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Another Meme Thing: Right Now!

I have spent the last couple of columns reminiscing about old paperbacks and comics, and truthfully not being forced to write about new stuff was something I wanted built in to the mission statement for the Junk Shop when we started it. Besides, Travis and our other Greg do the PREVIEWS columns, and Greg tends to keep current anyway.

But I think, just for variety’s sake, I’m going to change it up. This week it’ll be (mostly) new things. Every so often, I get sent a book or pop culture survey and I am hard-wired to never write anything just for free, so I’m going to share it here and lengthen my answers into a column.

The survey’s called “Right Now,” and for any of you pedants out there who are feeling waggish, I am perfectly aware that the answer “this column” is the accurate answer to what-are-you-reading-right-now, but it is not admissible. For purposes of the survey “Right Now” means in the last twenty-four hours. Okay?


What book are you reading right now?

Just finished The Case For Jamie, last night. It’s the third of the Charlotte Holmes novels.

Found the first one on our Edmonds overnighter last month and really enjoyed it, and sought out the others immediately. A little sad at being done, but the new one is out soon and it’s definitely on the shopping list.


What magazines comics are you reading right now?

I replaced “magazines” with “comics” because I don’t remember the last time I actually bought a magazine off the rack, and even online I rarely read entire magazines, just an individual article that appears by itself in a feed. On the other hand I read comics all the time and though they come here as books they began as magazines.

So as for the most recently read, it’d be the trade collecting Nick Spencer’s first arc on Spider-Man. That was this morning.

I enjoyed Dan Slott’s run enormously but I have to say it did feel like it was getting away from the Spider-Man baseline a bit. And especially with the movies, I can see the need to do a back-to-basics story. I didn’t love how Spencer got there, though it’s a very plausible way out of the whole Parker Industries setup, mostly because trashing Peter Parker’s reputation seems to be the go-to move for writers looking for a way to change the workplace background in Peter’s private life. First to get rid of his job at the Daily Bugle he was outed as a shitty journalist who faked a story, and now to cut loose of Parker Industries Peter is revealed as a shitty scientist who plagiarized a paper, and he can’t explain why it wasn’t him. So now he can’t work as a scientist or at a newspaper. Really not happy with that.

On the other hand, the story is hugely entertaining and funny — sorry, no matter how tormented Parker might be, Spider-Man comics should be funny at least part of the time. (Yeah, Kraven’s Last Hunt is a classic but it’s also really pretentious. That’s right, I said it. DeMatteis on Spider-Man was better when he remembered to lighten up. Fight me.) And the stuff with Peter’s new asshole roommate really is hilarious; having to deal with roommate wars is exactly the sort of down-to-earth problem that always has worked as a hook for a Spider-Man story.

So I guess I’m in for the next collection.


What are you watching on TV right now?

Last night we watched the new episode of Star Trek: Discovery, which we are liking even more than we liked last season.

Anson Mount is killing it as Pike and it is tremendous fun seeing him bounce off the rest of the cast.

We also watched the second episode of Doom Patrol and so far we are still in. It’s probably my ideal lineup for a Doom Patrol cast– which is to say, the original sixties group and also Crazy Jane. I’m ambivalent about including Cyborg, though the show is playing him as a JLA member who’s enlisting the Doom Patrol, not an actual DP member, which I can live with. But really it’s Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody that’s keeping us hooked.

Certainly I like it better than Titans. Julie is enjoying it as well, and she knew nothing about the Doom Patrol.


What movie did you see the most recently?

Well, we almost never go to the theater. Last time we did it was for Incredibles 2, which we enjoyed a great deal. But mostly it’s DVDs for us. Last one that we bought was Serial with Martin Mull. Watched it night before last.

It used to be shown on cable every three hours somewhere but apparently it’s fallen out of favor. But I always loved it –I was in college in Eugene in 1980, and I assure you the entire new age, hippy-dippy woo-woo scene being lampooned was VERY familiar.

Besides, Julie had never seen it. So I invested a couple of bucks and she loved it as much as I did. Especially Christopher Lee, who is hilarious.


What music are you listening to right now?

Ha! This one I can answer with complete accuracy. I like music when I am writing and right now I have a playlist I made called “Surfing and Spying” on in the background.

What’s next?

Book? Probably Two Hawks From Earth.

