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Climate Crisis Chronicles: another must-read web comic

This is just a bit of a signal boost for what I think is an important web comic. Some of you may recall that about two years ago I published a similar post about a web comic called COVID Chronicles, which was produced by AWA’s Upshot Studios and hosted on the NBC News Think pages. Now the same creative team, writer Ethan Sacks and artist Dalibor Talajić (with colors by Lee Loughridge and letters by Bosung Kim), is producing Climate Crisis Chronicles.


As the title suggests, the topic this time is the very real impact of anthropogenic climate change all over the world. The storytelling and format are the same as in the COVID Chronicles, i.e. each episode focuses on an individual who is dealing with some aspect of the crisis at hand, told in a first-person narration accompanied by some very evocative images.


The four episodes published thus far cover the 2021 wildfires in California, the aftermath of two consecutive hurricanes that pummeled Honduras in November 2020, the toll being taken on polar bears in Canada, and drought refugees in a Red Cross camp in Namibia.


I thought about contacting both Ethan and Dalibor again like I did in that earlier post, but I couldn’t really think of anything I would ask them that I didn’t cover the first time around – so you can just go back and (re)read it. And frankly, their work speaks for itself quite eloquently. (Besides, in Dalibor’s case, I think he’s still on vacation on the Adriatic coast.)

By the way, although the COVID Chronicles are still available at the link above, they have also been collected and published in a paperback volume (which is quite a nice little book with some extra features).



  1. tomfitz1

    BOSNAR: I’ve read the COVID CHRONICLES based on your recommendations – and enjoyed it (if that’s the right word for it).

    So, I will probably, most likely, end up reading the Climate Crisis Chronicles, on your recommendations.

    1. Edo Bosnar

      Yeah, these are not – nor are they supposed to be – “feel-good” comics. They definitely pack an emotional punch (even more than the Covid Chronicles). But, like I suggest in the post, very much worth reading.

  2. Bright-Raven


    Thank you, Edo, for the post. Unfortunately I just don’t have enough time to delve into the web comics scene as much as I would like and as a result the majority of that content flies under my radar, so I truly appreciate you taking the time to make mention of projects like these when they are brought into print.

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