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A Nifty Local Event

Not much to this entry because Julie and I are headed out of town. But I did want to let you know about one of the things we’ll be doing.

One of the “New Works” currently being presented by the Edmonds Driftwood Players this weekend is this.

We wanted to go because our friend Kris is in it; one of the founders of Hello Earth, as recounted here , and also a fellow Sherlock Holmes enthusiast, as documented here and here.

We always go see our friends when they are in shows, and Kris tends to be in good ones. She tells us that the author of Red Planet Blue is a good friend and that it’s a terrific show.

It certainly SOUNDS good.

Kris is playing Bhatty, and here are publicity shots of her and the rest of the cast.

Ticket information is here. Just two days left! If you are anywhere close, you should come… and find a little extra time to spend in Edmonds itself if you can, too. It’s a pretty little place. We’ll be there on Saturday night if you want to say hello.

Back next week…probably with the full trip report, or something else cool.

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