It’s been sitting on the Shelf of Shame for a while and I think I’m in the mood for it today. Not technically a new book, but it’s new to me and this is a nice new edition from MonkeyBrain Books.

Comic? This one, I think. Sink Atlantis.

I’m still keeping up with Aquaman and this arrived with today’s mail.

Television? Well, we have some stuff we’re catching up on. Next up is probably either this week’s Blue Bloods or this week’s Gotham.

What? We like Blue Bloods. Not enough to have it in the library or anything, but we enjoy it. It’s got a basically conservative point of view but it plays fair on issues, it’s not propaganda. Plus it’s agreeably old-school in its construction; it reminds me of Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct. As for Julie, she is ALL ABOUT Jamie and Eddie.

Movie? Burn Witch Burn.

Again, not technically new, but new to me. Been wanting to see it for YEARS. It’s reportedly the best adaptation of Fritz Leiber’s Conjure Wife.

This is a book I am very fond of and amazingly it’s been made into a movie three times — the other two, Weird Woman and Witches’ Brew, are awful. This is the one that’s supposed to be closest to the book and also it’s got Peter Wyngarde in it, who I’ve always liked.

Music? I have no idea, honestly. But here’s a cool version of Chris Cornell’s Casino Royale theme I stumbled across recently.

And there you go. Feel free to play along at home in the comments if you like, and I’ll be back next week with something cool.

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  1. Louis Bright-Raven

    What books are you reading right now?

    Let’s see… I haven’t actually read a book or comic in the past 24 hours. But I have been reading / trying to read various library books over the past couple of weeks. The last 2 books I read completely through were THE DISASTERS by M.K. England and APOLLO’S OUTCASTS by Allen Steele about 10-14 days ago, and I can’t say either were particularly worth my writing up a review for. I’ve also tried to read EARLY RISER by Jasper Fforde, THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END by Adam Silvera, and BLACK LEOPARD, RED WOLF by Marlon James, but couldn’t really get into any of them – they’ve been returned and I probably won’t try again.

    What’s next? My dad’s currently reading the next book I plan to read which is HERE AND NOW AND THEN by Mike Chen, which is about a time traveling agent from 2142 who gets trapped in 1996 and the “time police” from his agency come to collect him only he’s now got a family in 1996 with a daughter and he no longer remembers his future family, so does he fight to save the “anomaly” family or return to his proper time line and the family he no longer remembers? Hopefully it’ll keep my interest to read through it.

    What Magazines / Comics? Trying to think if I’ve actually sat down and read anything I’ve bought recently, or if it’s all in the ‘to be read’ pile… Yeah it looks like all ‘to be read’ pile. Not sure what I’ll grab to read. Whatever tickles my fancy, I suppose. I’ve got about 2 years worth of comics to read. No print mags lately.

    What am I watching on TV right now?

    Typically LFA or UFC mixed martial arts shows, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and a lot of Animal Planet shows (Crikey! It’s the Irwins! [Crocodile Hunter’s family and their Australia Zoo], Bondi Vet [Vet show based in Bondi Beach, Australia], The Zoo [the Bronx Zoo in New York], Pit Bulls & Parolees [Dog rescue shelter out of New Orleans], and Amanda to the Rescue [Dog Rescuer out of Washington state]). Virtually no weekly episodic fictional drama stuff at all.

    Did get STAR TREK DISCOVERY Season 1 on DVD for Christmas, will get Season 2 whenever it comes out, but am in no rush to see it. I enjoyed Season 1 fine, heard Season 2’s massively improved, so it’s something to look forward to.

    Netflix, Hulu, CBS Access, DC Universe network, Amazon Prime… they don’t exist AFAIC. If I can’t get you through Dish Network without paying even more money to see you, I’ll either wait until there is a DVD version I can borrow for free via a library, or until the collections are in my price range to consider buying if I want to see them badly enough.

    What’s next? Uhm… whenever they add MLB baseball back to the mix, Chicago Cubs and Detroit Tigers spring training games, I guess.

    What movie did you see the most recently?

    Theater: ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL 3 days ago. And my inner child was so happy – inside I was the boy on the tricycle at the end of INCREDIBLES who screams ‘That was TOTALLY WICKED!’. Last time I geeked out like that was for Anne Hathaway’s Kaiju movie COLOSSAL back in 2016.

    DVD (without seeing in theater): ANT-MAN & THE WASP. Good but not as good as the first. Ending was very cool how explained why they weren’t in the last AVENGERS and it left one hell of a cliffhanger that I can’t wait for them to explain in ENDGAME.

