the full moon behind him!”

Sunday Morning Item! Did you know that “Come Together” by the Beatles was written for Timothy Leary’s gubernatorial campaign against Ronald Reagan (in 1968, I presume)? I read about it over at NPR about a new book about Leary and how Nixon pursued him after his prison escape.  I find the ’60s drug culture interesting even though I don’t partake of the stuff myself.

Sunday Morning Item! I like to look at the twitter that the kids seem to like, and this thread was particularly amusing to me, about…well, just take a look.  Provided you’re an adult, that is!

Sunday Morning Item! Our own Greg Hatcher wrote up a nice piece about the death of Sue Grafton, and I saw this other interesting one over at NPR.

Sunday Morning Item! I talked about Tiffany Haddish hosting SNL recently, and she recently won a supporting actress award for Girls Trip at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, and gave a speech.  I haven’t gotten around to watching it, but I read the article and it sounded like she was funny and charming yet again.

Sunday Morning Item!  In the “Water is Wet” Department…

Sunday Morning Woody Allen
No shit, Sherlock…

I’m not really sure, from this article, how this makes him ipso facto a misogynist, like the joke about a threeway with 18 year old airline stewardesses for example, but then again, I’m a Cerebus fan (look for day 7 of 365 Days of Cerebus later today!).

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Morning!

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  1. Le Messor

    I haven’t gotten around to watching it, but I read the article and it sounded like she was funny and charming yet again.
    ‘I only read the article, I didn’t look at the pictures! I swear!’ 😀

    I’m not really sure, from this article, how this makes him ipso facto a misogynist
    I’ve actually begun to believe that in some people’s minds, being male and attracted to women is misogyny.
    Most of them would deny it, of course.

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