    Next on DVD: I have KIN to watch on DVD, but I keep putting it off.

    Next movie in theatres: Probably either CAPTIVE STATE or CAPTAIN MARVEL (since they open right after my birthday, I suspect friends will take me to see one if not both). If not those, then TOLKIEN, about J.R.R. Tolkien’s real life, out in May, assuming it comes out before my dad gets his pacemaker surgery (he needs his pacemaker battery replaced, supposed to be an outpatient procedure, but as with anything of this nature, it’s not a good thing he needs to be put through).

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Today I listened to Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Workin’ Band”, Clint Black’s “The Hard Way”, Alan Jackson’s “Here In The Real World”, and at this exact moment Jim Croce’s Greatest Hits album, just started Side 2, all on cassette.

    Next: I’ll probably pick a playlist of various songs off my computer, depending on my mood.

    1. Louis Bright-Raven

      Turns out I started reading another prose book called SKYWARD by Brandon Sanderson, because my dad’s taking too long reading the other book I mentioned. I’m about 8 or 9 Chapters in. Somehow I’ve managed to find three books with the same basic plot between this one and APOLLO’S OUTCASTS and THE DISASTERS: The lead character is a teenager who gets into space combat training to stop one thing or another. The other two uncovered espionage trying to sabotage the group they’re in, so I hope it’s not the same shtick again here. (It’s not that the plots or executions were bad, but one right after the other kind of diminishes the qualities of each work as they all sort of blend into a singular mess in one’s mind.)

  2. Edo Bosnar

    What books are you reading right now?
    “Star Songs of an Old Primate” by James Tiptree Jr. Last week I actually re-read her preceding collection, “Warm Worlds and Otherwise” and remembered just how good a writer Tiptree is and so continued on to this one.
    What’s next: probably another Tiptree book, although I keep meaning to get to John MacDonald SF stories (most of which are available online at the Internet Archive).

    What magazines comics are you reading right now?
    Currently reading the Captain Britain stories by the Alans Moore and Davis, collected in a tpb from the early ’00s. This is something that’s literally been sitting on my shelf of shame for almost 10 years – I lucked upon a cheap used/like new copy on eBay from a seller in the UK, I think I paid about $9 total for it.
    What’s next: the next Captain Britain tpb, which collects the chronologically subsequent stories written by Jamie Delano (but still illustrated by Davis). That’s another one I found super-cheap online at Abebooks or Biblio.com – it’s a pretty battered copy of the 1989 edition; I only paid a few dollars for it total.

    What are you watching on TV right now?
    I don’t really watch TV the way most people do. I’m not following any current series at the moment; usually I just watch reruns of older stuff. I actually watch movies on TV more than anything else, since our current television package includes three HBO channels, Fox and a few more movie channels.
    The last shows I recall watching sort of semi-regularly about a year ago were reruns of Castle and Burn Notice. Usually I sort of half-watch whatever my partner’s got on while I’m working or net surfing, so that means lots of cooking shows and, say, Judge Judy.
    What’s next: More of the same, I guess.

    What movie did you see the most recently?
    Into the Spiderverse, which I loved. I hardly go to the movies, and when I do it’s just to see the superhero stuff – everything else I catch on TV (see above).
    What’s next: whichever superhero movie is next, so Captain Marvel I guess – and I’m looking forward to it.

    What music are you listening to right now?
    Over the past few years, I haven’t been listening to as much music as I used to. Ever since I discovered podcasts, that’s usually what I listen to on my phone’s audio player when I take the dog for hikes, and I listen to an oldies station when driving (that particular station uses 2000 as the cut-off for what it plays; still it’s kind of depressing that music from the 1990s is now considered ‘old’).
    However, something I have gone back and listened to a few times in the past week or so is this set by one of the original ‘all girl’ bands, Fanny. I’m ashamed to admit that I only first learned of them about 2 or 3 years ago, and since then I occasionally go back and listen to some of their songs on YouTube, as well as more recent music posted by June Millington, the singer and lead guitarist. Anyway, that video really showcases what damn fine musicians they are and how well they jammed together.
    What’s next: same as my TV answer.

  3. Edo Bosnar

    By the way, I’m in total agreement with you about J.M. DeMatteis and Spider-man. I remember back in the day I dropped Marvel Team-up once he became the regular writer because the stories became a little too, I don’t know, I guess somber is the best word. A lot of the light-hearted charm of that series was lost, I think – even though I know there’s a lot of comic fans who say this is the best run of Marvel Team-up stories.
    His run on Spectacular Spider-man was basically after my time (and I have yet to read Kraven’s Last Hunt), but I did more recently purchase issue #s 189 and 200, which are often touted as containing one of the best Harry Osborn stories. I agree that it’s really well done, but I wouldn’t want to read Spider-man stories that are constantly like that. But I will add – because I’ve often seen commentary to the contrary – that I like Sal Buscema’s art there just as much as all of his earlier stuff.

  4. Books now: The Actor’s Life by Jenna Fischer. It’s research but I like Jenna Fischer too. There are certainly other actor books I could have read.

    Books next: A Once Crowded Sky by Tom King. I’m taking this on our trip to Australia since I’ll most likely be leaving it with my brother once I’m done with it.

    Magazines now AND next: I read Discover and Nat Geo every month, though I’m very behind.

    Comics now: I think I get about 10-12 titles per month but the last thing I read was all 5 issues of Atomic Robo and the Spectre of Tomorrow.

    Comics next: I’m building up Sparrowhawk to read all at once, also I’m looking forward to trying out the first issues of Little Bird and Fairlady from Image.

    TV now: Just binge watched season 6 of Veep.

    TV next: Really want to get to Umbrella Academy at some point.

    Movie now: Inside Out. Twice a day. (5 year old is obsessed). Last movie I saw for myself though was The Kid Who Would Be King, the latest from Joe Cornish. It was a real old school, potentially scarring kid’s movie (as many kids movies should be!)

    Movie next: Captain Marvel of course. (But between now and then whatever the plane has to offer, so whatever romcom or action movie came out 6 months ago).

    Music now: Anna and the Apocalypse soundtrack. The movie was great! The soundtrack is too.

    Music next: Headed to Australia tomorrow for a couple months so I’m sure I will get immersed in what I have missed out on over the last 11 years.

  5. Books: Re-reading GOOD OMENS in preparation for the show. Also reading a couple of non-fiction books about the brave patriots who infiltrated Nazi organizations in Los Angeles in the 1930s and effectively prevented a number of terrorist acts. Also a book on mental training for athletes, so I can teach it to my archers.
    Next: Dunno. Maybe I’ll swipe my bride’s P.G. Wodehouse “Jeeves” collection.

    Magazines/comics: Pretty much none. Haven’t been to the comics shop in about five months.
    Next: Dunno.

    TV: We just powered through Umbrella Academy in a few days. Other than that it’s THE GOOD PLACE, THIS IS US, and eventually catching up on the backlog of CW Arrowverse shows, though they are not holding my interest.
    Next: Not sure, might be some random thing on Hulu, Netflix or whatever. Maybe GOOD OMENS or season 2 of AMERICAN GODS.

    Movies: A Star is Born. Saw it at the $3 movie place. Very good.
    Next: Definitely Captain Marvel.

    Music: I’ve been on a Broadway musicals kick for a couple of months. COME FROM AWAY is amazing, Waitress is terrific, Mean Girls is good, Heathers is good, Kinky Boots is meh, Be More Chill is disappointing due to the changes it makes from the book. Groundhog Day is better than it has any right to be, and amazingly, what I’ve been able to find from KING KONG actually works.
    Next: I still have a couple of musicals to go through. I’m alternating between classics and recent shows. The most recent addition to the list is a show called “Next to Normal.”

    1. Can I recommend an off-broadway comedy musical called Ordinary Days by Adam Gwon? I listened to it again and again when I found it a few years ago. It’s about four New Yorkers and their relationships and crossroads and stuff. It’s funnier and cleverer than I’m making it sound. 😉

  6. Jeff Nettleton

    Book right now: The World of Jeeves, which collects the short stories. only problem is I had finished the Jeeves Omnibus, which has Carry On Jeeves, The Inimitable Jeeves, and a collection of short stories and there is quite a bit of overlap. I’d estimate that only about 1/3 of World of Jeeves wasn’t also in the Jeeves Omnibus. I’ve read a lot of it before; but, not in some years. Love Wodehouse; brilliantly funny man; and, thanks to the tv series, I always picture Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie as the characters.

    Magazine/comics: Um……….I got nothing. Closest I could say would be IDW’s edition of Corto Maltese: Under the Sign of Capricorn. I haven’t read a new magazine since I stopped working for B&N and it’s been years since I read a new comic magazine. It’s been a while since I read a trade of a recent comic. Again, since leaving B&N, I don’t see them.

    TV: Only regular show we have been watching is The Conners. It has moments; but, it tries too hard on some of the gags. Stories are good; but, Roseanne really was a catalyst to a lot of the performances in the original and the revived show, before he shot herself in the foot. other than that, I watch QI, through nefarious means, since it’s not available here. I miss Stephen fry; but, Sandi Toksvig has been doing a fine job, even if the banter hasn’t been as lively as it once was (and it had been fading under Stephen).

    Most recent movie: Bohemian Rhapsody. Performances are fine; but, i hated the falsehood of the film. No, it’s not a documentary; but, to deliberately falsify major elements of a public performers life to fit your emotional journey (meaning your Hollywood script cliche), rather than writing to the person’s actual life is an insult, to me. I also felt Rami Malek was hampered by trying to maintain his impersonation of Freddie that he often felt like a zombie, in scenes. He’s very good in many; but, like Jim Carrey in Man on The Moon, I felt more the impression than the personification.

    Listening to right now? Nothing much. I’ve mostly listened to the radio, with a station that plays heavy 80/90s, with a selection of 70s and 00s. I usually listen to music on longer drives and my commute time is about 5 minutes. My tastes range from 70 glam rock, punk, a bit of disco, funk/soul/R&B, a whole lot of New Wave, heavy metal, 90s surf, 60s surf, a bit of Prog, some classical, good bit of rockabilly and similar Old School rock n roll, and some pop (with some classical, jazz, country, bluegrass and some miscellaneous thrown in). I do have a playlist I put together I call Good vs Evil, which was a deliberate thematic pairing of music suggesting heroism and music suggesting crooks or outlaws, music that sounds like a clash between forces, a section about despair (the bad guys win the first big encounter) and then the triumphant return of the heroes and their collective kicking of the bad guys’ butts. It’s got things like the original Super Friends theme, the Ramones’ Spider-Man theme, KISS’ God of Thunder, Blondie’s “Kung Fu Girls,” Juad Priest’s “Breaking the Law,” Black Sabbath’s “The Mob Rules,” Iron Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark,” Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a hero,” Flight of the Valkyries, The Good , The Bad & the Ugly, The Imperial March, The William Tell Overture, the Stranglers “No More Heroes Anymore,” The Clash’s “I Fought the Law,” Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust,” and “We Are The Champions,” and David Bowie’s Heroes.

    Next movie: Captain Marvel, Rocket Man, about Elton John.
    TV: Game of Thrones end, though I can’t say I care that deeply
    Book: Got some Moorcock I want to read
    Music: nothing much

    1. My bride is reading “Just Enough Jeeves,” which looks to be a rather fat collection. I only know Jeeves second-hand, having heard a number of endorsements for it, but I never sought it out. I have heard the musical version.

      1. Jeff Nettleton

        Some brilliantly funny stuff in there; Wodehouse was a master of the simile and he comes up with some very funny passages, at one point referring to an opera singer as a “solid light heavyweight,” and another character having a voice like “cavalry charging across a field of tin.” Bertie Wooster is an amiable chap, whose friends are idiots and loonies and whose aunts are terrors. Jeeves sorts out his life and helps his friends out of predicaments, while also feuding with his master over ties, spats, moustaches, hats and other sartorial blunders. Wodehouse is a master of plot and farcical scenes, though if you read enough, you do run into similar situations.

        I haven’t read his Psmith or Blandings stories; but, they are supposed to be just as good. The Jeeves & Wooster tv series, with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, adapts the Jeeves stories quite well and the actors were born to play the parts (even if Fry was too young for Jeeves). Those who have only seen Laurie as House should watch, just to see how well he plays a complete twit.

        1. Edo Bosnar

          The Jeeves & Wooster TV series is simply brilliant, one of the funniest shows ever made. And even though Fry is technically too young to be Jeeves, whenever I read one of Wodehouse’s stories, I always picture him and Laurie in my mind.
          As to Laurie playing a (mostly amiable) twit, I first saw him in the later series of Black Adder and in Jeeves & Wooster, so I thought it was a bit odd seeing him play a surly jerk (with an American accent!) in House.

  7. BB

    What book are you reading right now?
    *Now – Just finished Fahrenheit 451, and it immediately became one of my favorite books of all-time. That is a powerful book.
    *Next – Anthony Bourdain’s cookbook, Appetites.

    What magazines/comics are you reading right now?
    *Now & Next- I’m always reading a Bicycling magazine from a few months ago (because I can never seem to catch up).
    *Now – I just finished the latest XO Manowar. Matt Kindt has been very good on that title.
    *Next – Kill Six Billion Demons, book 2. This is an awesome comic!

    What are you watching on TV right now?
    *Now – I just watched the Kansas Jayhawks defeat the K-State Wildcats in college hoops. I’m a Jayhawk – a very spoiled Jayhawk. This looks like the year our streak of conference championships comes to an end, but we aren’t going down quite yet!
    *Next – I don’t watch much TV, but I am recording and trying to stay generally up-to-date on SyFy’s Deadly Class. Great Rick Remender comic, too, by the way.

    What movie did you see the most recently?
    *Now – Hmm…in the theaters it was Black Panther. At home it was The Impossible, the story of the huge Indian Ocean tsunami in the mid-2000s.
    *Next – Big screen…like many of you it’s probably going to be Captain Marvel. At home it’s definitely going to be Roma, the Netflix movie that just won the Oscar for best foreign film. I kept seeing snippets of it and it just looks gorgeous.

    What music are you listening to right now?
    *Now – Black Moth Super Rainbow’s album, Start a People. They’re coming to my neck of the woods this spring. I’ve never seen them but have always wanted to, so this is going to be awesome. They’ve not put their stuff on vinyl yet, at least their older stuff, so I’m hoping that happens soon and I can snag some at the show.
    *Next – WuTang’s classic 36 Chambers. I’ve been spinning this a lot lately. It’s soooooo great. “Protect Ya Neck” is perfect, giving equal mic time to nearly everyone in the group.

  8. Pol Rua

    What books are you reading right now?
    Doing a re-read of Jasper Fforde’s ‘The Eyre Affair’, the first book in his Thursday Next series. It remains unutterably delightful.
    What’s next: A friend of mine loaned me ‘The Gone-Away World’ by Nick Harkaway, so I should really get onto that, but there are a number of other books which have been calling my name recently…

    What magazines/comics are you reading right now?
    Just finished reading ‘Ether: The Copper Golems’, the follow-up volume to ‘Ether’ by Matt Kindt, about a scientist who discovers a way into a magical fantasy universe and becomes their greatest detective because he’s the only one who has any idea about scientific method.
    What’s next: Not sure, however, there IS a new Corto Maltese collection coming in this week, so there’s a good chance it’ll be that.

    What are you watching on TV right now?
    I tend to get my television in big chunks, and I’m starting to run low on the latest batch, which is a bit of a drag because I desperately need to catch up on a lot of stuff. The end of ‘Titans’ Season 1, ‘Doom Patrol’, ‘The Good Place’ Season 3, ‘The Umbrella Academy’, ‘Russian Doll’ are probably at the top of the list, but there’s a lot of other stuff out there.
    In the meantime, I’ve been keeping myself sane by re-watching ‘The Avengers’ (Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg), ‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’, and ‘Legend of Korra’.
    What’s next: Any of the above mentioned shows as soon as I can get my mitts on ’em.

    What movie did you see the most recently?
    ‘Into the Spiderverse’ was probably the last movie I saw at the cinema which was bloody delightful. I also recently re-watched Danny Kaye and Basil Rathbone in ‘The Court Jester’ because it was a Saturday afternoon, and it felt like a movie to watch on a Saturday afternoon.
    What’s next: Maybe ‘Captain Marvel’ or ‘Battle Angel’… I’m pretty terrible at motivating myself to get out of the house and go to the movies, so it’ll depend on whether one of my friends says, “Hey, wanna go see a film?” or not.

    What music are you listening to right now?
    RIGHT now, I’m listening to ‘Life’s Rich Pageant’ by REM, but I’ve been listening to ‘Khruangbin’, ‘Do Re Mi’ (an amazing Australian band from the 80’s), and lots o’ podcasts – I’ve had a bit of a Paul F. Thompkins jones lately, so lots of ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ and old episodes of ‘Beyond Belief’.
    What’s next: Dunno. My brane is weird. It gets strange cravings.

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